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Review #1, by Erudessa94 The End

16th June 2009:
That was really good. Bittersweet. I liked it

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Review #2, by cutiesamc66 The End

28th October 2006:
Wow, I have like *HUGO* tears in my eyes. Gonna cry in 5, 4, 3, 2...1!!!!! yep, crying mumbled cries. Very beautiful. Very heart wrenching... sigh* You've got talent girl, there's no denying it!

Author's Response: don't cry, please,my writting is not worth it. but i do appreciate your lovely compliments!! thanks soooo much!

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Review #3, by pens82 The End

5th September 2006:

Author's Response: gratzi! thanks for reading and reviewin!

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Review #4, by Rachkin the Munchkin The End

19th August 2006:
This is so good!
It brings tears to my eyes and Hermiones poem was beautiful, it goes so well with Hermiones character.
But Harry and Ginny spiting up is a sign of terrible grief for all four of them ... Hermiones death must be tragic!

Author's Response: haha, thanks so much!!! (((hands Rachkin the Munchkin a tissue))) i really liked the peom with Hermione's personallity as well. sorry about Harry and Ginny spliting-it just fit well with the story! thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by lisa The End

4th August 2006:
this story is so sad! lol but it's awesome i love it!

Author's Response: awesome! yeah, i was in a sad mood when i wrote it, so...thanks for reading and reivewing!

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Review #6, by The Critic The End

2nd August 2006:
That was beautiful.(sniff sniff). Keep writing!

Author's Response: aw, thanks!!!! i do have other stories if you want to read those, but this is a one-shot deal, sorry!!!

thanks for reading and reviewing!!!

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Review #7, by mrs_heather_grint The End

1st August 2006:
:[. I love that poem, makes me cry. Aw. I cannot imagine Ron if Hermione died. I don't think he'd be able to live. :[. Gorgeous story :].

Author's Response: I know, can you imagine one without the other? No bickers better with one than the other. And i Love that poem as well--one of the best. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by Emme The End

1st August 2006:
Sad...but great. I was crying all through it because I had just read another sad R/Hr FF and I was already tearing up....Great song too...

Author's Response: **(((hands Emme a tissue)))** sorry to make you cry!! I hope nothing like this happens in the books...thanks for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #9, by theweepingone The End

29th July 2006:
You're story is good, it made me cry. I have tears in my eyes now, but it was good.

Author's Response: I'm sorry, i didn't want you to cry!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it, though!!! Thank you so much for reading and reivewing!!!

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Review #10, by potterfreak_07 The End

16th June 2006:

Author's Response: aww!!! please don't cry!! thanks for reading and reviewing!!!

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Review #11, by Tini The End

3rd June 2006:
Oh god, that's so sad...

Author's Response: ain't it? thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by adri13 The End

22nd May 2006:
its me again i forgto rate you, you deserve a ten not a five!!!!!!!!!! sorry

Author's Response: thank you sooo much!!!! i know, i always forget to change those things before submitting a review.. thanks!!!

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Review #13, by adri13 The End

22nd May 2006:
very sad but well written though i disagree i think harry will die sorry but i loved reading your point of view it opened my eyes to another possibility !!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: awesome!!!!! i'm glad i opened your eyes, it's why i write. it means a lot to me!! thanks for reading and reviewing!!!

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Review #14, by sugarsweet The End

16th May 2006:
i love this story it is so sweet, but it's mary frye not mary wrye

Author's Response: typo-my bad...thanks for straightening me out. thanks also for reading and reviewing!!!

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Review #15, by RW+HG4EVER The End

12th May 2006:

Author's Response: i know, i hope it doesn't happen in the books too!!!! thanks for reading and reviewing!!!

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