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Review #1, by Izzieluv Deaths

17th December 2007:
so... since I like to review my own stories... I'm gonna say... from this point I didn't really like where it was going, stupid stuff happens so I'm gonna re-write and it might take a while...

Author's Response: :) XD

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Review #2, by fanficgal Their First Date

30th August 2007:
are you going to do more its good but it looks abandoned and you left us on a cliffhanger

Author's Response: yup. In fact thank you, you reminded me to post it!

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Review #3, by Tigerlilly 'Til the End of Time

31st December 2006:
i liked it a lot. you are really talented. there are a couple of grammer mistakes though.

Author's Response: AWW thanks tigerlilly! I'll look for those mistakes! THANKS

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Review #4, by erised713 Their First Date

18th December 2006:
It's good and it was just getting even better when it ended! Now,you need to update so I can find out what happens!

Author's Response: I know, i've got a friend who's supposed be typing it up for me but he's slacking

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Review #5, by Izzieluv Their First Date

26th November 2006:
guy's im bordering crazy here! PLZ REVEIW!

Author's Response: THIS IS PATHETIC

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Review #6, by Izzieluv 'Til the End of Time

26th November 2006:

Author's Response: this is pathetic

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Review #7, by loo 'Til the End of Time

22nd October 2006:
That story is grate thankeyou for wright i told all my friend a bout you and hoe good you wright

Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH, I NEED MORE READERS DESPRETLY! I've writen up to 5, I just need to find the time to type them up, I mught give the notebook to someone and have them type it up for me.
once again thanks so so so much for the referal!

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Review #8, by ILoveLost1888 Their First Date

5th September 2006:
Hi. Wow. I like it a lot. No Hermione is not missing. I like Hermione. ~_~

Author's Response: thanks, we are going to see a very happy hermione soon

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Review #9, by smile2006 Their First Date

13th August 2006:
that was really good just watch your spelling and grammar, do you want a banner, if so go to my hpff homepage and click on my website for more details, oh and by the way update real soon!! =D

Author's Response: thanks, i'll try i can't write for a while cus i had to get 9 stiches on my finger and it's in a splint i can kind of type so it'll probly take a while

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Review #10, by gabzi27 Their First Date

12th July 2006:
what happened ? that means i need to read more so update

Author's Response: Right o i'm writing chappie 3, i'll hurry

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Review #11, by stephanie74 'Til the End of Time

12th July 2006:
You know, I liked this start chapter. The plot is good.
But ... there a bit too many spelling errors! There's a spelling check tool in your word processor! Use it! These are repeated more than once: "to loose" (to lose), "to brake" (to break), want (wand); then ... please re-check the HP lexicon for HP words: “ADAVA KAVADA!” (No, it's Avada Kedavra), "lagilamints" ( Legilimens), "Dursly’s" (Dursley's). Then, check this example for punctuation:
"Who?" asked Harry quietly "Dumbledore's dead, Sirius is dead" Hermione looked thoughtful then ....
("Who?" asked Harry quietly. "Dumbledore's dead, Sirius is dead." Hermione looked thoughtful then....)
AND, after "he said", "she answered", you put a comma, and to close the thought you use a full stop (or other mark). For example: "....then answered "I don't know" (....then answered, "I don't know.")
I know this sounds like hard criticism, but if you take care of your spelling and punctuation a bit more, your story will stand out better! Maybe it would be a good idea to find a beta; having another set of eyes on your story is always good. You can try on the forums, in the "Need Help" section.

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #12, by N/A Their First Date

12th July 2006:
i loved it

Author's Response: THANK YOU read more

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Review #13, by LovelyMioneWeasley 'Til the End of Time

21st June 2006:
Percy is a death eater? shocker. good start. i like it.

Author's Response: Thanx, I felt like it was nessicary

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Review #14, by nyyfan102 'Til the End of Time

21st June 2006:
Good Start, looking forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Thanx, just need to fininsh typing

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Review #15, by smile2006 'Til the End of Time

20th June 2006:
ooh this is going to be interesting... hope you update soon!!

RATING- 7/10

Author's Response: thanks, i'm typing chappie 2 right now and writing chappie 3!

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Review #16, by Quibler 'Til the End of Time

30th May 2006:
Great start here. Ginny and Harry better be careful, no funny business! I like the story. It is heart wrenching that Harry has no one in whom to confide. Who can he talk to? Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks, I think he's going to start talking to Lupin. There will be some pretty serioul stuff with his scar coming up.

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