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Review #1, by Sudha53 The Wedding

29th December 2006:
I love all the descriptions you had about Ron and what he was feeling. That really makes the story so much better and adds so much to it. You did a great job with this! Hope to read more of your work!

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Review #2, by ron_worshipper The Wedding

11th August 2006:
That was fab!!!!!!!!!!!
I give it ten out of ten, well done and keep up the good work!!!

Rach x0x0x0x

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Review #3, by LovelyMioneWeasley The Wedding

23rd July 2006:
very cute! Lovely and very ron-like.

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Review #4, by manya The Wedding

15th June 2006:
*smiles* Lovely. Absolutely Lovely. :)

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Review #5, by CourtneyFaith The Wedding

31st May 2006:
~That is so cute. Very well written. That is to say, i could see JKR writing something along those lines. Very Very Good.~

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Review #6, by Anna The Wedding

27th May 2006:
Thats great. much better than most stuff here. it's realistic and sweet at the same time.

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Review #7, by Emma_Star The Wedding

24th May 2006:
Strange ending, but very, very sweet and well written. You are my new favorite author, and I love your stories!

Author's Response: Awww, thank you soooooooo much!!!!! You're too kind. ^__^ *cuddles!* Aren't you just a sweetie?? I'm so glad you like my stories!!!!! =D weeeeee!!!!

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Review #8, by sarah The Wedding

23rd May 2006:
OMG i loved it this is how want it to happen , your a good writer

Author's Response: Thanks so much! =) Yeah, I know, that's how I want it to happen, too. ^_^

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Review #9, by Hermione Fan The Wedding

23rd May 2006:
A little rushed for my tastes, but I still really liked it!!! :-)

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Review #10, by Pink_Princess12 The Wedding

21st May 2006:

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Review #11, by nini807 The Wedding

18th May 2006:
Very nice

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Review #12, by dreamer The Wedding

18th May 2006:
that is really good and it was very well written, i really liked it^_^
Short and was one of the best hermione/ron one shots that i have ever read well done:)

Author's Response: awwww, thanks so much!!! You're too kind!

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Review #13, by Gryffindorclutz The Wedding

18th May 2006:
That was utterly beautiful and entirely realistic.

Author's Response: Well thank you very much! ^^

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