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Review #1, by angel riddle Cry

28th July 2007:
that was sad, i almost cryed. :'( well any way good story.

Author's Response: wow thank you so very much angel, it means a lot to me, especially since very few choose to actually read or review the story.

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Review #2, by crizantemme223 Cry

13th May 2007:
okie-dokie then.
that was nice lol

Author's Response: lol thank you i'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #3, by Life after death Cry

11th November 2006:
It's so sad, I'm almost crying. But still very good, keep writing.

Author's Response: yea well...sry about that here have a hug lol >:D< uhm thx so much 4 reading and reviewing and im glad u still liked it...! ~karla~

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Review #4, by dumbledore_is_sexy Cry

1st August 2006:
That was so beautiful!!!!!!!!! i'm crying my eyes out!!! i love Draco and Ginny fics...oh my god that was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~`“It doesn’t hurt anymore,” I whispered, cupping his face in my hands.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
That was my favourite line in the story!!!
A well deserved 10!! :)

Author's Response: wow well i love alll ginny fics:))) i c wut u mean lolz...well i hav this really big smile on my face now due 2 all this flatter and compliments...with that line, and the ones she says after it.,..i was trying 2 make the point of the story..she had lost everyhting...she didnt feel anymore...but if she had him, that was all that mattered...thx so much!!! cheers! ~Karla~

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Review #5, by Darkest_Days Cry

24th July 2006:
That was so sad, I felt tears prick. I don't really know what else to say. It was beautiful.

Author's Response: well darkest-days that made me smile...sry about the fact that u nearly cried~ !lol but really...serious? tears? wow i feel flatterd! *bats eyelashes* thx 4 this warming review!!!

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Review #6, by dracostiger2011 Cry

16th July 2006:
...*tear*...I...I...I...I'm speechless...

Author's Response: lol not speechless...therefor i want 2 think u 4 this warming review:*:*:* cheers!! ~karla~

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Review #7, by SadForSirius Cry

9th July 2006:
Oh, wow! That was so good!!!! And so sad.
It's pretty cool that you came up with this after a dream.
Great job!!

Author's Response: yea i uh dreamt thx 4 the review and im glad u thought it was good! cheers:))) ~Karla~

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Review #8, by Puceylover101 Cry

5th July 2006:
Hey nice one! Loved it, so sad! :(

Author's Response: haha lol hope u didnt cry *smirks* as lots of ppl seem 2 need kleenexes when reading some angst fics :))) thx so much 4 review!! ~karla~

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Review #9, by daisyCHIC963 Cry

29th June 2006:
waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! 9/10 for making me bawl like a baby. 10/10 for not killing off Draco--yay!

Author's Response: did u bawl like a baby? really? lol sry bout that mate...and yea i didnt wanna kill him off...hes way 2 hot;)) thx 4 review!! ~Karla~~

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Review #10, by bitterbutsweet Cry

1st June 2006:
I really liked this. I got goosebumps! I'll be looking out for more of your work.

Author's Response: lol thx im glad u enjoyed it and soo glad ur gonna check out my stuff!! thx 4 the warming review! ~Karla~

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Review #11, by Pipperstorms Cry

1st June 2006:
That was absolutly fantastic. And yes I cried. Thanks

Author's Response: lol grab a tissue and wipe those tears away:) im so glad u liked it, and thx soo much 4 the warming review! cheers:)) ~Karla~

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Review #12, by roadrunnerchic Cry

25th May 2006:
I loved it. It was truly wonderful.

Author's Response: thank u so much i truly love it when my work is appreciated, and especially in such beautiful reviews! thx 4 reviewing and have a nice day, roadrunnerchic! ~Karla~

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Review #13, by Aubrey Cry

22nd May 2006:
That was a really good story! Sad, but good. You should write more!

Author's Response: thx so much 4 the warming review and im glad u liked the story (even though it was sad*grins*)...write more? r u insane??? lol joking thx;)))cheers

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Review #14, by octopudding Cry

22nd May 2006:
it's going to my favorites!!

Author's Response: wow thx im flattered!!! and speechlesss.....:))))

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Review #15, by octopudding Cry

22nd May 2006:
Awwww. that story made me cry. but it was awesome. draco/ginny rocks!

Author's Response: aw sorry about the crying part lol i do that a lot 2! thx for ur review:) and ginny/draco does rock! its my fave pairing!!

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Review #16, by k2_vet Cry

20th May 2006:
this is really gd! i really like it!

Author's Response: thx for the warming review!! im glad u liked it! cheers:)))

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Review #17, by XxXCrookshanksXxXP3 Cry

15th May 2006:
OMG That was so sad... so sweet too... It made me cry!! It really is so sad...

Author's Response: i know it was really sad lol....and u thought it was sweet?? wow thx thats another impression i hoped to make cuz its kinda fluffy in a sad kind of way before the real tragedy sry and happy at the same time that i made u cry lol:)...dont laugh, but when i first read it aloud to myself after finishing, i felt like cryng myself! lol thx so much 4 the review

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Review #18, by holly bergman Cry

15th May 2006:
That wasn't nice. It was *********** brilliant!

Author's Response: lol im really glad u liked it that much to consider it brilliant! well, brilliant review, thx!! :))

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Review #19, by choco_baby101 Cry

15th May 2006:
that was really good. i cried. it was sad.
keep up the good work.

Author's Response: aw im sorry i made u cry lol but im actually glad i can have that effect on ppl...i know i cry easily when it comes to drama lol thx 4 ur review, 4 the fact that u liked it(grins) and 4 the advice:)

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Review #20, by jolly Cry

15th May 2006:
i don't want ginny die! *tears failing down*

Author's Response: wellll thats the way the story goes...i feel bad that i made u cry lol:) thx 4 thr to make it up 2 u..tell u wut...if u give me any good suggestions 4 a story, any kind of story, i promise i'll do it for u and dedicate it:)) cheers

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Review #21, by pens82 Cry

15th May 2006:
very sad but very good also

Author's Response: i was kinda sad...i wanted to make it sad cuz ppl shud cry every once in a lol jking....but sometimes u need a bit of angst, even just in a story u read, so that u realize the beauty of life around u:)) thx 4 review

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Review #22, by your fan Cry

15th May 2006:
that was not was awesome!

Author's Response: wow thx im literally blushing:) after reading this

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Review #23, by danlover392 Cry

15th May 2006:
loved it!!

Author's Response: omg thx ur my first review so far im glad u liked, no LOVED it! :))

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