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Review #1, by harryp_lover The Begining of The End

4th December 2007:
hey I like this one...Titanic is one of my favorate movies and now one of my favorate ff's too. anways keep up the good work...l8r

Author's Response: Thank you I

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Review #2, by Dark_Lady The Begining of The End

26th October 2007:
I really love the story so far...please update so

Author's Response: So soon.
I got you.

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Review #3, by angie123 The Begining of The End

17th October 2007:
Wow such a lovely chappie! 10/10

Author's Response: WOW What a lovely review 10/10

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Review #4, by Madluv The Begining of The End

19th April 2007:
I really liked this chapter. I hope you get around to writing more. :)
10/10 (and in faves)

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Review #5, by _Kaitlyn_ The Begining of The End

21st December 2006:
NOT A WASTE! This story is soo cool! I luv it!

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Review #6, by cherry tree The Begining of The End

17th December 2006:
love it it's great

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Review #7, by kiki1 The Begining of The End

23rd October 2006:
this is way awesome in one of my classes at school we set up a trial and were blaming bruce ismay for the deaths so its cool keep writing9/10(i never give 10/10's to first chapters sorry)

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Review #8, by Charmed The Begining of The End

22nd September 2006:
i love this story wil u please add more chapters to it please 10/10


Author's Response: Heck yes I will!

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Review #9, by xmissbutterflyx The Begining of The End

10th August 2006:
Wow this is amazing! Keep it up Fly x

Author's Response: Thanks I will just in a bit of a writers block lol

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Review #10, by Magiclivesintwined The Begining of The End

31st July 2006:
keep writing please its really good. i love the titanic story its so sad : )

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #11, by padfoots gal ---[NSI] The Begining of The End

10th July 2006:
cool, i love this idea. I like the suspense you are already building up and i love the way you've linked the surname potter into the fic! are any of the potters wizards? is the blonde haired man a Malfoy ? ohh so many questions! You might want to get a beta to check over your spellings and grammar but that is the only critizism i've got! well done.

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much! Im glad you liked it. Im trying to make this story as well as I can but that darn grammer and what not!


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Review #12, by singrgurl The Begining of The End

4th July 2006:
A great story! You've managed to put to gether my two great loves. Harry Potter and the Titanic. Just last night I was watching the movie. (That's not a lie). PLEASE UPDATE!

Author's Response: heehee Thanks I loved the movie also. I hope you do infact like it. I will update soon!

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Review #13, by lilyevansrox The Begining of The End

3rd July 2006:
ooh! wouldn't that be cool, james' potter grandfather and greatgrandfather on the titanic!

Author's Response: lol oh yes that would be super! lol Thanks for reviewin!!!

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Review #14, by hauntedfairytale The Begining of The End

28th June 2006:
I like the idea and how it was inspired by something true. Your character seems very real. The way her mother doesn't want her to be a witch is very likely!
Getting your character on the Titanic was probably the hardest part of the story, right? Well, you have a good reason for her to be there. Good job!
I noticed many little grammatical errors that could be easily fixed with a beta. I'm assuming you don't have one :P. There are a few run on sentences in need of a few commas and/or periods. No biggie, though!
Also, you have a few words that are used incorrectly. Like "there" instead of "they're" or "their." Which could also be fixed with a beta!
Hope to see more of this story soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much and I do need a beta but every time I try and get one they dont work out~ Oh well and thanks so much fo9r taking the time to review~

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Review #15, by who will save us The Begining of The End

27th June 2006:
i was wondering where you got the pic of draco for 'when worlds collide' banner? i really like it and cant find it anywhere. thanks!
who will save us.

Author's Response: um which pic on there I remeber there was a few on there.....and Im pretty sure I found all the pics on Photobucket~

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Review #16, by morgaine_la_fay The Begining of The End

26th June 2006:
Great idea. And it's great that your useing real people on the ship. I always love titanic stories, and it's even better when it's tied up with Harry Potter.

Author's Response: Yes I know *sigh* I just got around to watching it and I got an idea for this!

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Review #17, by Beth Weasley The Begining of The End

9th June 2006:
By the way, you won 'author of the month'.

Author's Response: Did I? I forgot all about that! thanks so much!

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Review #18, by bumblebee The Begining of The End

23rd May 2006:
so are these the actual charactors, or are they their (great or great-great) grandparents or what? i do like it so far!

Author's Response: Well I am making up the Malfoy character but yeah and Potter I am pretending kk? lol and my Elizebeth I have no idea sum peeps think she is Hermione lol

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Review #19, by slyjazz The Begining of The End

22nd May 2006:
Hello, I really like your story, it's really good. I have to say, you got me hooked on the first chapter, so please continue ^^. If also, could you please check out my story called: A Pureblood Slytherin VS. A Pureblood Gryffindor, and tell me if you like it? I'd understand if you could not. Thankyou, and you got a really great story written so far.

Author's Response: Sure I will read it a bit later but of course I will~ and thanks so much!

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Review #20, by wickedfae The Begining of The End

22nd May 2006:
def sounds interesting...and Elizabeth/Hermione saying that something inside her heart made her feel like it was her fault??? sounds good to me keep going!

Author's Response: elizabeth/hermione.....hmm never thought of it that way...hmmm

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Review #21, by avadakedavrawitch The Begining of The End

22nd May 2006:
I love the Titanic movie. I think that was really good. but no offense but it doesn't have enough suspense. Nothing will ever be as scary, and tear bringing as Titanic.

Author's Response: yeah yeah yeah I know sadly....tear tear but hey I can try and I WILL PUT A TEAR BREAKING MOMENT or

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Review #22, by mum_weasley The Begining of The End

22nd May 2006:
Amanduh!! Brilliant catch on the name catching. I hope I can stick around for this whole story to unfold..............It was hard enough watching "Titanic" lol

Author's Response: hahaha I loved the movie but dont worry this should be better jk~

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Review #23, by angelinhogwarts The Begining of The End

22nd May 2006:

Author's Response: thanks so much I love it when I get reviews like this!~

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Review #24, by Tinfoil Star The Begining of The End

22nd May 2006:
Very intriguing start. I'd very much like to see you continue and see where you take this.

Author's Response: thanks I just got back on! finished all my finals so I am going to update *yay*

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