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Review #1, by Tora I'm Not That Girl

3rd January 2008:
Wow. I love this song, and you did an amazing job with the songfic.

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Review #2, by The_Nameless_One I'm Not That Girl

30th August 2007:
Sort of depressing...but well written. You captured Hermione's emotions well. (And I love the song!)

Author's Response: Yes, slightly depressing, but it's a sad song (although beautiful!).

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Review #3, by GriffinClaw I'm Not That Girl

23rd June 2007:
That was really good. The emotion comes across really really well. The song definitely works with your story, and Wicked is an amazing musical. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, Wicked is amazing- I finally saw it, and the song actually fit the story better, once I had seen it onstage! It was brilliant.

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Review #4, by _fan_1 I'm Not That Girl

14th May 2007:
Sad yet good

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #5, by HermyJane I'm Not That Girl

8th May 2007:
That was beautifully written. It went along just perfect with the song. It's as if the song were written for Hermione! I definitely would have liked it to be longer or see a resolution of some sort. This is going in my favorites!

Author's Response: Since this is a missing moment, the resolution is found in the books, but I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #6, by volleyballpalindrome I'm Not That Girl

11th March 2007:
I LOVE this song, I'm just mad you got to a fanfic about it before me! I'm singing this song for a chorus show and think that it makes for the perfect Ron/Hermione story

Author's Response: This is an awesome song. And you can write a fanfic with it- it's not my song. I love reading songfics that are based around a song that I have also done. It's always good to look at different interpretations.

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Review #7, by Leilana I'm Not That Girl

30th January 2007:
Wow. This was just... amazing. I love the musical, too!!

Author's Response: Thanks. Wicked is one of my all-time favorite musicals.

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Review #8, by Anony_Mouse I'm Not That Girl

23rd December 2006:
I love this fic! It's sad, but in a beautiful, simple way, just like the song. It beautifully depicts the song's mood and I love the way you ended it. Magnificent in a simple way! I wrote a songfic to "No One Mourns the Wicked" but it's really dark, nothing like this!
10/10! Yea!
-Anony_Mouse, :-)

Author's Response: Oh, good, you know the song. Songfics are so much better when you know the song. I'm glad I was able to get the mood across for the song!

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Review #9, by Savanna Weasley I'm Not That Girl

28th November 2006:
Sos sad... loved it!!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it.

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Review #10, by lairyfights123 I'm Not That Girl

25th October 2006:
Woah, Kaleigh. I wasn't expecting this actually from the song. OMG GO WICKED OMG GO WICKED OMG. OK, now that THAT'S out.... me gusta este historia. I think... it's very emo, is it not? It had a whole lot of description of how she deteriorated after every verse... but perhaps you could have had more descriptions of the situation... Meh, I suppose I'm a sitation person. Or whatever. This is soooOOOoooo weird kaleigh. wow. You probably won't read this for a while until you get internet, but that's good because all I'm doing is incogerent babbling or something. urgh.

It's good, kaleigh. I'm contemplating reading "Her Name is Petunia" but I dunno if I want to commit myself to someting like that right now haha.

Urgh, just stop reading this. I'm making no sense at all. Stop, wait....NOW! Ok, I'm done.

Great story and I can't wait until you get back online again. *girlish squeal*

hilaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy WOOOhOOOoooOOOo!

Author's Response: Your reviews are so much fun to read. Yeah, I really need to edit this piece. It was on e of the first things I wrote...

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Review #11, by Izzieluv I'm Not That Girl

24th September 2006:
Thats so so sad when you said "She was slowly dying, wasted away by grief. Her ribs were starting to show. Her eyes were always bloodshot." I nearly cried, poor 'Mione!!!!

Author's Response: It's a sad fic... I need to go back and cheer it up.

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Review #12, by Nymphadorax I'm Not That Girl

8th August 2006:
Wow, that was, I'm at a loss for words. Fantastic! (OK I can find the words)

Author's Response: Thanks. That's something I like about songfics: the music can carry the mood if you can't find the right words.

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Review #13, by Scizzors I'm Not That Girl

26th June 2006:
Hey sis, I finally got around to reading this story, it is AWESOME, great job. Most songfic's are arranged weirdly, like you can't really make sense of how the song and the story sorta, mesh, ya-know?
(aka your little sis)

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #14, by slytheringinny I'm Not That Girl

21st June 2006:
Aww. This was touching. Poor poor Hermione, poor poor Hermione. Must I say that I think "Lav-Lav" should get a true life and leave destiny to work it's magic. Back off, it's Hermione with Ron! :) Anywho, I really liked this. Well done!

Author's Response: Although Lavender, being one of Trelawney's groupies, may have thought that Harry and Hermione were going to get together, leaving Ron free.

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Review #15, by Sorceress Cassandra180 I'm Not That Girl

20th June 2006:
Wow. I'm a pretty big fan of Wicked, and I rarely read songfics but when I saw the song I just had to read.
And, let me tell you I'm not dissipointed.
I love it! The emotion really captures the song, and it makes it so all of us can all-too-well relate to Hermione's pain.
Excellent work!
I also hope that you'll write a reprise in Lavander's point of View. I'd love to read that.

Author's Response: Thanks. Wicked is definitely one of my favorite musicals, and I was really afraid I wouldn't quite do the song justice. But I get to actually see it this fall! *dances*

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Review #16, by Funkiness I'm Not That Girl

19th June 2006:
you MUST do a sequel...MUST! so sad :*( Make ron feel bad!

Author's Response: There isn't a sequel. It's just a missing moment from book 6.

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Review #17, by hippogriff_kneazle I'm Not That Girl

12th June 2006:
I cried. There it is in a nutshell.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad I got the emotion in there- it was really hard for me.

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Review #18, by dasani I'm Not That Girl

12th June 2006:
Wow. That was really good. I adored how kept the mood flowing, and the song sounds beautiful. All thumbs and toes up!

Author's Response: Thank you so much... it's one of my fovorite songs in the world, and I wasn't sure if I'd do it justice.

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Review #19, by qwertyelf I'm Not That Girl

9th June 2006:
The song is beautiful! I wanted to see wicked sooo bad, But we wer on holiday in Jamaica when It came to my town. Bye!! I love the story!

Author's Response: Thanks- and I know how you feel. Wicked is my absolute favorite musical, but I live in Alaska. They never come here. Ever. Alaska isn't the middle of nowhere. It is nowhere.

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Review #20, by crazyperson I'm Not That Girl

9th June 2006:
PLEASE WRITE A SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( so sad!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, but I'm not planning on a sequel for this... it's more of a 'missing moment' type of thing. Just refer to the end of Book 6.

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Review #21, by koolness I'm Not That Girl

9th June 2006:
*sob* that was b-e-a-utiful! *sobs again*

Author's Response: Thank you... it took me a while to get everything in it just right.

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Review #22, by aredlollipop I'm Not That Girl

5th June 2006:
aw poor hermione!

Author's Response: Oh, yeah. Poor Hermione. She was really going through a rough time, and it's one of those "missing moments."

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Review #23, by nini807 I'm Not That Girl

3rd June 2006:
So so so sad! :'(

Author's Response: I'm glad the emotion got across. I was trying really hard. Thank you.

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Review #24, by LaurenDawnie I'm Not That Girl

3rd June 2006:
This is so intensly bittersweet. I really enjoyed reading it, the story was written beautifully. And that song really seems to describe the situation perfectly.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #25, by Lionpaws I'm Not That Girl

3rd June 2006:
Wow! This was wonderfully and beautifully written. I really think you caputured Hermione's emotion during HBP with this piece. And I love how your song fit so well with the plot! Very well done! =)

Author's Response: Thank you! It's one of my favorite songs, and I was listening to it one day, and Hermione just came into my mind.

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