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Review #1, by mudbloodgirl123 Chapter Three

23rd December 2005:
i love the plot the whole player against player thing, awesome!!!! as for the party thing how about a ball for the nearest holiday or the congrats party after winning a game or just a reason for sirus and james to sneak into the kitchens for food. hope that helps =)

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Review #2, by PHILLY Chapter Two

21st July 2005:
maybe u should have a quidittch match than have an after party cause gryffindor won and have sirius and james have some firewhisky an u an sirius could play shot fer shot just an idea though

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Review #3, by Cortenza Chapter Three

5th October 2004:
I abselutly adore it! It's a great story! Finally! A girl that is like Sirius...^^

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Review #4, by sweetypye0110 Chapter One

29th July 2004:
i love this story! it's so funny

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Review #5, by ThE_ReAl_LiLy88 Chapter One

4th October 2003:
u r an awesome writer. i like ur other story too,, birds of a feather......................... sit on blue pizzas on tuesdays... i miss sirius... stupid OoTP jk rowling is a poopy butt! sorry. go you! -dances the lily dance- hehe.. -Lily... the real one!

Author's Response: uh....right...which other story? lol o well, thanks

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Review #6, by saffron Chapter One

30th July 2003:
ooo sirius getting beaten by a girl hehehe i luv it!! By da way can you write who says what its a bit confusing.

Author's Response: Yes he I can. My apologies.

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Review #7, by ina otaku Chapter One

28th July 2003:
please update soon!!!!!

Author's Response: i'll see what i can do lol

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Review #8, by DracoisHott Chapter One

27th July 2003:
This is great! update soon!!!

Author's Response: aw

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Review #9, by ina otaku Chapter One

17th July 2003:
please update soon!!!!!!

Author's Response: uh...we'll see...

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Review #10, by saffron Chapter One

11th July 2003:
oo i like it!!!

Author's Response: uh...Thanks?

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Review #11, by Alicia Chapter One

9th July 2003:
heya, this is really good!! :) keep it coming.........i REALLY wanna know what happens next!

Author's Response: Good. I'm glad that you're anticipating stuff. In the mean time, go read my other stories lol.

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Review #12, by Anon Chapter One

5th July 2003:
Ohhh please, please continue!! The characters in the story are hilarious!!!Please go on!!!

Author's Response: YAY! I have achieved hilarity! It is my goal, you know... Wait till you see how it ends?? Want a hint? Think if the saying that magicians say... "Now you see it, now you don't?" Now you're going "What aren't we going to see!" And know what? I'm NOT TELLING!!

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Review #13, by ina otaku Chapter One

4th July 2003:
this is so cool please update soon i loved it its funny an dso awsome i loved it please update soon please please please...

Author's Response: Aw, thanks. I'm flattered. *blush*

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