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Review #1, by Jill Women Rearing

2nd August 2007:
Sorry if I sounded unfriendly in my last review!! I wasn't trying to be. May I compliment you on this chapter though? Awesome!

Author's Response: thanks! i'm glad that you liked it! and no prob. i take offense easily, but don't think i mean that you should leave nice reviews! if the chapter sucked, lemme know! lmffao!!! ~ally

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Review #2, by hellothere Women Rearing

31st July 2007:
First of all, thanks for the update. Second, this was a GREAT chapter and third your vocabulary is p-r-e-t-t-y impressive! Keep it up. 10/10.

Author's Response: lol. first of all, you're welcome for the update. second, thanks! i'm glad you liked it. and third, thanks! i read the dictionary! *snort* LMAO! i will try to keep the chapters coming! ~ally

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Review #3, by Jill Far Too Serious

19th May 2007:
Seriously you have to update this, when ARE you going to update? My sister and I love this story! Even though we never bothered with a review, but... Know that there ARE people still following this story and I'd be forever grateful, seriously, if you updated this. And I know this is a Draco/Pansy story, but I'd love some more Blaise/Pansy, since Blaise is nicer than Draco. Draco is a jerk, and for now, I don't care if he gets burnt, he deserves it. Well, Daphne is a nerd/loner, hahaha. Love that they are all reversed and stuff. But Pansy hasn't changed much? Crabbe and Goyle haven't changed much either, they are still "living furnitures", to qoute one of my favorite authors. And they are still dumb and being bossed around. This story has a very amusing plot. Am very much in love with it, yes, I am aware I have said that a hundred times now, well feels like it. Quicker updates, please, that's all we ask for. And that you absolutely MUST finish this story! Since i'm not making much sense anyway, I'm gonna go... Lol, just update already! 10/10 (Shocking!)

Author's Response: okay. first things first. at first you were TOTALLY hating on me, coz i hadn't updated in a while. second, i realize you just really want an update, and i can understand that. trust me, d'you think i'm not reading stories that haven't been updated for years? uh, YEAH!
anyway, i really hope i can some time soon. i swear i'm working on it. it's not like its easy you know. it's my junior year in high school. no offense, but i'm not going to fail for you people.
but yes, i'm trying to get a chapter out. promise i will. sometime soon, seeing as i'm leaving for a LONG time.
and i don't make any promises as to the plot and or pairings. as you'll see later, blaise is, in actuality, a jackass and you'll probably hate me for it.
trying, i swear i am!!!!! ~ally

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Review #4, by hellothere Far Too Serious

1st April 2007:
Yea, please igore my silly penname.
I just registered now, but I've been waiting for an update in ages!
10/10, but I hope you update soon.
Also, I hope this is not going to be a Draco/Daphne fic...
I have to admit, Draco deserves to suffer for his 'mistakes', and I just can't help but like Blaise in this.
But I do like Daphne, though.
Great job and UPDATE ALREADY! Lol, ok, bye!

Author's Response: lol. sorry about that. and to think, just yesterday, i was considering discontinuing this fic. no, i don't really plan on this being a draco/daphne. at least i didnt before....hmmm, no, since you asked so nicely, i don't think i will.

i will try to get a reply to you some time soon, promise! i have AP's coming up tho, and it may take a while. ~ally

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Review #5, by JourneyForever Far Too Serious

7th February 2007:
I LOVE this! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! And I will be. I hope...

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Review #6, by parkinsonmalfoy Switch

5th July 2006:
I love Draco/Pansy Fanfics and this is great

Author's Response: im glad you think so. draco and hermione are kinda drivin me nuts. okay, so i just got back from a month long vacation and havent read for a while. but they were when i left....~ally

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Review #7, by ilovedraco555 Switch

3rd July 2006:
confusing but great love it

Author's Response: haha. i no. i try. ~ally

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Review #8, by ilovedraco555 Celebrating

3rd July 2006:
i love it awesoem

Author's Response: thanks. glad to hear that! pls keep reading! ~ally

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Review #9, by BiG MaMa Switch

17th June 2006:
*gasp* what the? eh? who? how? when? HUH?!?....whoa...this is...whoa. You're like the best damn writer ever lol. yay you updated! i havnt been on this site in ages! i just came on today to check if you updated or not. i wont be updating my stories anymore coz i've lost interest. but I'll still come on to read and review your stories. Loving the twist! ha! Stupid Malfoy finally got what he deserved!....hmmm...that girl gives me something to think she the one he slept with? anyways, cant wait to see what happens next :) Luvn this story:D ~BiG MaMa~

Author's Response: thanks! im sad to hear that youre not using this site anymore, but a little happier to hear that you'll still be reading. just got back from vacation, and plan to update! ~ally

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Review #10, by FlameWolf3182 Switch

12th June 2006:
hm, hopefully he will learn his lesson, but who is pansy dating if its not draco..? and was it the witch in the shop that made everything switched around, or just plain bad luck from the night before? hmmm ... well update asap! this is a good story!

Author's Response: oh, you'll just have to wait, honey. im sorry, but in three days, i am leaving for vacation. for a month! alas, i wont get back to update for quite some time. but during that time, i plan to write a lot. so ill have tons to type up when i get back. and you saw the banner, yeah? well the guy i used bsides draco has blonde hair. who is related to draco? ~ally

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Review #11, by FlameWolf3182 Celebrating

12th June 2006:
lol i think that was the most entertaining and funny first chapter i have ever read for a fanfiction. especially luna's part, oh and of course She had class, looks, and ovaries. made me crack up. and tsk tsk mr draco... leaving pansy like that... *sigh* a Malfoy never learns... good job!! *reads next chapter*

Author's Response: oh thank you! im glad i made you laugh. since my other story is so heavy, i tried to make this one more entertaining. and after reading so many stories where the malfoy women were underapreciated, that line sounded perfect! ~ally

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Review #12, by porcelain_heart Switch

7th June 2006:
oh lala. This is intersting. Hmm. I like it, I can't wait to find out whats going on! Good chapter.

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #13, by BiG MaMa Celebrating

20th May 2006:
GASP! OMFG! DAT PIECE OF ~(*&!&$!#$^$@#&!!! i feel so sorry for pansy! ok now you REALLY have to update! lol im adding this to my faves. screw all my others faves this one is gonna be the onli one...could you please tell me when its next updated? i wonder who the girl is. i alsmot nearly forgot to thank you for puttin LOONY in the story! teehee shes so funny! i cracked up when i was reading her part lol. ohh the suspense! that lying cheating mother(*^&*%piece of f%**%^ i cant wait to find out which slut would do this to poor pansy. and im just glad that this isnt another stupid hermione/malfoy fic. im so sick and tired of seeing them everywhere!...anywho, i forgot to say that i ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS STORY AND I GIVE THIS A 200 OUT OF 100 *holds up 200 fingers proudly* SEE! youve got me all hyped up for the next god help you if you dont update soon! lol im such a lil hypocrite

Author's Response: wow. hehehe, im soo glad that you liked it. i thot i was going to fail miserably as a romance novelist sorta writer. now you have ME totally hyped up for the next chapter! geeze, i dunno what ima do. ill try to update soon! thanks. and i will try to let you know wen its updated. ~ally

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Review #14, by just jenn Celebrating

18th May 2006:
i love your story, more please

Author's Response: oh, wow, thanks! sure, im just sooo frazzled by exams right now. i'll try!

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