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Review #1, by Nymphie Lupin Traitor

16th October 2006:
That Little *insert long, long beep that will take place of a very colorful choice of words*!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate Wormtaill above all of the other Harry Potter characters. GRRRR! Great fan fic though. I like how you gave him the fear of graveyards. It adds more depth to his character. I like the fine details of his surrounding environment, very chilling. 10/10 for your brilliance my dear. You rock and you are quite possibly the best author on this site. LOVE IT!
I read your response to my last reveiw.
Good. I cannot wait for your chappie to be updated in ML.Sounds brilliant. Uptate it real soon. And I just need to repeat this, "B/c You're Just That Cool." YAY *insert dance that makes you have second thoughts on how cool I REALLY am* You are just the sweetest. I got those chocolates and am devouring them. Bad day at school. I had a bad hairday, forgot my things for Tech and had to run all the way back to the other side of the school which is where my locker was conveniently placed *YEAH RIGHT*, got stopped by not one but two hall montiters who just delayed me even more, and then I just fell in the middle of the lunch room. Crappiest Day Ever! The only good thing was getting your chocolates (and some of the real stuff), finding out the NY METS won and only have two more games to win to go to the World Series, and listening to Panic! at the Disco along with MCR (I heart them) Gotta type up a bibliography now. LOVE YA BEX!

Author's Response: woweeee, thank you SO much =] I really am working on ML's chapter, I'm just finding it a little harder than usual, because even though I know what's going to happen, I'm having a little trouble actually getting there. Maybe I'll just do a little filler chapter about 3000 odd words, and then get onto the good stuff so to speak ;) Heh, you are just that cool, and random spazzy dances FREAKIN' ROCK MAN! Gah, that day sounds bad :| heh, my chocolates...have some chocolate chip cookies, too. And some bourbons. They rock. MCR!!! I'm seeing them LIVE in March!!! I was going 12th November, but instead I have an appointment with some surgical equipment...(I'm having my tonsils cut out) So yeah I think that makes up for missing them...Uhm. NOT. I cried my eyes out for two straight days. Seriously. I was SO upset. But now I can't wait for March. It's gonna totally kick arse. ell, thank you so much for your reviews Shea, I love you much so, you'r one of the best reviewers on this damn place!!!! LOVE YOU MUCH SOOOOOO *hugs and kisses* XXXXXX

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Review #2, by Sophi17 Traitor

14th September 2006:
hey bex im in double ict! two hours of f****ing ict anyway listening to simple plan they rocK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good story!

Author's Response: lol aww bless ya! have fun ;) lol thank you very much and yes simple plan xxx

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Review #3, by flutterby271 Traitor

10th August 2006:
Hey Becky!

I absolutely love the beginning of the story. It's written in such a way that you almost feel like you're in the graveyard with Wormtail... the detailed descriptions make it very realistic!

It's always nice to read someone's take on what happened that fateful night, and I think you did a great job. It was dark and suspenseful and though I normally prefer sweet, fluffy stories, I really liked reading it.

Wonderfully done!

- Stefanie

Author's Response: yay!
hello stefanie, and thank you for reviewing!
it's really sweet of you ^_^
thanks so much for the lovel review. xxx

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Review #4, by Nephele de Tourmalin Traitor

7th August 2006:
Ooh, this is very nice! I really like your take on it, and I think giving Wormtail a fear of graveyards really added to his character- it gave him a history that made him seem more real. His mannerism were good, too, and his reasoning. I thought when Voldemort said "Never disobey me," it might be more appropriate to use "Never question me," but other than that I thought it was impeccable. Usually I would say, "it's too short!" but since I have to wake up in 6 hours for work I guess it's best it was short. It was a great moment in HP history, and it seemed very plausible. I'm off to bed! I just wandered over here after reading all of your brilliant reviews and thought I'd say hello. I just joined myspace, too! I tried to add you but the button was disabled. Oh well, talk to you later! ~Nephele

Author's Response: Thanks, Nephele! You have myspace Cool. I'll add you, if you like. Yeah, I thought Never Disobey Me soudned wrong...I'm going to change that. Thanks a lot. And I hope my reviews were entertaining...that's what I am for. ^_^ xxx

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Review #5, by Susan Traitor

3rd August 2006:
i like it! its cute; i cant wait for chap 13 of Metamorphagi love

Author's Response: lol! thanks a lot :) xxx

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Review #6, by Ugly_Duckling Traitor

2nd August 2006:
I did like it. It was good, though perhaps you could go into a little more emotional detail for a new angle. I liked it how he was just scared, and he knew it was wrong. I'd really love it if you could go into that in more detail.

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing :) you're the first for traitor. I did try to put more detail into that particular area, but obviously I was actually really getting on my nerves, so I just validated it as it was, hoping something would come to me. An, obviously again, it didn't. Thanks for being the first to review this, and for the constructive criticism, which I thoroughly take to heart ^_^ xxx

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