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Review #1, by SironSage Abduction

8th June 2007:
Good one, how do you come up with these Ideas? Let me no.

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Review #2, by Fire Maiden Abduction

28th March 2007:
HAHAHA! this made me LAUGH! and it was sweet at the same time! its going on my list of favorites...*skips happily in place at the prospect of finding a wonderful fic this afternoon*

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Review #3, by She Creeps Abduction

16th January 2007:
Hahaha, I really liked this. It's a refreshing change from pretty much every other romance fic i've read. Short, but in the few words you use you manage to place Draco and Ginny into perfect character. Nice one.

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Review #4, by Harrylover Abduction

25th December 2006:
I loved this story! It was excellent! Please write more stories!

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Review #5, by They seek him here! Abduction

12th August 2006:
I loved it! Cute little piece of Draco and Ginny fluffiness. I absolutely loved the last line and couldn't help laughing. One thing I enjoy in my reading is detail. For instance when they're in the broom you might have given more descriptions about the atmosphere. (I'm not sure of the rating system since I only found this website today but I'm assuming one is the lowest and ten the highest?) Thanks again for writing a cute interlude between two of my favorite characters.

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Review #6, by roadrunnerchic Abduction

25th May 2006:
interesting. i like it

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Review #7, by Zubz2004 Abduction

14th May 2006:
Lol! What a cool ending, eh? You had to kill it, didn't you? Hehe. Well, it's a very nice and sweet story though, unfortunately, rather on the short side. You wrote it quite well and your writing style is quite strange, in a good way, possibly even unique. It really suited the overall tone of the fanfiction in terms of formality etc. Very good job!

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Review #8, by pens82 Abduction

14th May 2006:
very cute story

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