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Review #1, by A Snake and the Deafening Truth

16th February 2007:
wow for "The Last Days"! hurrry up and make more, please!

Author's Response: Tanks! I havent done much with this story latly. Prolly ough to get a move on with that!

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Review #2, by Starfire Potter24 A Snake and the Deafening Truth

10th November 2006:

Author's Response: I know!!!! It gets worse! much much worse! mwahahahaha!!!!!!

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Review #3, by Kitsune Airbender A Snake and the Deafening Truth

9th November 2006:
*smiles shyly* hi. My name's Solo. Remember? It's been a long time. A long, long time. Being here, brings back so many memories for me --- keep writing. Just keep writing. For me. Promise?

Author's Response: I promise!!! i swere i will! might be a lil bit in between them but i will write!

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Review #4, by Kitsune Airbender In A Whisper

21st May 2006:
"A handsome young man was standing in a field". Gee, I wonder who that could be. Care to explain why you speak of him that way, Kita? Hmmmmm? :P

Author's Response: because he is extremely hot! not as hot as my Boy friend though!

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Review #5, by Starfire Potter24 In A Whisper

20th May 2006:

Author's Response: just wait chap2 is ALMOST done!!!!!!!!! I am haveing alot of fun with this story! you are gonna be ticked when u read the next chap!!!!!!!! LoL! c u l8r!

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