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Review #1, by spluck90 The Song

31st August 2007:
i really do love this story but one thing that makes me wonder is one of these days the burrow s going to topple over with all the people living, it was already mega crowded when they were teenagers lol. oh and i love the whole fred george angelina alicia (aka old quidditch team) and hary ron and ginny (aka new quidditch team) it makes me wonder that when the kids all go to hogwarts that its not gonna be the gryffindoor team its gonna be the weasley potter team (mind u if theyre all in gryfindoor) any way great story i should really stop babbling!!! hehehe

Author's Response: lol! I don't mind babbling! As long as there's a review! Always happy to get feedback. Thank you so much!

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Review #2, by isabellelover The Song

21st November 2006:
Loving it!! Awesome story, it had a lot of things going on and i like to keep it busy. But it should be longer and have them go on vaca. or something!

Author's Response: Well sooooorrrrrrrryyy, Nellie! I'm glad you like it, and I'm working on a longer one. I'll let you read the long one before I put it up here. Have you read the other story? e-mail u later! : )

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Review #3, by dracolover4ever The Song

12th November 2006:
Very good I really enjoyed it! 9/10

Author's Response: I'm glad. And Thank you sooooooooo much for the review = )

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Review #4, by LillyRoseanne The Song

6th November 2006:
interseting, moves along quite fast doesn't it...

Author's Response: yes, I know it moves fast, but I was bored, and felt like writing a R/Hr fic, and I did. I actually have it illustrated on my side of the internet. Oh! And thank you sooooooooooo much for reviewing.

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Review #5, by SadForSirius The Song

1st September 2006:
So cute. ; )

Author's Response: So happy you liked it. Please keep an update on me, and look out for some new stories!

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Review #6, by IM_Spartacus The Song

4th July 2006:
This story was so cool! I agree, it was a little bit rushed with the timing of everything, but you made everything sound like it fit! Good Job!

Author's Response: Thenk you Thank you Thank for reviewing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been, like, the first reviewer in like, a month (or something like that =) ) Thanx!

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Review #7, by HarryFanWriterbeta The Song

14th June 2006:
A great story with a great sense of point-of-view. I'm not just saying this because the writer's my friend, but because I know its a great story. Good job, Mad!

Author's Response: Thanx 4 reviewing, but I guess it was kind of expected of you. . . . *wink, wink*

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Review #8, by pens82 The Song

9th May 2006:
cute story

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! =)

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Review #9, by stingraydudette The Song

9th May 2006:
i love the song "i've got you"!! great story...

Author's Response: Are you a fellow country fan?
P.S. glad you liked the stroy and thanx 4 reviewing.

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Review #10, by Sudha53 The Song

8th May 2006:
i think detail is essential in this story. to really enhance it, you have to have slightly elaborate on some of the sentences, and really add to it so the reader is really pulled into the story and wants to keep reading. it's a nice idea overall, but it seems more like a good begining that still needs to be completed and shaped.

Author's Response: Thanx. I'll work on it

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