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Review #1, by chick_fic_luver_erin Boy, Interrupted

5th July 2007:
very cute.

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #2, by AliKt716 Boy, Interrupted

31st July 2006:
Very nicely done, but I still really like The Grand Gesture just a tad more!


Author's Response: Really? You like 'The Grand Gesture' better? I didn't think it was my best work, but hey! Whatever you say! Thanks!

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Review #3, by MoonysChick19 Boy, Interrupted

18th July 2006:
Cute, good job! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks! I do my best! Just Kidding!

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Review #4, by bitterbutsweet Boy, Interrupted

8th June 2006:
Hi, you reviewed my story so I thought I'd see how you write. I like this story, it is simple and sweet, straight to the point. One comment you spelt biting wrong in the third last paragraph! (sorry for being picky) And to clear something up (in case you don't read my reply to your reviews) - I am a perfectly normal person, not morbid. I have an overactive imagination which twists all my thoughts. I actually prefer romance but my hand writes a different story. Anyway keep up the good work. If you have time check out my new story House of Cards (it is a bit strange though - you may not like it ;) *smiles* bitterbutsweet

Author's Response: (Okay, the website said I wasn't logged in, even though I was, so I'm having to re-type this review, and it was a long one!)
Hey! Sorry if I seemed rude when I reviewed your story...I liked it! I thought it was very good and very deep, even if a little morbid!! Once again, I am sincerely sorry if I was mean! I'm really not (at least, I hope not!)! I'm just a normal person, too! You are a really good writer and I'm so happy you came and reviewed my story!!! And of course I'll read your story!! And I hope you'll read my new Sirius/OC story when it comes out!! I mean, if you like that pairing!? It's been validating for twelve long days now, and that's starting to worry me, and I have a friend who's been waiting for a month for validation, so I'm hoping, praying, and crossing my fingers that they come out soon!! After this next one, 'Books and Pillows', comes out, I have another story, 'The Grand Gesture', a Ron/Hermione fic, coming out as well!!!
Hope to hear from you soon! Sorry for ranting!!!
Sincerely, Michelle

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Review #5, by Beowulf Boy, Interrupted

6th June 2006:
You reviewed my story and I thought it only courteous to return the favour, and I am pleased I did, for it was well worth the read. Excellent, for once, and in this I am a guilty party, you give Ron credit where it is due. it is a clever tale, well told and well written. Keep writing, and I would dearly love to see those other two stories, which are currently out of order!

Author's Response: Thanks!!! *blushes* I thought your story was very good, as well, but you already knew that...Yeah, I'm slightly agitated that it's taking so long for them to get validated, but, oh well, hopefully they will soon!! But I do have another story up if you're interested in reading it! 'Christmas Surprises'...unless you've already read it and just left one review...*blushes in embarrassment* Either way, THANKS!!!!
Keep writing!~Michelle

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Review #6, by argetlam shadeslayer Boy, Interrupted

24th May 2006:
Tee hee, that was so sweet!!! Even though this is the third time I've read it, I still loff it, m'dear! Ah, absolutely wickedly delish. *nods fervently* No clue what that means, but, ah, what the heck?! I likes it, yes, I does, indeed! *clasps hands together in Yoda-like fashion* Go far, you will, my young padawan, yes....And finally, Lav-Lav gets what she deserves, the evil slag....Stealing Ron from Hermione... *scowls*'d you like my freshman will? Pretty nifty, eh? Yeah, well, sorry, couldn't leave you Phantom of the Opera. Just too valuable. Just kidding! I flipping heart you, home-skillet-dawg-thingy. You are quite cool. *inclines head* BTW, you coming Sunday? I don't want to be all by my lonesome, stuck writing Chapter Seven.... *waves computer around tantalizingly* Just joking, luv. (Get your mind out of the GUTTER!!!) Heh, chocolate chip pancakes...Yeah, erm, anyway, so good, as usual. *mutters to self about thebandbuddy's remarkable skills* I'm jealous. *turns lovely shade of green* Anyway, see you tomorrow! HALF DAY!!! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--O Crazy One Who Desperately Needs a Straitjacket

P.S. You know Elmilee? Yeah, she's one of my mates - Scott E.'s sister. (You know, basketball/baseball-playing Scott? Freakishly tall, dark-haired...causes many girls - excepting myself, I fall for Yoda *winks* - to swoon....)

Author's Response: You DO need a straitjacket! J/K, luv (mind out of the gutter, now, Abbitha!). I'm so overjoyed that you liked this fic, and I'm honored for you to read it!
Of COURSE I liked your freshman will! But you won't be a freshy for long now, will you? You're almost a sophmore, and I'm almost a SENIOR!! * jumps for joy* I understand about not being left 'Phantom of the Opera' *cough*Raoul's NOT a pansy!*cough*
I now know who Elmilee is, thanks to you and Sonic! I honestly had NO idea who she was! But that's so awsome! I can't wait to read her fic!!! I'm so excited for SUMMER BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One more exam, baby, one more exam. Anyway, I'll hopefully see you soon!!
Luv, Michelle

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Review #7, by jamesisahottie Boy, Interrupted

24th May 2006:
thats the cutest shortie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Gee golly gosh, Thanks!! *blushes* Wait, I feel like a pansy now! (not THAT Pansy, a wimp). Oh, well. Thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed my story, but I doubt it's the cutest! Luv, Michelle

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Review #8, by LostforWords Boy, Interrupted

24th May 2006:
Oh, that's so cute!
I have to leave a quick review, because my mother's making me go out to dinner with a whole bunch of people. I loved it. You got Ron's mood well, and I had always wondered what he was really thinking about when he never paid attention to anything.

Author's Response: Aww....thanks! *blushes furiously* Dinner doesn't sound so bad. I like eating out, personally. Really? I got his mood?! I'm so excited!!!! I always wondered that, too! Anyway, thanks for reviewing, Erin, and I am so honoured that you read my fics, because yours are AWSOME! Can't wait for that last chapter! Luv, Michelle

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Review #9, by Amanda Boy, Interrupted

23rd May 2006:
EHEHE:), that was cute, FINALLY:D

Author's Response: I completely agree, FINALLY!!! I can't wait for those two to get together in the actual Harry Potter (by that I mean J.K. Rowling's ACTUAL version! Muchos amor to her!)!!! Thanks for reviewing and I hope to hear from you again! Gracias y muchos amor!

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Review #10, by Elmilee Boy, Interrupted

22nd May 2006:
Awwwww! (I'm sorry, I usually do not use the term "awwwww', but it just seemed to fit.) This story is so sweet. Go Ron! Go Hermione! Oh, I just love them both so much. How could anybody not want the two of them to be together? I actually giggled to myself while I read this story, which is extremely rare for me, I'll have you know. Well, I must bid my farewell. Lovely story--keep writing, m'dear. I quite like your stories.

--Emily (Han Solo)

Author's Response: *has to say it too*-AWWWWW! Thanks for the second review! I'm glad you like both my stories! And don't worry, dawlin', I do plan on writing plenty more, I'm just waiting for this school year to be over before I start. I only have *checks calendar* two days left of school, and they're both exam days. I HATE exams! I have to spend all afternoon and evening studying for an English exam! AND I have to know all forty-three presidents of the U.S.!!! I'm stressed! *realizes that she is ranting and blushes, then continues on with origional subject* Anyway, I totally agree about Ron and Hermione! How COULD anybody not want the two of them to be together?! Gracias y muchos amor!~thebandbuddy

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Review #11, by dreamer Boy, Interrupted

22nd May 2006:
hehe...thats really good...i'v read soo many hermione/ron fics but this one is probably in the top 5....WELL DONE =)

Author's Response: *squeals delightedly* In your top five?!?! IN YOUR TOP FIVE?!?!?!? OH, MY, GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how happy and special that makes me feel! I'm honored! I'm glad you enjoyed it and *shameless plug* read my other story!* Muchas amore!

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Review #12, by hpfan_091 Boy, Interrupted

22nd May 2006:
aw that was soo cute!

Author's Response: Thanks! It makes me really happy that everyone is enjoying it, including you! Muchas amore!

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Review #13, by DeathByMoonlight Boy, Interrupted

22nd May 2006:
Without even noticing(how in the HECK do you spell that word?!?!) I said aww at the last sentance.
Really cute!

Author's Response: You spelt it right, don't worry. Anyway, THANK YOU for reviewing, and I'm so glad you liked it! Personally, I'm amazed I made it to the last sentence, because usually I don't have the kind of attention span to finish a story that long! Writing it myself, I mean. I could read a story four times that long, just probably not write. Anyway, thanks again! Muchas amore!

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Review #14, by Sudha53 Boy, Interrupted

22nd May 2006:
hehehehe i like it!! how cute, the ending was precious

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!! I liked the ending myself! It's my longest yet, and I definitely plan on writing more, if you want to read, and *insert shameless plug* have another story out as well for you to read.*end shameless plug* Muchos amore!

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