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Review #1, by JONIBONI The Letter

2nd September 2007:
Wow! That was really good! "Wizarding School Exchange" sounds excitening! I really like it! Please check out my story "Between Dreams And Reality" and write what you think! I'm gonna fav this!

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Review #2, by nads This is my Revenge

26th March 2007:
aw Harry never pictured you as the revenge type but yah oh well

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Review #3, by nads The Letter

24th March 2007:
Should be fun to be on exchange i wonder where they're going

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Review #4, by mizz 2 hyper Plague Me Like A Rat

24th February 2007:
ahhh no next chaps please please so god.! =] love it =D

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Review #5, by dracoisbuff Plague Me Like A Rat

23rd January 2007:
WOW i luv this chap they r finally getting sumwhere...i cnt wait 4 the next chap. i'd luv 2 c more of draco and hermione 2gether tho!! :P

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Review #6, by young_lana_witch Plague Me Like A Rat

20th January 2007:
WEll now that they know were they are goin it will get interestin to see how they or well Hermione will act. I like how this is goin and please update soon..l.

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Review #7, by Lumiere Plague Me Like A Rat

17th January 2007:
Awesome! I can't wait until you write more - I hope you write more, I haven't actually checked the last date of publishing but I'm adding your story to my favourites, it's great :)

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Review #8, by Nikkipotter Plague Me Like A Rat

14th January 2007:
i really like it.please update soon. you had a few spelling errors.

Author's Response: thanx yeh soory i love writing but i realy can't spell. i try hard lol

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Review #9, by Nikkipotter A Giant Welcome

15th December 2006:
great story. i am hooked on it now. sooo. please update soon. awesome.

Author's Response: thanx i'm back from holiday now so i will get down to it. unfortunatly my pc malfuntioned and i lost everything so i have to start chapter 4 again

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Review #10, by frozzen8roze This is my Revenge

3rd December 2006:
Ouch, Harry is kinda vicious, ain't he? And Hermione is a little emotional but love the tattoos! Keep going!

Author's Response: That is the end of Harry's vicious promise. i didn't realy notice Hermione being to emotional. i'll look into it.

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Review #11, by frozzen8roze The Letter

3rd December 2006:
Hey, sweetness! An I sensing some Hogwarts/Durmstrang/Beaux Batons? Or is it a new school your adding? anyway, sweet writing, keep it up!

Author's Response: arh well its going to be new schools. The schools are soon to come.

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Review #12, by HurtfulEyes A Giant Welcome

2nd December 2006:
I really like this story so far!! but it says completed on the main thingy, i hope thats just an accident because i really like this story!

Author's Response: yeh sorry it was a accident its changed now. glad u like it

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Review #13, by dracoisbuff A Giant Welcome

2nd December 2006:
wow its very gd (even tho u didnt use any of what i suggested but neva mind) :)

Author's Response: good u liked it. i did use a couple of your suggestions just not the main one.

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Review #14, by dracoisbuff The Letter

21st November 2006:
thanx 4 adding me as a fave. i added u 2 :P

Author's Response: its ok

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Review #15, by dracoisbuff This is my Revenge

2nd June 2006:
how could u make harry evil.draco is actually a rly nice guy. harry however hmmm! i think u should introduce a new student me and i could like fight for draco's heart with hermione but cos u paired them together she would win and i could win blaise or harry. and ron could get jealous cos he got left out oh and i could also be an extremely beautiful veela. ur story would be soo great paul. and bring ginny into it!

Author's Response: sorry you didnt like that bit but i think if Harry had the chance he would do that as revenge. I know you think Harry wouldnt want revenge but he does against Voldimort for his parents and he wants revenge on Belatrix Lastrange for sirius's death. The next chapter will come soon just finishing the final details. (sorry about the smelling)

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Review #16, by Emmy The Letter

16th May 2006:
Fab story Paul.. Fabulous fabulous fabulous x x

Author's Response: thanx emmy

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Review #17, by darcoisbuff The Letter

16th May 2006:
i luv it paul write more its really good where did u get the spells from i could use some. lol.

Author's Response: thaks ashley i'm writing the next chapter now so it should be up soon. The spells are from a secret sorce!!! lol i'll tell you all later when i find out how i did it lol

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