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Review #1, by Skyler Amoria Parijii

21st July 2006:
EEEEEEEEE SEQUEL! Sequel that hasn't been updated in a loooong time, but still. EEEEEEEEE SEQUEL! The Naobe-hate is never-ending! And, now I have Amoria (maybe), too? Woot.

Erm... anyways... When I read this I think I died a little.

'Sofia tried to drown my owl this morning or so someone tells me'

Who tries to drown an owl? srsly. I can just imagine it. omg. rolf.

Like I said before, you haven't updated in a long, long time. Did you *gasp* desert HPFF? Not that I can complain or anything, I basically did the same thing but... still. Hmm. That prolly means you'll never be reading this. Whatever. That won't stop me. I am going now, though. Tis late here, in America.

By the way, in my last review when I said I was gonna e-mail you... I meant tomorrow. 'Cause, like I said, tis late here, in America. Skyler needs her sleep.


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Review #2, by Casey Amoria Parijii

17th June 2006:
alri laurs!! gr8 chappie!! ive read the first one dont worry. ye it was cool! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Review #3, by padfoot and prongs foreva Amoria Parijii

4th June 2006:
hey hon!!!
its been quite a while since we talked...u dont email anymore!! well nice chappi ei dont quite no when u posted it!!!
wait so she goes to their school!?!? how does siri not know her...oh wait dumb question...i dont no everyone in my school!!
update soon (or email soon)
me missey u

lyl lyl

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