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Review #1, by DemetersChild The Genesis

1st June 2010:
I wish you hadn't disappeared off the face of the earth 4 years ago with only one chapter up. ;_;

I want to keep reading! I'm trying to work on a Lucius/Lily story, so anything even remotely similar would help me so much.

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Review #2, by panicwithmagic14 The Genesis

2nd January 2008:
You've probably abandoned this by now, but please, please continue. It is very well written and seems like such an interesting, original idea.

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Review #3, by laughhard91 The Genesis

22nd June 2007:
AH! This is freaky. but good. Freakily good. (good = Lily freaky = Lucius) I want more though. Give me more. (pretty pretty please?)

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Review #4, by glacialangel The Genesis

16th June 2007:
I really like it so far. I hope you post the next installment soon!

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Review #5, by HermyGranger The Genesis

19th December 2006:
oh, VERY interesting ... update?

Author's Response: Oooh thanks so much for leaving a comment. I'll try to update when I can but for this story, I'm afraid I'm stuck in the middle of a rut. As soon as I find some inspiration, I'll deifnitley be updating :D Thanks again for reading & reviewing!

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Review #6, by almost_witch The Genesis

9th October 2006:
sounds interesting.. any more?

Author's Response: Hey there! Yup, will post as soon as I find more free time hehe

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Review #7, by Prongs_Padfoot The Genesis

26th June 2006:
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! i know what he cares about the most!!!!! also, are you the writer of Out of the Abyss? i thought that was another author! do you have two accounts or somthing? anyways, i love this chapter, and i will keep reading!

Author's Response: teehee a lil too obvious? Yup that's me! lol nope, it's scorpius//me, unless you have me confused with cache dea (my dark arts username)! Thank yoooou soooo much, I'm so glad that you liked it!

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Review #8, by PreTeenWriter- Too Lazy To Sign In The Genesis

15th June 2006:

Author's Response: *cheers* thanks for the review, hun! My story was feeling deprived ;) I'll update asap, thanks again!

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Review #9, by SiriusHasACowOnHisHead The Genesis

4th June 2006:
OOOO, what will happen next?? Write on!!!!

Author's Response: teehee thanks for reviewing and reading! I'll update asap! :D

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Review #10, by LadyPhoenix The Genesis

17th May 2006:
Hey, I really like your story. I hope you're gonna continue writing soon, I wanna know, what's going to happen with the plan of the Slytherins.
Really interesting!
Hope to read from you soon! :)

Author's Response: wow thanks so much for reviewing! I was sorta scared that the story wasn't going so well with the readers hehe! I'll try to update soon, thanks again for thewonderful review!

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