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Review #1, by nightingale14 What We Do Is Secret

19th August 2011:
So here's what I want you to do:
Change the setting from 'Abandonded' to 'WIP'
Because this is too amazing a story to abandon!
Please, please, please, please keep writing this! I really, really liked it and I really, really, really wish that you would finish this story. I guess you must not have gotten any inspiration for this story, but you just need to...I don't know.meditate? LOL, just try to add some more. Is Sirius really mad at her? What will she do to make him forgive her? Will James finally get together with Lily? (Well, yes, but you know what I mean!) Will Skylar finally tell the Maruaders that she is Lucifer Sam? What will happen in the Enchanted Theatre's production of 'Wicked'?
Please, please, please un-abandon this story. For meee?
And update on 'My Big Fat Greek Dream'. And the chopping up and putting in porridge for breakfast was a tidbit from my own genius brain.
Update soon!

Author's Response: You know, I had no idea anyone ever read this story anymore. Funnily enough, the other day, I actually sat down and wrote some of chapter five for no particular reason, since I figured I'd probably never post for this thing again. But your ridiculously kind review is more than enough to tempt me to post. Ahhh, honestly, I think - just because of you and your wonderful review - I might actually finish that chapter and post it. Maybe? I'm dying to answer all those questions you just posted, and I dunno if that was your intention, but now you've got me itching to write it again!

Well. If I do post another chapter, it'll totally be for you and BlameItOnTheNargles, because you two are just awesome and encouraging. (And hopefully the chapter won't be lame! I promise, I'll really try to make it decent!) Ughhh, thank you SO, SO, SO much for your fabulous review. It makes me feel warm and happy all the way to my toes. This was so incredibly nice to wake up and read! :DDD

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Review #2, by BlameItOnTheNargles  What We Do Is Secret

18th June 2011:
Aww its a shame the story is abandoned, I really like it and Skyler she is a great character! XD I vote you inabandon the story! :)

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Review #3, by Eren What We Do Is Secret

15th January 2009:
Gods, I don't know what to say. My reviews tend to be far too long so I'll try to keep it short; it's awesome.

I love Sky. The normalcy of her just takes away the Mary-Sue stamp. And I love how you portray her, and also the Marauders.

You're great at describing, and right now I don't have anything negative to say! I just hope that you update soon!

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Review #4, by stormy eyes What We Do Is Secret

3rd October 2008:
SHe is L.S? Wow did not see that coming! Uness I am wrong!!
Keep it up!!

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Review #5, by stormy eyes Of Puns and the Frozen Arctic Tundra

3rd October 2008:
Great chapter!!! I laughed so hard at the whole Antarctica thing!
Keep it up!

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Review #6, by stormy eyes A Lovely Day, Indeed

3rd October 2008:
Another lovely chapter! Question does she not think of Remus as hot? cause she didn't stumble over her words with him.
btw Not mary-sue
Keep it Up

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Review #7, by stormy eyes A Bit of an Introduction

3rd October 2008:
I liked this chapter! And not at all Mary-Sue well done!!
I will keep reading. Keep it up!

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Review #8, by writers_block_94 A Lovely Day, Indeed

18th November 2007:

Need I say more?


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Review #9, by writers_block_94 A Bit of an Introduction

18th November 2007:

I RATE 29/10


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Review #10, by Firenze Fan A Lovely Day, Indeed

12th November 2007:
Please update again soon, it's been so long and I miss Skylar!

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Review #11, by Pretty Purple Pelican A Lovely Day, Indeed

21st August 2007:
Oh, good Lord. You're going to confuse me now? Fantastic. Well, whatever...

I love the eleventh commandment. Very clever. Haha. Poor Skyler, living in Felicity's shadow. I have a nasty feeling that Felicity's going to get Sirius.

Enchanted Theater? Well, I kind of like that idea. That'll certainley be interesting.

Oof (yes, oof), I absolutely adore this. Skyler is very likable. So far, there is absolutely nothing about her that irks me. Bravo! :)

You want me to take a crack at the future of the plot? Hmm...well, I think that Felicity will be nicking Sirius right in front of Skyler. I think Remus will prove to be a valuable friends (maybe more?) Is the letter a "Dear Abby" type thing?

You know, I'd rather you tell me, so how about updating ;)

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Review #12, by Pretty Purple Pelican A Bit of an Introduction

21st August 2007:
Hahaha. I love that James barely paid attention to her. Your characterizations are fantastic. Oh, good Lord, this is wonderful. I was in the mood for a great story, so I'm glad that I stumbled on yours. Skyler is highly amusing. I love how she called Madam Pomfrey "Poppy." Fantastic.

though in my day, young ladies were strictly forbidden to wear pantyhose
Alright. You've just made me literally snort out loud.

My only criticism is some of Madam Pomfery phrases. She's just never seemed like the type to say "ruddy" or "blooming."

But, other than that, this was a terribly enjoyable chapter, and I can't wait for more adventures in the next ;)

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Review #13, by Miss Blackberry Pie A Lovely Day, Indeed

27th July 2007:
Hmm, I'm thinking I saw this here before... and for some reason I didn't have time to read it or something. And then I kinda quit fanfiction altogether for a while, which was quite silly of me.
But now I have returned, whether I am welcome or not. ^_^ And I am here once again to haunt your review lists with frightening tales of... of... scarlet pimpernels.
Oh, and the chapter was very lovely indeed, m'dear. May your fingers overcome the block of writers!

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Review #14, by SnowyBella A Bit of an Introduction

25th July 2007:
Are you kidding? This is like my new favorite story. I only wanted to gag once throughout the whole thing. haha, just joking. It really is a hilarious story, so completely anti-mary-sue and your character is just brilliant. I really hope the numerous injuries that she earns continue to appear, it's really, really funny actually. :-) Update to the third chapter soon please! :-)

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Review #15, by Ugly_Duckling A Bit of an Introduction

3rd June 2007:
Oh, oops. Well I almost got the name right in my last review (of you're one shot anyways). I admit it; I had a slight brain fart and forgot the name of the story; but then again; YOU HAVE NOT UPDATED FOR OVER A YEAR! EMMA! No wonder I forgot the name of this story if you have added nothing to it for ages! *dusts off story cobwebs humming merrily somehow managing to punch self in face with feather duster* Still 10/10 but really! An update would be welcomed with open arms *sighs* what is the world coming to? The last Harry Potter book, living in a town full of chavs and no more updates from the marvellous you? Why oh why does God hate me?

Author's Response: Methinks update be closer than you think.... *winks mischievously* *cough* AWAITING VALIDATION! *cough* What? I didn't say anything. *smirks*

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Review #16, by Firenze Fan A Lovely Day, Indeed

27th May 2007:
really good story, but i'm not sure i get the letter.

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Review #17, by Firenze Fan A Bit of an Introduction

27th May 2007:
wow, great descriptions! i love it!

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Review #18, by insideout orange A Lovely Day, Indeed

5th April 2007:
I can't even tell you how much I'm enjoying this story right now. *Adds to favorites and hopes for update*

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Review #19, by insideout orange A Bit of an Introduction

5th April 2007:
Hah, I loved it so far. But how does she not know the Marauders? Doesn't she have classes with them?

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Review #20, by Shell A Lovely Day, Indeed

30th March 2007:
You are very dramatic aren't you?

(Or maybe its just my interpretation)

Anyway, I think it it good, but I couldn't call it great until you *crosses fingers hopefully* review.

I think that Skyler will have classes with Sirius and start to fall for him.

I then kind of hope she will join his fan club, because i think it would be interesting to have the point of view from someone in a fan club, and have Skyler a 'good character' in the fan club.

i think then Sirius and Skyler will proclaim their love for one another, go out, and get married.



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Review #21, by addicted to potter A Lovely Day, Indeed

18th February 2007:
I really love this story so far and I hope you continue it and update soon!!!

Please continue it!!!

addicted to potter


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Review #22, by mini_marauder101 A Lovely Day, Indeed

30th January 2007:
I like how you make it so funny! But maybe you could try making skyler a bit more lovable? Just a suggestion. Any, awesome story!

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Review #23, by mini_marauder101 A Bit of an Introduction

30th January 2007:
Good story! I never really imagined Madame Pomfrey being quite that mean though.

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Review #24, by Fall Season A Bit of an Introduction

2nd January 2007:
Oh I love this story so much! I normally don't like Marauder fics all that well, but I love this character. I read this challenge in the forums and you are doing such a great job. She doesn't seem like a Mary-Sue to me at all! Great job!

Author's Response: Oh, I'm glad you like my Marauder fic. *grins shyly* Really? THANK YOU! *blushes* Whoo, I hope she doesn't seem like a Mary-Sue. Heh, that'd be pretty crazy if all the female OCs in fanfiction started behaving like Skyler. Total chaos. *shivers* Anyway, thank you for leaving a review!

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Review #25, by sammy lupin A Lovely Day, Indeed

22nd November 2006:
i love this story, it is going on my favorites, because i love it so much. it actually sound like me, alot. cant wait for update!

Author's Response: Really? *parties* Ha, yeah, it sounds a lot like me, too. Life is crazy, isn't it? I'll be working on the update soon. ^^, Thanks for the review, I really appreciate it. :D

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