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Review #1, by marauderluverz Of Potions and Pretty Eyes

9th January 2008:
OMG! I LOVED this story! Almost cried(which is a good thing) not sure if it was because ive been staring at the computer for too long or if the story was getting to me. Lol! It was most definately the story. You did a really good job of explaining their emotions and such and that was so sweet! 10/10
P.S. If u get a chance i have a story being validated, could u read it after its on here? Plz. Maybe?

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Review #2, by Wackysocks Of Potions and Pretty Eyes

26th November 2006:
How sweet. :)

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Review #3, by dumbledore_is_sexy Of Potions and Pretty Eyes

29th July 2006:
This story was adoooooooooooorable!!! i loved it! yay!! :P
i'm gonna go check out your other stories! omg it was soo good!

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Review #4, by lime flavoured bertie bott Of Potions and Pretty Eyes

6th May 2006:
eep! that was so lovely! you really got into lily's head and it worked so perfectly!, i'm such a girl :)

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Review #5, by centaur chik Of Potions and Pretty Eyes

4th May 2006:
that wuz tha shiznit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #6, by Kivx Of Potions and Pretty Eyes

3rd May 2006:
Oh my that was AMAZING!!!!!!!! I loved it. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside just by reading it. I've been trying to find something like this! *burst into applauds* brilliant. FANTASTIC ONE-SHOT! Keep up the good work!

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Review #7, by manya Of Potions and Pretty Eyes

2nd May 2006:
Wonderful! :) I am a sap for romance and you have written a delightful one. Well done. :)

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