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Review #1, by Dragonbarf Don't you need my address?

22nd April 2012:
I really like this story.Too bad it has not been updated in two years.

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Review #2, by Amy Don't you need my address?

27th September 2010:
Love the story so ar, the characters are awsome :D can't wait to read more

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Review #3, by kookoobaby456 Don't you need my address?

22nd June 2010:
please have the next chapter up soon

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Review #4, by Candy Don't you need my address?

5th April 2010:
So far, love this! I wish there were more Harry/Muggle Girl stories out there, much less ones that are as good as this one! I hope you continue!

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Review #5, by foxylilraven Don't you need my address?

22nd March 2010:
I absolutely love the story, I cant wait for more. When is Carly gonna realize that she wasn't hallucinating? Are Death Eaters going to ruin their date? And what about her school books?

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Review #6, by hpgurl22 Don't you need my address?

31st December 2009:
this story is awesome! keep up the great work! love the banner too

Author's Response: thannks :) new chapter coming soon!

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Review #7, by Serious_Black Don't you need my address?

30th December 2009:

I recently discovered your story and absolutely adore it! I can't wait for the next update!


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Review #8, by la belle lune He Was Gone

27th November 2009:
oh!!! I luv the story! plz update asap!!!

Author's Response: i'm really glad you like it :) please keep reading!

xoxo ellie

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Review #9, by Casey424 He Was Gone

31st July 2009:
I haven't read fan fiction in AGES, but I went back to my old account and remembered your story. I had started reading it a long time ago and never finished. I'd love to know how this ends.

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Review #10, by Hunky Dory Remus Lupin?

9th March 2008:
This is really good, please update soon.

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Review #11, by octopudding Remus Lupin?

23rd September 2007:
oh my goodness.
ahh! cliffy! -dies-
haha. i freak out every single time a new chapter comes out. and i don't get on here too often.
i lovee this story - definitely a 10/10 for all the chapters!

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Review #12, by harpinhpfan Remus Lupin?

11th September 2007:
How does she know him?

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Review #13, by roselilah Remus Lupin?

6th August 2007:
That was an ammmazing chapter!! i cant wait to find out how she knew Remus!!! Update soon!! keep up the good work!!

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Review #14, by hArRyFaN234 Remus Lupin?

28th July 2007:
Oh My Goodness im on the edge of my seat. You seriously are gifted!!

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Review #15, by Rina 007 Remus Lupin?

26th July 2007:
woah! i wasnt expecting that!

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Review #16, by cassey lou Remus Lupin?

19th July 2007:
hilarious chappy:
how does she know Lupin??

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Review #17, by bitteRose Remus Lupin?

19th July 2007:
heaps wicked.
update soon!!

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Review #18, by rosiemaripotter Remus Lupin?

18th July 2007:
great job. im glad you updated. so how does Carly know about Remus Lupin? Is she related to him? great job. update soon

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Review #19, by hArRyFaN234 He Appeared Out of Thin Air

28th June 2007:
I need next chapter! NOW! your story is ahmazing!

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Review #20, by laughhard91 He Appeared Out of Thin Air

26th June 2007:
HAHAHAHA!!! Harry's in trouble! I started laughing so hard at that last bit. I love it! I hope that you update quickly! I'm adding it to my favorites, cause then I can keep track of it.

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Review #21, by Epona He Appeared Out of Thin Air

20th June 2007:
I really(!) like this story! It was fun and I can't wait for the next chapter!!=)

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Review #22, by harpinhpfan He Appeared Out of Thin Air

14th June 2007:
ooh i am soo excited Update Please! 10!

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Review #23, by gryffindor410 He Appeared Out of Thin Air

20th November 2006:
i love this fanfic and i hope you continue to write it and don't give up on it! i'm sorry that no one is reviewing! They should, it's a good story! update soon please!

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Review #24, by frannybaby Mr. I donít know your last name

8th November 2006:
cute. i'm going to continue reading now...

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Review #25, by frannybaby The Lightning Bolt

8th November 2006:
Ooooh... good chapter! I love this story lisa. I'll write a better review soon, I have to keep reading.

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