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Reading Reviews for Games of Romance
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Review #1, by LunaNotLoony Games of Romance

11th April 2014:
I couldn't finish it. It was so cliche, and shallow.

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Review #2, by Lucy Games of Romance

29th December 2011:
i absolutely positively loved this one-shot please pleeaasse do a novel or sequel on this!
my account name is GineveraMollyPotter though i havent written anything yet i plan to soon!

Author's Response: Awww thanks so much! When you get around to writing something I'll have to check it out!

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Review #3, by geminirose23 Games of Romance

24th November 2011:
Well NICELY done :) this is going to my favorites STAT!!! U did a great job, I love this form where they're just realizing their feelings for each other amid the steamy tension, and u did this one really well. Love it!!! (only thing tho, and plenty of other people have done this before, i think you meant to say 'stared' or 'staring' but it doesn't have two r's. Still love the story!)

Author's Response: Thanks dear! You're review is much appreciated!

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Review #4, by confusedlover Games of Romance

20th August 2011:
Very lovely.

This was very cute and fluffy and, surprisingly, pretty realistic. Your characterizations stayed pretty well intact and the it was very amusing. Keep up the amazing writing! (:

Author's Response: Haha thanks! I always try to keep it as true to their characters as possible!

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Review #5, by mindifislytherintom Games of Romance

18th June 2011:
This was cute, and funny. :)

Author's Response: Thank you times a million, my dear!

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Review #6, by pelelope clearwater Games of Romance

19th February 2010:
fantastic ! its sooo sweet

Author's Response: Thanks! I always love feedback!

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Review #7, by stephanie Games of Romance

15th January 2010:

Amazing really, totally amazing. It deservs more then 10/10 but unfortunately it's all I can give. Truly amazing, please write more Dramione fanfictions, even if it's just one-shots. You are a truly amazing writer. It's one of the greetest fanfictions I ever have reed. Continue writing, you write beautifully.

Author's Response: Wow thank you. This is very unexpected praise. You are much too kind. =]

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Review #8, by AussieAnatomy627 Games of Romance

27th December 2009:
Awww that was so sweet! And the whole game idea is so like Ginny. Great job!

Author's Response: =] Thank you very much for the feedback!

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Review #9, by emo_in_yellow_angel_in_black Games of Romance

11th November 2008:
OMG THIS STORY WAS INCREDIBLE i loved it and its definatly going into my favs

as for you im adding you to my fav authors

thank for writing this

xoxo emo_in_yellow_angel_in_black

Author's Response: Wooo! Another good review! Thank you so much for reading all my stories. It means a lot.

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Review #10, by gitgit Games of Romance

29th October 2008:
aw that was really awesome
i really enjoyed the one shot
and that was way too cute and all so fluffly and mushy hee :D

Author's Response: Teehee, I know! I love mush and fluff. It's always so nice to read.

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Review #11, by Lorellai Games of Romance

14th May 2008:
oh *girlie shreik* I love it so much you are amazing amazing. I like that you write about Draco and Hermione - I'm obsessed.

Author's Response: Ekkk! I sooooo adore you for your comments! Hearts galore!

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Review #12, by BrendonUriesGirl Games of Romance

15th April 2008:
So cute! I loved it! Some were OOC but it was still good!

Author's Response: Merci!

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Review #13, by Bookfeary Games of Romance

14th April 2008:
I loved it!!! It was great!

Author's Response: Hoorah!

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Review #14, by ashes Games of Romance

9th April 2008:

Author's Response: YAY!

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Review #15, by Silver_Lion Games of Romance

8th April 2008:

just the right amount of everything!!!
great story
props to you

Author's Response: Hahahahaha.
I love your review.

You are the bestest!

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Review #16, by Lucy Games of Romance

15th March 2008:
that was full of awesumness

Author's Response: Thanks. :)

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Review #17, by satinwich Games of Romance

11th March 2008:
Very cute,that was sneaky of Ginny! lol... :D

Author's Response: Hehe. Yay.

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Review #18, by ilovseshy Games of Romance

7th March 2008:
i love this story keep writing 10/10

Author's Response: Will do.

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Review #19, by Cassidy Games of Romance

5th March 2008:
Fabulous. Nice work.

Author's Response: Hearts to you!

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Review #20, by Dru Dreams Games of Romance

4th March 2008:
Awww! That was absolutely sweet! I would love to be Hermione in this story! Who wouldn't want Draco gushing over them like that, and of course 'returning the favor' !

Author's Response: Ah, I totally agree with you. I love Draco to the moon and back. Merci!

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Review #21, by jenrabbit Games of Romance

4th March 2008:
Aww, that was sweet. A very well written one shot if i do say so myself. Tottaly a 10/10, and is there a sequal? Luved it bunches.

Author's Response: Sadly, no sequal. I don't write them well. :(
But thank you for your review!

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Review #22, by Ms_Slytherin Games of Romance

23rd December 2007:
OMG! I reaalyy liked this story! It was amazing and sooo romantic! :) Can I translate it into hugarian? pls

Author's Response: I'm very glad that you like it. I'm not too sure about the translating though, only if you promise to give me credit for the story.

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Review #23, by _Emma_ Games of Romance

13th September 2007:
I loved it. Really good.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks!

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Review #24, by jenkent Games of Romance

9th September 2007:
I really liked this story. I'm not a big Hermione/Draco fan, but you pulled it off very nicely. Great job!

Author's Response: Well, thanks very much. I on the other hand love Hermione/Draco!

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Review #25, by jenkent Games of Romance

9th September 2007:
I really liked this story. I'm not a big Hermione/Draco fan, but you pulled it off very nicely. Great job!

Author's Response: :)

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