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Review #1, by Princess Di Last Thoughts Only of You

24th February 2008:
That was really well written, but a bit depressing. Ok, REALLY depressing. :( 10/10

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Review #2, by Demon_Darkheart Last Thoughts Only of You

29th September 2006:
OMG, that was the most horribly depressing story i have read!!!! i mean the writing style was rockin' but it was sad, so sad!! i cried, i smiled, i was moved!!! i am glad you wrote that it was really very good and inspiring!! luved it!!!
rOcK oN!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: woooow uhm yea it is kinda depressing...a lot of angst.,..i love writing angst...i cant thank u enough 4 this wonderful review--im so glad u were moved...and u cried>? lol sry bout that:P and im glad u found this fic inspiring:)) thank u so much 4 reviewing and plastering a big smile on my face:))) ~Karla~

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Review #3, by manya Last Thoughts Only of You

26th July 2006:
Extremely sad, but mixed with just enough sweetness to make it bearable. You've done a lovely job of capturing a love, and for that I applaud your efforts. Very well done. :)

Author's Response: wow manya and i bow 2 u as u aplaud...thank u very much 4 this heartwarming really plastered a smile on my face! cheers! ~Karla~

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Review #4, by Darkest_Days Last Thoughts Only of You

24th July 2006:
That was so sad. Another one of your stories where I feel tears prick. I can imagine someone falling apart like that, and the way Sirius acted when she ignored him is boy-predictable lol. Anyways, that was amazing,

Author's Response: yes..well u've probably noticed by now that i really enjoy writing angst fics...especially some that are taken out of my own but i dont wanna dive into details rite now...thx 4 the great review once again!

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Review #5, by Mrs ginny_potter Last Thoughts Only of You

10th July 2006:
oh my god, I love your storys soooo much!! you have to keep writeing more!! or else I think I will die!

Author's Response: pls pls dont die!!! lol thx so much im glad u liked this one...and the others:P thx 4 ur warming review, Mrs ginny_potter!!

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Review #6, by Puceylover101 Last Thoughts Only of You

5th July 2006:

Author's Response: lol im glad u liked the fluffy and angst/...haha thx puceylover!! ~karlA~

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Review #7, by blaH Last Thoughts Only of You

3rd June 2006:
when isaid a longer version of this fic i meant from her first day at hogwarts , tho u ca obviously like fast forward, just show seneek peaks, u no with sorting aht, how she met everyone, who her best friend was, and etc. im thinking along the lines of many many many long, as well writted as this one or more, chapters. pleasE?! thats how good u r u have to mae this fic longer! not kidding! pleaase do so quick;y! and NOT 4 CHAPTERS! MANY MANY MANY CHAPTERS ! thank u! and ppplllllllleeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssseeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i rate u a ten!

Author's Response: lol i know wut u mean ill do it i already promised but first i hav 2 finish posting bittersweet cuz its gonna start working on the sirius/oc thingy. thx 4 advice and wonderful review! cheers:)) ~Karla~

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Review #8, by octopudding Last Thoughts Only of You

27th May 2006:
WOW. that was an AWESOME story. the beginning waS reallly cool. in a weird way. but then the ending was sad. how selena really thought that it was sirius. and yeah. can you pleeeeeease have like another story with the same beginning but an alternate ending?? a happy one?

Author's Response: lol i'll make another OC/sirius story that will include a bunch of romance, a bit of drama, but w/ happy fluffy ending, but ull hav to w8 another week or so lol:)))thx 4 review!!!

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Review #9, by MagicSpirit15 Last Thoughts Only of You

24th May 2006:
Amazing! Wow... it was so unbelievably sad... --sniffle--
You should definitely write more Sirius fics!
Again, Good job!

Author's Response: wow AJ thx sooo much my heart is fluttering at your beautiful review!! thx so much and ur right, maybe i shud write more sirius fics as it seems ppl like this 1! cheers:))))

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Review #10, by Fire_Ice Last Thoughts Only of You

20th May 2006:
OMG!! i loved it, it was so cute and beautiful and totally awesome wow, i cant believe it, it was soo sad and good and im soo astounded. great story.

Author's Response: omg i cant believe u loved it that much! wow it actually had an impact on u ppl- i hoped it wud! im blushing wow i lov this review im so giddy ur flattering me way too much hahah:)) it was angsty, true, but im glad u liked ity anyway. thx for ur great review!!

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Review #11, by SDGWG Last Thoughts Only of You

20th May 2006:
i reallly like it! its awsome, y dont u maake a new fic about their actual relation ship? u no as an inbetween kindo of? ... please?

Author's Response: lol im glad u liked it and thx for ur review! if u insist...ill start working as fast as i can on a fic about their actual relationship...but itll take a while cuz i wanna make it about 2 or three chaps at least:)) and u better b the 1st reviewer!! lol....:))cheers

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