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Review #1, by chessscout sorting and exchange students

9th January 2007:
great story so far. I look foward to reading the rest. ;)

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Review #2, by the scrawler a practical joke?

22nd December 2006:
a really good idea , one which many of us would hope was true !

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Review #3, by sweetie_face 14 harry i know...

21st November 2006:
vair vair vair good!!! This story just keeps getting better and better!! Love it. This is Lucy btw.

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Review #4, by kate choices and three books

18th September 2006:
brilliant story...i cant wait for the next one!
keep up the good work :o)

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Review #5, by emmachick317 a practical joke?

3rd August 2006:
i love this story! it's so cool!

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Review #6, by Gabby_Nini prophecies and dreams

31st July 2006:
oh how sad! wow alot to happen in just one day! i love it update soon!!!!

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Review #7, by Gabby_Nini dreams realised?

31st July 2006:
omg!!! she's cheating on Dunc!!!!! but that would be soooooo cool!!!!!

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Review #8, by Gabby_Nini a practical joke?

31st July 2006:
wow thats soooo cool!! i wish that would happen to me!!! it would be soooo cool!!!!

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Review #9, by chessscout prophecies and dreams

12th June 2006:
wonderful chapter, please update soon!

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Review #10, by Somber a practical joke?

28th May 2006:
Ok I don't know if your gonna read this but ok.So you updated your story but what happened to chapter 2,you put 3 out there but where is 2. I didn't want to read chapter 3 because a) I don't get whats going on b) I don't want to spoil it for myself when you do correct it c)I felt that I had to say something .Please I need chapter 2. I'm going crazy here.

Author's Response: luckily for you it has accepted my 2nd chapter afer several edits!!! heheh read and enjoy!!!!!

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Review #11, by Somber a practical joke?

21st May 2006:
Your story totally rocks man,I know there is only one chapter but I can't get enough of it.Please update soon.

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Review #12, by Jenni_Potter a practical joke?

17th May 2006:
this is amazing i really want to know what is gonna happen to tia plz add the nxt chapter!

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