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Review #1, by GinnyWeasleyPotter The Nun

21st January 2007:
Aw, I really like how you ended the fic, it was really very cute. I think that a little more description and emotion could have been used throughout the fic, it was a bit short, and lacked that. I don't think Hermione would make that joke or say that boys are dumb- I think she would talk to Ginny, giving her a long lecture on why Harry broke up with her. Both characters were just a tad bit OoC. Otherwise, good job, 8/10

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Review #2, by lia_2390 The Nun

13th January 2007:
This was a bit humourous, yet sad, I like when things like that mix. I also like your writing style.
His green eyes sparkling, he kissed her square on the lips. The nun had left the abbey. Haha, I knew she couldn't last that long. Harry seems to pop out of nowhere though, that intrigues me a bit...anyways, great job!

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Review #3, by Islander The Nun

16th November 2006:
Ooh, what has Harry so happy? He is, I suppose, the black-haired boy, is he not? This was a sweet story, and very cute and fun to read.

Author's Response: he was. thanks for the reveiw.
bs e

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Review #4, by Ginny Crosby The Nun

29th October 2006:
I don't get it, this is really confusing.

Author's Response: If you explained what was confusing, I could explain it! Thanks for the review! ~~BE

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Review #5, by Kisara The Nun

10th September 2006: guess is that Fred and George let Harry use Extendable Ears to listen to the conversation...I could be wrong...Lovely story, by the way...

Author's Response: thanks! i was kinda thinking the same thing, but i let people use their imaginations.

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Review #6, by Tiger_Cruise_Ginny (not signed in) The Nun

23rd August 2006:
very cute! I loved all of ginny's comments about being a nun, it made me laugh! great job

Author's Response: thanks. that seems to be the general favorite. im no good at details, i like humor the most. thanks for reading!

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Review #7, by thechosenone The Nun

27th July 2006:
I think that was a really sweet little one-shot. My favorite paragraph was the last... I think it could be elongated a bit (I dont' think that's the prope way to word that...)... It seemed a little bit shorter than necisarry but besides that, really cute!

(Yay! I've finally read something of yours, and something from the SAYS reviewing circle!)

Author's Response: thanks, thats what alot of people say. it was my first one, so thanks!

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Review #8, by andharrywokeup The Nun

23rd July 2006:
Short and sweet! You use humour well to show just how upset Ginny is feeling. The only niggles I can find are: 1) in England we don't youse the term period to emphasise a point. You could try full stop, or just leave it out. And 2) the ending seemed a bit rushed. why was Harry so happy? What made him realise that he needed Ginny? How did Ginny react to see him bounding into the room? That said, the last sentence about the nun was great. :D Good job! Andy (from the reviewing circle on SAYS) xx

Author's Response: thanks, yeah, i think the ending was rushed. but i appreciate the reveiw.

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Review #9, by TaylorM The Nun

15th July 2006:
Oh, that's great.

Author's Response: Thanks!!!

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Review #10, by Marlene McKinnon The Nun

12th July 2006:
Haha I found this quite comical. I think that Ginny becoming a nun is completely far-fetched, but whatever. Good writing.

The nun has left the abbey.

Great ending. Just wanted to point that out =)

Author's Response: Thanks, yeah, she could never be a nun, but thats why i think its so funny. thanks for the reveiw!

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Review #11, by SmexyVampire The Nun

6th July 2006:
I really like it! I was never a huge Ginny/Harry fan, but this one was just such a good idea. I'm not 100% sure that Ginny would want to become a Nun, but it works.

Author's Response: O, she would never become a nun, but she was upset, so she was desperate. But Harry made her forget that! thanks a bunch!

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Review #12, by ilovedraco The Nun

21st June 2006:
Well! That was a shot of sugary fluff sweet enough to keep ANYONE up at night. Normally I don't go for Harry/Ginny (or any other canon ship for that matter) but this was cute and funny and well-written. I enjoyed it!

Author's Response: thanks. i usually dont like harry ginny ones either. too cliche. but i had this idea snd it sounded fun.

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Review #13, by LS The Nun

19th June 2006:
ok id like to clear some stuff up. someone said they dont want to know whether harry heard the convo or if the twins told him, so il leave that alone. but LOTS of people have asked about "A be-speckled face mocked a silent Ginny praying." the face is george and hes making fun of his sister. hope that helps ;).

this story is cheering up my sad mood...

Author's Response: i luv to cheer ppl up. :)

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Review #14, by LS The Nun

18th June 2006:
ok my comment just now got screwed up at the end. i was going to say

"and i noticed a couple of inside jokes there, my full-frontal little nun"

Author's Response: lol

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Review #15, by LS The Nun

18th June 2006:
this is so YOU. i remember when we were writing that little fantasy thing in 5th grade or something and i noticed some stuff about the way you wrote - its still in there, but better. cuz, like, its been 2 years. dang. ive read a few stories (by not only u & mm but others 2) on this site, and this is the only one i can remember w/a happy ending.

i love it because you can really empathize with it. just about any girl could be in ginny's shoes, the way you write it as though you were staring at the ceiling, complaining on the phone to a girlfriend about your love life while typing this.

and i

Author's Response: ha ha. i dont domuch detail

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Review #16, by Linebelle The Nun

6th June 2006:
I love the last paragraph!!!! Just perfect :)
When I saw the title and the first few lines, I was a little scared, like: what?!? Ginny as a nun??? How dare you??? But then, I've always been a little gullible... Honestly, the only thing I can find against this story, is that it's too short :D but that's because I love long reads, especially when they are this good!
What else? It's certainly very believable, and the characterisation is very good.
Just one question to satisfy my curiosity: did Harry hear the conversation, or did the twins tell him? After all, don't tell, I'd rather use my imagination ;)
Thank you very much fo an excellent read...

Author's Response: i like short storis because i don't have much of an attention span. o well. i could have made it longer i guess but i didn't feel it needed to be longer. i'm not one for detail.

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Review #17, by Jessi_Rose The Nun

6th June 2006:
Aw, that was sweet!! (Surprise!! I found you!)

That was very cute - a little short, but very funny and sweet! Good job!!!


Author's Response: thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #18, by SiriuslyCrack The Nun

28th May 2006:
What happened to Harry's resolution? Out of the window? We should atleast know what made him change his mind...:)

I love Fred/George. They were so funny in this fic. I like the way you wrote them. Ginny was a little out of character. But it's okay. I like her ;)

Good job!

Author's Response: i thought that being so upset might make ginny like this. she's not always strong, but i can see why its out of character.

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Review #19, by nicalyse The Nun

28th May 2006:
A very short, sweet glimpse into Ginny's mind. First, I love the phrase snogging buddy. There was a sentence that confused me a lot: A be-speckled face mocked a silent Ginny praying. My suggestions for clarifying it: change bespeckled to freckled, then reorder your words to something like, mocked Ginny, who was silently praying. It just seemed really awkward when I read it. She is very adamant in her decision, which is very in character. My only other problem is that I have no idea why Harry came in and kissed her. However, it works really well and it's pretty cute. Wonderful job!

Author's Response: thank you for your suggestion. i guess harry still liked her and wanted to be with her. thank your for ypur reveiw.

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Review #20, by lairyfights123 The Nun

28th May 2006:
This was rather short, but it was cute. Very fluffy. I have a problem, though, trying to envision Ginny sitting crying like that. . . maybe the OLD Ginny. . . if this is trying to be canon, don't you think that Ginny would be MUCH too strong and stubborn to cry about it? Fred and Geroge were done well, and Hermione, too. And I really liked the last line. This was a very quick and easy read. . . and worth it, because you fit more into 802 words than I ever could. But I still have a feeling that it lacked substance, you know? Well, good job. Nice, happy, one-shot that probably would never happen, but this is fanfiction, right, so ANYTHING can happen! Nice.

Author's Response: even if she usually seems to be strong, she can still cry. i mean everyone cries sometimes, even ginny. thanks for your reveiw. i appreciate it!! :)

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Review #21, by Urvi The Nun

27th May 2006:
Hehe...this fic made me laugh. I don't think Ginny could ever give up on guys, she's got the reputation of dating so many. Plus, I just don't see her crying over any guy so I thought she was a little off-character. I liked it!

Author's Response: im glad it made you laugh. that was the point. i didn't think ginny could ever be a nun, which is why the idea of the story appealed to me.

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Review #22, by LovelyMioneWeasley The Nun

24th May 2006:
ha ha...THAT lasted long..too adorable!!! im in love with this story.

Author's Response: thanks. i like fluffy stories. there are so many angsty nes out there.

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Review #23, by PrincessPotter The Nun

23rd May 2006:
lol...this was cute. You could easily do a companion piece to this called the Monk for Harry...since he would probably be having some similar thoughts, not to mention that I want to find out what made him so happy that he would kiss her. ;) just a thought.... good job with this one, I really liked your use of Fred and George. :)

Author's Response: thanks i just might write that. its a good idea. thanks for the suggestion.

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Review #24, by Yuu The Nun

10th May 2006:
"No snogging buddy. God. Her life was boring." This was funny! Hermione's joke on Ginny going lesbian also made me laugh. :)

LOL I liked how Ginny kept insisting on becoming a nun when she doesn't even follow a religion. The thought of a witch as a nun is very amusing. Bringing Fred and George to the scene was a very nice touch, especially since they had heard her complaining about her misfortunes of not having Harry with her.

I have to say I definitely loved the ending with Ginny stating that there wouldn't be any guys in her life because she was giving up on them and suddenly Harry coming to her and kissing her, making her forget all that she had just said. This was very enjoyable. Hope you keep writing Humor. :)

Author's Response: thanks sooooooooooo much. it was my first story. I'm glad you liked it!!

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Review #25, by unknown_force The Nun

10th May 2006:
The nun thing is humorous and understandable. I myself have seen and experienced the same type of feelings. But some things I would like to point out is that even though you showed Ginny's heartbreak by her crying, you didn't really go and show the reader her mind by telling us the emotions, feelings, and maybe memories that makes her cry. To the reader, she is simply crying, we can't go and put ourselves in her shoes and feel the same emotions that you are trying to show of her heartbreak. The part where Harry comes in and kisses Ginny is a bit confusing and messy. We don't know why he suddenly comes in and changes his mind. There was no conflict in Ginny's mind about maybe how Harry might view her as someone he can just get together and break up with whenever he wanted. Their reason for breaking up was also never stated in the story, I am assuming that he was breaking up with her for her protection, but then it wouldn't make sense since he kisses her in the end. I did like the last line, 'The nun had left the abbey.' A nice humorous story overall, it would be even better if it was longer.

Author's Response: thank you for your constuctive criticism. i really appreciate it!

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