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Review #1, by butterscotch Untouchable

23rd November 2007:
Lovely description. I also adore the last line, " not touch what we can not have." I'm wondering how long it'll take for Hermione and Draco to get together. I also thought Hermione's playful challenge was indeed brilliant, and it kept me amused. Keep up the good work!

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Review #2, by HarryGinny4eva Bright Eyes

15th October 2007:
Hi. Just read this whole story and I must say I am looking forward to more soon. Thank you.

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Review #3, by Lily_James4ever Bright Eyes

15th October 2007:
O yay! you updated!! I was wondering if you were ever going to finish it!! This is so great :]

can't wait for more!!


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Review #4, by Cheeky Monkey Bright Eyes

15th October 2007:
Kwl :D

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Review #5, by groteskq_fatality Bright Eyes

15th October 2007:
aww she didnt choose him.
hmm.well unless draco is ron.and ron is off somewhere being ron.
update soon! :D

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Review #6, by groteskq_fatality Riddle May Murder or Be Murdered

7th September 2007:
awww ahhh hmm wonder what those two do nightly.
ha.i can't wait till u update. :D

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Review #7, by heaven_potter Riddle May Murder or Be Murdered

20th April 2007:
nice chapter. Can't wait what will happen next

Author's Response: Thanks! Sorry that I have not been all. Please bare with me!

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Review #8, by Lily_James4ever Riddle May Murder or Be Murdered

19th February 2007:
i really like this story!!! keep up the great work :]


Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! I am always happy to please.

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Review #9, by rosethorn Preoccupation and Embarrassment

8th January 2007:
lol! this is hilariusly great! (did i spell that right?) head boy and girl i think is so used up but i like where you're story is going... hope that you'd update more before i reach the last chapter you updated... lol. ofcourse i'm not pressuring you or anything... i take my time too... that's why i have nothing posted yet. lol.

Author's Response: I have been going through a rough patch with this story. Everything I write, I hate. Now I'm starting to hate what I have already posted. I am learning to love the story once again, though. Role playing on different sites is helping me to readjust.

Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #10, by iviera_vangelisti Riddle May Murder or Be Murdered

12th October 2006:
update update update update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really like this story so far! you are amazing!

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks. I'll try to update soon.

Thank you for the review.

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Review #11, by dracos_lover_1 Riddle May Murder or Be Murdered

10th October 2006:
I just found your story last night and I read all chapters between last night and this morning. You are a wonderful writer and you stick true to the books. I will be checking back frequently for updates. Keep up the gwonderful work!

Author's Response: I am happy to read you enjoy my writing. I am flattered. I will do my best to update soon.

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Review #12, by jusme'k Riddle May Murder or Be Murdered

5th October 2006:
finally! im so happy u udated. i admit, the long wait was definitely worth it! but still, can u update faster next time? sooo anxious.

Author's Response: Well, I'll try to update faster. Thank you for commenting.

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Review #13, by Juliannanight Riddle May Murder or Be Murdered

17th September 2006:
Ah. I know it has more then likely been a long time since I have said anyting here, seeing as I have been away from this site for a while now due to health problems, but I must tell you that I am still much in love with this story, and I hope you continue with it..

Great chapter! Julianna Knight

Author's Response: I plan to continue with it, I just have had a lapse in ideas. I know where the story is going, but writer's block is a meanie. Thank you for reviewing, and I hope you continue to read.

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Review #14, by michael Riddle May Murder or Be Murdered

26th August 2006:
sorry, this is BORING...... if i were you, i dropped the story....the plot is not moving.... i fell asleep.... no offense mate.......

Author's Response: Well, I didn't get any constructive critism from that.

I guess my fix aren't your bag. Oh, well. Another reader lost, hopefully more will be gained in the next update.

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Review #15, by hpdude_4life Riddle May Murder or Be Murdered

20th August 2006:
draco's come 2 his senses. whooo!
and wots this bout draco and hermione's 'treats'??
lol, UPD8!!!! 8D

Author's Response: I will have to edit the "treats" part to make it more clear. Yes, it appears he has come to his senses. Let's throw a party for the good of a Slytherin.

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Review #16, by hpdude_4life A Party, A Snake, and A Betrayal

20th August 2006:
well, i think we all know wots gonna happen nxt!
off 2 chapter 7!!
btw, i luved the presents 2 eachother. real cute. 8)

Author's Response: Hmm...what will happen next. Well, eventually what everyone expects to happen will happen, but after that happens something bad will happen and all the afore mentioned happenings will negate themselves cuasing a happening catastrophe.

I liked the presents as well.

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Review #17, by Magic_Marker Riddle May Murder or Be Murdered

18th August 2006:
Good ending, although it could have used more of a setup. Also, that bit about "physical treats" was a little unclear. Didn't Hermione say no? Even if they're not having sex, would Hermione be the type of person to test both herself and Draco by making out every night?

Author's Response: I have a lot of editing to do. I know I have gone a little OOC on Hermione, but I will do my best to clean it up in the rewrite.

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Review #18, by hpdude_4life Mesmerize

16th August 2006:
yep, they finally like eachother.
whoooo!!!!!!!! 8D
and ohhh, wots gonna happen during the holidays?
im there! 8P

Author's Response: Nothing particularly interesting in my own opinion. You know, the normal everyday occurances: torture threats and gifts.

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Review #19, by hpdude_4life Keep My Secret

16th August 2006:
ooooh, draco and hermione FINALLY hav an understnading of some sort.
and draco best take that offer. dumbledore trusts too many ppl 4 his own good... 8'(
when we gonna c draco and hermione together? 8P
upd8!!!!!! 8D

Author's Response: This was my favorite chapter. I loved making Hermione show her compassionate side.

Together? Ooo, you are prying too far into the future.

I'm trying to update soon, but school gets in the way.

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Review #20, by hpdude_4life School and Other Things

15th August 2006:
a horcrux is destroyed! destroyed!! DESTROYED!!! :D rite?
its just that, im so happy cos thats who i think r.a.b. is aswell. and it HAD 2 be that locket cos after readin hbp (which i didnt know was included in this story!), i checked ootp 4 the cleaning bit. its DEFINITELY in 12 grimauld place, and lets hope the tri DOES figure it out as quickly as we did! :)
now bac2story. well poor hermione. she does need sleep. and hot chocolate. and a good book. :P
and drao? PLAYBOY!!! :@
upd8!!!! 8D

Author's Response: I'm trying with limited mediocrity to write according to cannon. I had to get rid of one Horcrux in the beginning.

Yes, Draco is my wonderfully carnivorous bad boy. What gave it away?

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Review #21, by hpdude_4life Untouchable

14th August 2006:
well, draco knows how to get wot he wants.
and hermione, get a grip on urself! not that many can with draco malfoy and all...
whooo!!!!! 8D

Author's Response: Nope. Not many can hang with a Malfoy, but don't judge her just yet.

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Review #22, by hpdude_4life Preoccupation and Embarrassment

14th August 2006:
well, draco is an absolute PERV in this fic. nasty boy, wots he doing??
and poor hermione. i hav a feeling her skl year's gonna be confusing...
lol, upd8!!! 8D

Author's Response: Yeah. Absolute perv. Wait until you see what I make him do in chapter 9. He's a true jerk.

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Review #23, by please read! Riddle May Murder or Be Murdered

10th August 2006:
i love your story..not much else to say honestly except i really hope another chapter somes out soon =) you're a good writer! keep it up! (im loving the fire between hermione and draco!!)

Author's Response: Thank you. I'll try to update soon.

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Review #24, by Sarah-11 Riddle May Murder or Be Murdered

5th August 2006:
Hello just finished reading all the chapters in your story i think its really good i cant wait to read what happens next will hermione and draco hook up what will harry and ron say well i dont know , i cant wait to find out what the next chapters is about!!!

Author's Response: Thanx for reading my chapters. I hope you like the rest.

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Review #25, by Lucawindmover Riddle May Murder or Be Murdered

30th July 2006:
Ah ha! I was wondering when he would get around to accepting! Can't wait to the next chapter! Great job, keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you. I felt like I made draco act a bit OOC, but thanks for the review.

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