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Review #1, by thisSHPWRECK How To De-Wing A Lacewing Fly

3rd March 2008:
it says you updated, but you didn't...

are you back dandy?! oh, how i've missed your stories!

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Review #2, by Monoxide_dreams How To De-Wing A Lacewing Fly

18th January 2007:
oooh i love htis, please update soon.
haha this is brilliant!

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Review #3, by THISshpwreck How To De-Wing A Lacewing Fly

5th January 2007:
Well done!

I'm excited to see what will happen.
Hopefully, new chapters will be arriving.

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Review #4, by CasperMarie How To De-Wing A Lacewing Fly

1st January 2007:
Absolutely love the story! Mariya is very intriguing, nice job! I can't wait for the next update!

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Review #5, by Dracana How To De-Wing A Lacewing Fly

9th November 2006:
have you re-edited this chapter or something? it seems to say its been updated, but it hasn't . . . anyway, very good.

Author's Response: yeah, it was originally validated about a week before this, but there were some things I had to change last-minute. thanks for reading!

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Review #6, by Dracana Instant Darkness

25th October 2006:
Wow, well I loved it, and I really don't comperhend the lack of reviews for this chapter, so yet again, of course, I shall leave one.

Firstly, I loved the opening of this chater. I always get so excited when I see another chapter has been added to this fic, as it is one of the few brilliant ones that I am really enjoying on this site. It's amusing, realistic and well written, with a perfection on characterisation and an ability to weave descriptions with preciseness. Hell, I even love the other character, which is very rare for me. You've invented someone with class, style, beauty and a fantastic portrayal of the world. I really admire you for writing such a great fic.

My one complaint is - please hurry up writing your chapters, and validate them sooner. It's a shame to have to wait so long, and you always leave your readers on great cliffies, and I want more and more and more.

I liked how Draco finally lost his temper with Pansy, and the conflicting interaction with Harry and Draco. I also love how you fit this fic around the sixth book with a great skill, and I wonder how you will end this.Really can't wait for Draco and Mariya to get together, if they do. They would be a fantastic couple.

Well done, and please hurry up with the next chapter!!

Author's Response: wow, thank you so much! i'm glad you like it. i'll work on getting the chapters out sooner. thanks for reading!

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Review #7, by thisSHPWRECK That's Twice I've Caught You Crying

8th October 2006:
Another wonderful chapter.
I especially love the conversation between draco and myrtle. I can definitely see that happening in book six.

Author's Response: whew! I'm so glad you found it realistic. thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by danse_macabre That's Twice I've Caught You Crying

2nd October 2006:
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I BEG YOU ON MY KNEES TO CONTINUE WRITING IT!And yes, I do know how stupid that sentence was, BUT I DON'T CARE!!!!!!Please have the next chapter up soon!!!

~xoxoxoxoxoxoxox, Mariya K.

P.S:I'm rating 10, obviously!!!

Author's Response: thank you so much for liking my story, and you can bet that i will keep writing it if you keep reading it!

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Review #9, by danse_macabre A Sixth Year Legilimens?

2nd October 2006:
Hei! I love this story so far!And most of all, I like the girl!My name is actually Mariya and I'm Russian.So I'm glad the main character is what she is.Carry on!

Author's Response: wow, cool!! this is an awesome coincidence! keep on comin' back!

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Review #10, by danse_macabre A Sixth Year Legilimens?

2nd October 2006:
Hei! I love this story so far!And most of all, I like the girl!My name is actually Mariya and I'm Russian.So I'm glad the main character is what she is.Carry on!

Author's Response: that's awesome!! i hope you'll keep reading!

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Review #11, by MonoxideLullaby That's Twice I've Caught You Crying

1st October 2006:
Ahhh I LOVE THIS STORY :D It is SOOO amazing. And I love how you keep Draco in character while showing that he really IS starting to panic. Brilliant chapter my dear and I am EAGERLYYY awaiting the next one.
Oh and this one gets a 10 :D


Author's Response: awww, i'm blushing. thank you so much!

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Review #12, by Dracana That's Twice I've Caught You Crying

26th September 2006:
Yey! At bloody last!! It was a really great follow up chapter, short but sweet. Please, update SOON this time.

Author's Response: lol, i will, and thank you for liking my story so much that you can't wait for another chapter!

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Review #13, by Nephele de Tourmalin What Are You Doing Here?

26th September 2006:
Before I get started on this chapter's review, I forgot to mention this in my last: I didn't really like the in-line author's note you had, even though I thought it would have been funny to write fear and loathing. It's just really disruptive! Up until then, I was getting lost in the story, and it brought the illusino to a grinding halt. Maybe you could move it to the end? Or maybe you could just go ahead and change it to "fear and loathing," because you know we love it >:D

That's my only complaint, though- this chapter is fantastic! The way Draco handles Rosmerta was great to see, as we only had that spelled out for us after the fact tin the books. Actually, I could say the same for the entire story- I just love how you write Draco- it's like the dark mirror to HBP that I can't stop reading! And as I've said before, I don't usually read Draco fics, but yours is just so good. The desperate backup plan with the necklace is well written, and I really love the scene with Dolohov. The sexual tension is building up quite nicely, and I love the way with which Draco finds himself smiling (actually smiling!) one moment and then being an absolute prat the next when he says, "whatever the hell I want, Dolohov." Brilliant work!

Author's Response: you make me blush, and you make me smile. =) (see?) I'm seriously thinking about changing the in-line Author's Note, though. I think I wrote in the note itself that I hate when authors do that, lol. don't know what I was thinking. but anyway...constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome!!! thanks!

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Review #14, by Nephele de Tourmalin The Art Of Extortion

26th September 2006:
Hey! Long time no review- sorry for that. I remember this the Blaise topic from the forums, and I must say that I think you resolved it very believably. I loved the detail about the Zabini heirloom ring, and I thought the idea of Draco telling Blaise not to flaunt his wealth was pretty funny. Everything about Draco's narration is perfect- the way he insults everyone around him easily and his distrust, his vulgarity, and his desperation are all very good characterisations. All in all, this is another great chapter, and I plan to keep reading to the end, even if my reviews come in gaps as long as my chapter updates. :P ~Nephele

Author's Response: have I told you lately...that I love your reviews? hehe, I don't care how long it takes, I'm thankful that yu keep them coming and that you enjoy the story!

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Review #15, by Clara What Are You Doing Here?

14th September 2006:
omg please im trying really hard to be patient here but its nearly been a month and a half! i need an update soon!! please?

Author's Response: i'm so sorry, lol...i'll try and remedy that right away.

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Review #16, by thisSHPWRECK What Are You Doing Here?

1st September 2006:
you fail to disappoint me.

Author's Response: thank you! =)

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Review #17, by Dracana What Are You Doing Here?

5th August 2006:
lol. how rad. you fail to disappoint. i can't believe i didn't realise this chapter was posted up! I have you on favourites and i didn't even notice!!
Well, any way, absolutely fantastic, again! Mariya is such as great character, and this unfolding relationship is so sweet and exciting. update soon, please. xx

Author's Response: oh, I'm so glad you liked it! chapter seven will hopefully be coming soon.

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Review #18, by Ignatz What Are You Doing Here?

4th August 2006:
You know, this kind of reminds me of Donald Westlake's Dortmunder novels. You know John Dortmunder is a scumbag, you know what he's doing is wrong, but you can't help but cheer him on. Your characterizations are excellent, your writing flows very well, and you've got just enough humor to leaven the angst and tension. I wasn't sure how Mariya broke his nose, though; did she give him a face full of dandruff? Just wondering.

Author's Response: yeah, sorry about that. what happened was a headbutt so hard that it broke Malfoy's nose, but perhaps I should try and make it a little clearer.

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Review #19, by dontjudgeme What Are You Doing Here?

26th July 2006:
hahaha!! the last 3 senteces are so hilariously cute!! love this story

Author's Response: lol, I'm glad you like it! chapter 7 will be comin' atcha soon, so don't stop reading!

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Review #20, by belle ame What Are You Doing Here?

25th July 2006:
Oh wow, this chapter was super good! I laughed when Draco was running away from Pansy! She's so obsessivly clingy, it's quite sad. And Draco and Mariya have tea, which is nice. And I was also rather surprised that Draco is beginning to notice Mariya in a 'certain way!'

I also loved how Mariya shows compassion for others, even if it is in a small way. I just hope that Draco will come to his senses soon and realise that he cannot possibly complete this arduous task all my himself and finally accept Mariya's help. It is obvious that Mariya only wants to help him so she can show her loyalty to Voldemort, but any help is worth something, right?

Another thing I loved was when Draco begins to feel strange around Mariya. I can tell he is beginning to feel things for her. How exciting! I guess Parkinson will just have to jump in a lake or something. Good riddance! lol I was always cross with her anyways.

Overall, great chapter! Sorry for such a long and overly random review, just voicing my thoughts haha! Keep up the great work, and update soon! 10/10


Author's Response: i'm so glad you liked it! hopefully, chapter seven will be up soon! keep reading!

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Review #21, by Kimberly What Are You Doing Here?

25th July 2006:
good chapter

Author's Response: thank you! i'm so glad you liked it. =)

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Review #22, by buriedalivebylove The Insufferably Rude Girl

25th July 2006:
What a fresh plot. I love Draco/OC stories. I'm writing one myself that I'm waiting for the first chapter to get validated. I'm definately favoriting this story. I like the way you write, and the way you write Draco. I also like your OC. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this story.

Author's Response: thank you so much for your review, and for adding me to your favorites! i'm so honored! i hope you'll keep reading!

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Review #23, by Aiden The Art Of Extortion

3rd July 2006:
'Brain, Mariya thought sternly, if you don’t shut up right now, I swear I’ll shove a quill so far up my nose that it stabs you.' That was too funny! I really enjoyed reading that part! Please update soon, too! I can't wait to see what happens the next! ^.^

Author's Response: lol, chapter six is awaiting validation. I'm SO glad you thought that part was funny, and I'm totally stoked you like my story! Keep comin' back!

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Review #24, by belle ame The Art Of Extortion

29th June 2006:
OH I love blackmail hehehe! Very nice chapter, I love how both Mariya and Draco talk to themselves it's very amusing! Also, you really do a nice job with Blaise and McGonagall in this chapter, they're both very in-character if that makes sense. So anyways, great story so far, I love it! Keep up the great work!


Author's Response: ooh, I'm so glad you like it! I hope chapter six gets validated soon, and I hope you come back!

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Review #25, by Chloe Kay The Art Of Extortion

26th June 2006:
Ok...I'm still cracking up from Maryia's conversation with herself. That was freaking hilarious! Otherwise, another fabulous chapter. I know this is a terrible review, but I'm completely wiped from work today. Great job, though!

Author's Response: okay, first of all, this is NOT a terrible review! all reviews are good reviews, so thank you! and I"m glad you liked it. =)

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