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Review #1, by Vanessa_Halliwell A Meeting at the Three Broomsticks

5th January 2007:
really good song...

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #2, by Kagome Higurashi A Meeting at the Three Broomsticks

24th July 2006:
It's nice. I mean it was interesting. And all, um Ron seems a little weird in this though. And who's the blond? Just asking! Well I'm usually easily interested in things but now I think it might take a lot to get my attention. I just think it was the son that threw me off track.

Author's Response: um...what son???? the blonde was written to be Lavender.....Ron....well, his breakup with Starfire wasn't the nicest that it could have been....that will be in later stories......thanx for the review!

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Review #3, by Sabrina7 A Meeting at the Three Broomsticks

3rd June 2006:
WHY THAT LITTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD HAVE GOTTAN HIM!!! poor star

Author's Response: thanx Sabs

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Review #4, by veronica rosales A Meeting at the Three Broomsticks

25th May 2006:
i also like this i was singing and reading the words.the f.f was goood

Author's Response: thank you! I love this song too!

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Review #5, by Kitsune Airbender A Meeting at the Three Broomsticks

19th May 2006:
ugh, blonde thief. >:(
*sniffs* Was so sad! Luvved the song, maybe someday i'll be able to write a love story like this one . . .

Author's Response: You do write fics like this, Kitsune!

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Review #6, by Kita Granger182 A Meeting at the Three Broomsticks

19th May 2006:
GO STAR!!!!!!!!!! awsome SF! you had better keep up with all these things when you move to New Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LoL! c u l8r!

Author's Response: Why would I not keep it up?

p.s- I AM HAPPY!!! I got my computer back!!!!

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