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Review #1, by Lemon Juice Totally (Ir)Relevant

15th March 2006:
I fear for your saftey.

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Review #2, by jelly_belly_butter_fly Explanations

12th February 2006:
hey lol i luv this story!!! its beyond kewl but just something u might want 2 know bout. u kinda repeated urself twice lol u might want 2 fix that or not if its suuposed to be that way. well anyhoo just letting u know its an awesome story!! keep writing!!

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Review #3, by mudbloodgirl123 Totally (Ir)Relevant

9th October 2005:
okay I know you didn't have many reviewers but i just found this. And it's AWESOME!!!! and i want to know more sooo FINNISH IT ALREADY!!!!

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Review #4, by IJZ First Impressions

31st March 2005:
I don't like you're story because you made yourselves Mary Sue's. censoredES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #5, by hpff Totally (Ir)Relevant

23rd March 2005:
i hav red all os these chapters so far n they r the funniest things i hav eva read. i hav told my frenz 2 read them n i seriosly need u 2 write more 2 keep me occupied. u 2 r the best fanfic writers eva. funny!

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Review #6, by Proper_Little_Bugger Totally (Ir)Relevant

11th February 2005:
Ph my friggin god, this is the funniest fic I HAVE EVER READ! Write more I beg of you... I'll give you a goldfish?

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Review #7, by .:evanstar:. Totally (Ir)Relevant

26th June 2004:
love it! it is absolutly hilarious!!!!! you's have got this writing thing down pat!!!!!! keep writing i cant wait for more!!:-)

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Review #8, by Joda First Impressions

18th May 2004:
Cool! GO CANADA!!!! Shwicked, you put two hot Canadian girls in the story. All right! Moving along to the next chappie now...

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Review #9, by DreamonDraco Explanations

19th April 2004:
Er, that chapter was repeated, you may want to edit it....

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Review #10, by DreamonDraco First Impressions

19th April 2004:
OMG, i could no one comment on these? these are pretty good, you know what?! i'll give you a 10!

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Review #11, by ThE_ReAl_LiLy88 Totally (Ir)Relevant

20th November 2003:
OMG WHAT IS TAKIN SO DAMN LONG?! Sorry, but i love this story and ur taking so long, i wanna cry, not really, but thats ok. Please please please, update sooon!!! ~Lily

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Review #12, by ThE_ReAl_LiLy88 Totally (Ir)Relevant

4th October 2003:
u two r great. just like me and my friends! haha.. hmmmm i wonder of *snape* does have a big you-who... oh, ehem. good job. finally! some one as *sane* as i am!

Author's Response: hehe. thank you, and if you ever find out exactly how...er...large snape is, please let me know ;)

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Review #13, by Lunalovegood99 Lost and Found

20th September 2003:
we wuv your story.....cept we wil kill the girl censoredin draco cuz thats our job so censored off!! MUHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHa

Author's Response: uh...right...lol

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Review #14, by Rayne First Impressions

30th August 2003:
You guys rock! I haven\'t laughed so hard in... well ages. You are goddess\' and I grovel at your feet.

Author's Response: And you should! Grovel away! No, I'm joking. We're hardly goddesses, just insane. It comes naturally.

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Review #15, by Annabel Lee First Impressions

14th August 2003:
you want a review? i\'ll give you a review. this was censoreding horrible, to say the least. your OCs are not only mary sues, but they\'re just repugnant. i think the only way you could have written snape more out of character is to put him in a long green dress with a fox-fur scarf and have him teaching divination. hermione\'s OOC, harry\'s OOC, censored, this barely resembles HP at all. pathetic.

Author's Response: Hey, calm down. This story IS a humour. They aren't supposed to be the most IC characters in the world. I would understand a bad review, but I believe you may have some sort of anger management issue. And thank you for the Snape in the long green dress idea. I may use that.

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Review #16, by SilverMirror First Impressions

11th July 2003:
Cool, it\'s finished! Very funny! I liked it lot!!!

Author's Response: What? Finished? Who said anything about finished? Certainly not me! You must be mistaken! Far from over!

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Review #17, by evilcourtney First Impressions

5th July 2003:
Love your fic, both of you! Wish I could join you in your invasion, soooo funny.Oh, the insanity.....

Author's Response: Ah, the I word. Yes, we are insane. Born that way... *smirk*

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Review #18, by SilverMirror First Impressions

4th July 2003:
Haha, this is sort of lame, yet cool and funny! Nice descriptions of the girls, I can picture them really well. That was funny how they got expelled for burring down the gym, just like Buffy. Buffy is so awesome! I was wondering is this sort of a Buffy crossover? Please write more! Oh, could you maybe review something of mine? Thanks. :)

Author's Response: Yes, you are correct. Buffy is awesome.

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