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Review #1, by summer xo Chapter One

6th March 2010:
Wow. Wow. WOW.
That. was. AMAZING. It made me cry. Seriously, you have a gift!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed this :) It's always nice to get reviews for old fics!

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Review #2, by kassandra466 Chapter One

25th December 2009:
OMG!!! i LOVED it!! it was AMAZING!! keep it up!! your an AMAZING fan fiction author!! : D

Author's Response: Yay, you read and reviewed pretend! This fic doesn't get as much attention as some of my other work, so every time I get a review for it, it brings a smile to my face. So thank you for bringing a smile to m face with this wonderful review :)

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Review #3, by jameslily1313 Chapter One

31st October 2007:
*to the tune of 'im in luv with a stripper' (evn tho thats kinda weird)* im in luv with this stry this stry this stry, im in luv with this stry this stry this stry, and i go on and on and on and on and on until i stop 2 say, "10/10! and added 2 faves!"

Author's Response: Thank you very much =) You're too kind!

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Review #4, by Magic_Marker Chapter One

25th January 2007:
This. Was. Awesome. It pretty much crystallized everything it is to be young and meet love head-on, crashing into it in your ignorance but enjoying every moment of your pain. I was satisfied that she didn't end up permanently with Remus, because life doesn't always just work itself out that way. That one line about Remus' love you used a couple of times was very effective, and so was the line about forgetting. Very, very good!

Author's Response: Thank you so very much! This story is my baby, one that I can honestly say I like. I'm glad you enjoyed it, too :)

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Review #5, by mini_marauder101 Chapter One

5th January 2007:
I loved this sooo much! It was so depressing, but really well written! Great job! 10/10 :)

Author's Response: Thank you, I meant for it to be somewhat sad :) I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #6, by glacialangel Chapter One

28th December 2006:
aww tht was sad yet very cute...i liked it

Author's Response: Thank you :D

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Review #7, by sarcastic hp lover Chapter One

15th October 2006:
oh i loved it ... ALOT it was soo great a verry touching story you should write more!

Author's Response: Thank you so incredibly much! Hmm.. more? Maybe... maybe. ^_^

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Review #8, by Midori Chapter One

15th October 2006:
Reviews are loved and so is your story.
Its so sad.. So.. so realistic. The ending was a major tearjerker (for me anyway). I love this girl This.. silly but smart (oxymoron much?) girl.

*adds to favorites*

Author's Response: Thank you so much. It means so much to me! thank you again :)

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Review #9, by Meggie Chapter One

11th October 2006:
wow. i loved it.

Author's Response: thanks, i'm so glad! :)

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Review #10, by saya Chapter One

11th October 2006:
oh! and the banner is wonderful !!! that's what made me read the story (I know what a shame to judge a story by its banner, anyway, and I didn't judge it though, it just caught my eye, and I'm glad it did!)
well now I have a new horizon in the fanfix other than the Dramione, to discover ! XD Thanx!!

Author's Response: Aw, really? I'm so glad because I honestly made it really quickly when I realized the story was posted but without a banner :S That really irks me ^___^

Thanks again! ;) (But Dramione is always great, too!)

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Review #11, by saya Chapter One

11th October 2006:
my first "marauders" era and I loved it
you made it lovely lol

Author's Response: I'm so happy I introduced you to the Marauder Era! There are some brilliant fics out there with them :)

Thanks! ^_^

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Review #12, by Elysian Chapter One

11th October 2006:

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #13, by Rebecca <3 Chapter One

11th October 2006:
wooow that was deep and beautiful and meaningful8)...
great work, something to think about tonight:)

Author's Response: thank you :) i'm flattered.

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