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Review #1, by magicmuggle01 Biscuits

10th November 2010:
I certainly did not loath it. Oh for very young love. I myself can not remember when I really fell in love for the first time. Even at such a young age Ginny knew what she wanted and went for it in later life. Good for her. 10/10 for such a wonderful story.

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Review #2, by Britney Biscuits

11th October 2009:
Awww. you're a darling. muahah!

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Review #3, by Mud 12 Biscuits

7th September 2009:
It is so cute 10/10 for you I am going to check for more of your stories now bye

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Review #4, by The Pheonix Quill Biscuits

20th March 2009:
that was sweet :)
not, much action but, I liked it.

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Review #5, by chocolatefrog123 Biscuits

8th January 2009:
awww very cute :D it was written so perfectly too: so simple and it sounded like a little 6 year old girl :) nice job

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Review #6, by Tora Biscuits

3rd January 2008:
That was so cute! I really love these missing moment stories- you should definitely write more!

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Review #7, by teddysxxgirl Biscuits

1st January 2008:
This story is really sweet!

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Review #8, by harryandginny_forever Biscuits

17th November 2007:
i liked it!

really good - i love pre-hogwarts stories like this!

Author's Response: Thanks! Me, too.

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Review #9, by wazlibsgrl Biscuits

1st September 2007:
That was so cute! I loved it, I've always considered that Ginny might have had a crush on Harry before she even met him and I really liked your take on it. Great Job!

Author's Response: Thanks! I liked the idea, too- that's why I wrote this! But there's so many other possibilities. Thanks for the review, as well!

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Review #10, by shadlehighlander Biscuits

25th August 2007:
This was sweet and now Mrs.Weasley has something to look back on since they're married.

Author's Response: Yep. The original draft of this had an extra paragraphs on the wedding day, but since this was published before the seventh book came out, I decided to leave it up in the air.

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Review #11, by megwinsor Biscuits

13th July 2007:
alrightt...wish there wasmore.

Author's Response: Yeah... but I prefer to leave it locked as it is... a moment, captured in time.

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Review #12, by oldvw67 Biscuits

12th July 2007:
Good story, but to short. What happened that Harry was in the paper? Turn it into a short story?

Author's Response: Well, Harry was in the paper simply because it was his birthday, and he is one of the most famous people in the Wizarding world, so obviously the magical community is very eager to read anything about him.

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Review #13, by Black_Hearted Biscuits

22nd June 2007:
I LOVE IT! I love it so much I'll marry it. You know what? Someday I will print out your fanfiction and marry it. Sure the pastor dude might think I'm a wee bit crazy, but who isn't?

Author's Response: You have my blessing. May you both live long and happy lives together.

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Review #14, by michaelc Biscuits

18th June 2007:
amazing insight that girl has lol

Author's Response: Definitely. But hey- she's Ginny, right?

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Review #15, by ginny_weasley_54 Biscuits

12th June 2007:
i like it

Author's Response: Thank you muchly!

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Review #16, by MrPowell Biscuits

3rd June 2007:

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #17, by Quill88 Biscuits

1st June 2007:
I think it as sweet, very sweet...
good work :)

Author's Response: Thanks. I tried to make it sweet, but not syrupy.

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Review #18, by xxMugglePrincess Biscuits

20th May 2007:
aww..sweet little Ginny. Amazing job, it was super cute!

Author's Response: I do like this story, and I'm glad you do, too!

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Review #19, by hermiones_patronus Biscuits

10th May 2007:
Aaaw! That was adorable! I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #20, by Plata Biscuits

27th April 2007:
Cute! I love stories like this.

Author's Response: Thanks! I like them, too.

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Review #21, by sammy lupin Biscuits

8th April 2007:
aww, this is adorable. ginny is such a cute little girl!1

Author's Response: Thanks- I think so, too!

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Review #22, by tigreye Biscuits

8th April 2007:
I loved your story, especially the way you depicted Ginny. It was so cute!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like my interpretation of Ginny.

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Review #23, by lottie66 Biscuits

2nd April 2007:
really good! I like it a lot... it is good that you left it there as well because it leaves you wondering if they did get married

Author's Response: Thank you. I did originally have a wedding scene, but I thought it would spoil the innocence of this.

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Review #24, by oldvw67 Biscuits

11th March 2007:
Why only one chapter? You could be great you know it's all here in your head.

Author's Response: I just don't feel terribly comfortable turning this one-shot into a full-fledged story. I like it the way it is. But I'm glad you like it.

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Review #25, by Tearlit Biscuits

5th February 2007:
I liked it a lot, though it leaves me wondering...what was the article about?

Author's Response: The article was supposed to be like a celebrity type article- sort of a way for the Wizarding world to know how Harry was doing.

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