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Review #1, by chikaborikuajoy Finally!!!

15th December 2008:
i know it has probably been abandoned for a VERY long time, but it seems like a cool story so please continue it.. please...

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Review #2, by casa_bella Finally!!!

24th October 2008:
Okay, first off, I know heaps of people have probably told you you have to finish this story, and I'm here telling you exactly the same thing, seriously.
If you need help writing it I'm here, I'm not a pro, but I figure skate, so I could give you some ideas if you want?
my email address is c a s a b e l l a t r i x @ h o t m a i l . c o m (the site wont let me put it up without space inbetween... hurumph), so send me a email if you want to, we can bounce some ideas off each other. =)
Awesome story, do you figureskate?

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Review #3, by ODE2JOY Finally!!!

11th February 2008:
Ok I have five words for you. FINISH THIS GOOD STORY PLEASE! Ok now that that is off my mind. I want to compliment this story. This is one of the best Dramiones i've read! It's almost as good as two to tango! And I LOVE that story! Please please continue this story!

Author's Response: WOW! Now that is a compliment. I have read that story and it is finamominale. (sp?) To hear someone say my story could be like that is beyond sweet. Thank you so much. I know i need to finish this story, but its hard. Maybe you could help me.

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Review #4, by hanoverpretz01 Finally!!!

24th December 2007:
so far so good
update soon!
happy holidays!

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch

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Review #5, by LaurenMk16 Surprises

15th July 2007:
CONTIINUE please i wanna find out what happens lol

Author's Response: I know you do, but I am having a huge writer's block. I'm so sorry.

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Review #6, by Oraya Finally!!!

28th June 2007:
i love it update soon please, i can't wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: thanks a bunch for the review

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Review #7, by mrs katiepotter Finally!!!

1st June 2007:
its so cool

Author's Response: Thank you very much

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Review #8, by Lily_James4ever Finally!!!

13th April 2007:
i think this is a really good story!! can't wait until you update!


Author's Response: I'll keep you posted

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Review #9, by darkangel13 Finally!!!

8th April 2007:
FINALLY! could i please email you? that would be awesome!

Author's Response: Yea, you could email me. I believe it is in my When Worlds Collide story, I think in ch. 13. I'm not sure. Otherwise I'll send you a review.

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Review #10, by HurtfulEyes Finally!!!

30th March 2007:
Great Chapter and Great Story, I can't wait for the next one =]
xoxox Hurtfuleyes

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch for reviewing, and I hope you won't get mad because I am having a bit of a blockage on this story. So mabye you could help.

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Review #11, by giny_girl_910 Flashback

16th February 2007:

Author's Response: I'm sorry it was sad, but I promise to update as soon as I can on it.

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Review #12, by young_lana_witch Finally!!!

25th January 2007:
Hey this seems to be gettin really good... so please update soon..thanks..

Author's Response: I promsie to update soon, but I seem to be having a bit of a brain fart

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Review #13, by autumnmist Surprises

14th January 2007:
Hey, guess what? Two of my best friends' birthday is November 15...One turned 16, the other 15. So cool. Yeps. Just wanted to let you know. *grin* Oh, and btw, love the story so far! Please continue.

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch for the review

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Review #14, by chessscout Finally!!!

8th January 2007:
wonderful, and at the top it says that it is chapter 5, instead of four.

Author's Response: I know, I'll fix that

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Review #15, by busybusybeta Back to Hogwarts

7th January 2007:
like i said, this sounds like a great story, great ideas, great characters, etc. you just have typos and stuff that doesnt exactly flow, and i would love to help you. please consider it. you can contact me at:


Author's Response: Thank you for your concern and I'll think about it

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Review #16, by hogwarts_girl_5 Finally!!!

4th January 2007:
this is gr8!! r u gonna write more or leave it at this? y is hermione hving dreams bout jacob being a deatheater? is he??

Author's Response: I was thinking of taking out those dreams, but then I decided against it. I can't give away anymore then necessary, so I'll leave it at that

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Review #17, by Queen of Irish Dance Finally!!!

1st January 2007:
Please update soon!!

Author's Response: I promise to update as soon as I can

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Review #18, by wizrdgrl Finally!!!

28th December 2006:
good good

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch

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Review #19, by wizrdgrl Surprises

28th December 2006:
so Jacob really isn't carlos?
and um is this a hermione and draco story story?
its really good but i dont know you seem to focusing alot of an oc
oh well i guess i have to wait.

Author's Response: I can't give away anything. I'm sorry, but you'll just have to wait

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Review #20, by busybusybeta Flashback

28th December 2006:
i liked the ending. the rest of the was interesting. no offense intended, but i'm a beta, which means that i edit stories, and your story was a bit confusing due to the fact that you like to switch from past tense to present. you also had a couple typos.
this sounds like a fantastic story, and i would be more than happy to help you.


Author's Response: I will check into that, thanks for looking into that for me.

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Review #21, by MaskedFire Finally!!!

21st December 2006:
Awsome Part! Thanks for updateing and keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review

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Review #22, by SiriuslylvnGrednFeorge17 Finally!!!

16th December 2006:
Tis is a great story. I love it. i give you a 10/10. PLZ update asap.

Author's Response: I promise for an update. And may I say, that is a wicked HPFF name.

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Review #23, by CutieBritty31 Finally!!!

16th December 2006:
Intereting very interesting.

Author's Response: Thanks...I guess. I promise for an update.

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Review #24, by draco malfoy lover719 Finally!!!

16th December 2006:
aww this is sooo good please update soon! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I promise to update as soon as I can.

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Review #25, by witch_wannabe Finally!!!

16th December 2006:
I love the story. When does more ice-skating come in?

Author's Response: The ice-skating scene will come in in a few more chapters.

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