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Review #1, by Your loyal supporter Jumpers and dragons

6th March 2017:
Did you abandon this story? It would be really sad, but, at least, we would know not to wait anymore for updates.

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Review #2, by kmcali Nearing the edge

11th February 2017:
2017 still checking for updates *sigh*

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Review #3, by anon Jumpers and dragons

17th December 2016:
Four years later, still hoping for an update. Sigh.

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Review #4, by Your loyal supporter Jumpers and dragons

16th November 2014:
Every month I check whether you have updated or not. And today I feel really compelled to ask you whether your story is on hiatus or not. Of course, I hope not because I sincerely think that your story is one of the best in the fanfiction world of Harry Potter. I understand if you cannot update and are not able to complete this wonderful story. But in the case you can, I truly hope this short message will motivate you to continue writing.

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Review #5, by kmcali15 Jumpers and dragons

24th March 2014:
Well this is my monthly check for new chapters...ive been reading this story for years at this point and am used to the long waits for chapters and dont mind them because they are TOTALLY worth it but im begining to loose faith that your coming back. Please give us a sign on whether or not you plan to complete this story!?!? The suspense is awful!

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Review #6, by Mellissa Green The Importance of Being in Control - Part 2

19th November 2013:
Got an idea. If Malphoy turned on his fellow Slitherins, so should Pansy's. In fact, what if the Slitherins who'd asked hor out, and the Ravenclaws, a combined efferot. Even Snape's attitude had changed. I fogot to add some chapters back, I think Snape or the headmistress should catch the boys during the attempted rape., or Malphoy himself. I'm also curious to see how the attempted rapiest were confronted.

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Review #7, by Mellissa Green Reality and the Ideal

15th November 2013:
Ideas for you to consider. Before Dumbledoor disappeared, he gave dDraco a mission. Draco has been required to take in an American muggle who's been kicked out of the schools in her state, and no other state will take her. Her aunt threatened to send her to boarding school, then Dumbledoor contacted her. She now works for the order as payment for allowing the Wizzarding world's help. Gene finds out on their first date. I agree the chapter has too slow of a beginning. This American muggle is a writer of dark fiction, and she's tried to turn her previous schools into a Writer's residency. Draco wouldn't have taken her in if it weren't for the fact she wrote dark fiction. Geni meets her on the second date. Draco has rules and regulations for his charge, turning starving artist into a reality, among other things, combining Muggle and Magic discipline methods in the same session. He doesn't take food totally away, just certain meals. Dumbledoor gave Draco Cooking the Muggle Way and Muggles Who Notic along with HOme and Social Lives of British Muggles.

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Review #8, by Mellissa Green Stepping Up the Game

14th November 2013:
Great work! I love the alternative universe. I've never read the story this story is half-based on. I've been waiting to read this chapter. The chapters have good pacing.

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Review #9, by girl15 rocks Jumpers and dragons

30th September 2013:
Im already putting another few chapters on my christmas list! your an amazing writer and I'm dying for more!

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Review #10, by Neville is the hot one Jumpers and dragons

11th August 2013:
This story is so well written! I think i just became addicted. I noticed you haven't updated in a while, please don't abandon this story its too good! keep up the good work!

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Review #11, by gigglemebubbles Jumpers and dragons

21st July 2013:
im speechless at the amazingness of this story. UPDATES PLEASEEE!

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Review #12, by saphiremagic Jumpers and dragons

14th July 2013:
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. I can't even handle how amazing this fic is! i just saw that you haven't updated in months though!! please don't tell me you've abandoned!?!?!?!?!?! you have pegged ginny and dracos relationship perfectly to me!

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Review #13, by Mauge Jumpers and dragons

2nd May 2013:
I am begging you... (and on my knees). Please update!
It is the only piece of fanfiction I have reread over and over again, and I am seriously talking here.
I have just found the time to remind you what an amazing writer you are. Keep on writing please!

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Review #14, by lalaluna Jumpers and dragons

26th April 2013:
more give me mooorre

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Review #15, by CVP Nearing the edge

1st April 2013:
wow. good job! I really like the story a lot, but has any one else noticed some of the words have been replaced? Like ears for hair, for example. I don't know if this is just something on my computer or if it's a spam on the website or something. This is the second fic I've noticed it on. REALLY CONFUSED.
But anyways, from what I can tell from the weird word substitutions, the story is really good and I'm excited to keep reading.

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Review #16, by zeppoJane Jumpers and dragons

26th March 2013:
*Jumping up and down like a small child* I want more. Please this story is so good and I just can't wait until Draco and Ginny get to have their happy ending.

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Review #17, by zeppoJane Nearing the edge

23rd March 2013:
LOVE THIS STORY!!! Probably cause I'm a huge boys over flowers fan, but still I love that you threw that basic plot into the hp universe (sorta lol.) Great story, I'm gonna keep reading now cause I'm already addicted.

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Review #18, by We Are Padfoot and Prongs Jumpers and dragons

17th March 2013:
Wow, so I haven't checked this story in centuries. I'm glad to see it updated. :D I like Ginny's note she sent with her present, it sounds just like her. XD And I kind of wish Malfoy didn't keep his promise of good behavior... And if I recall correctly (and I believe I do), Angelique was the girl Ginny saved from being caught under the magic mistletoe at whichever ball that was. And I swear I didn't go back and check. Marauder's honor.

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Review #19, by kmcali Jumpers and dragons

3rd December 2012:
YEY aww such a cute chapter i will never stop checking this story for updates until its done which i will be so bitter sweet. Great chapter!

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Review #20, by drinny1997 Jumpers and dragons

20th November 2012:
OHMYGOODNESS! I love it! This is just great and thank you so so much for finally updating! I checked back here like twice a week since last time cause I adore this fanfic so much. :)

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Review #21, by Pamela Jumpers and dragons

19th November 2012:
Good chapter - please don't take as long to update next time! I check back every week to see what's new and was pleasantly surprised to find an update!!

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Review #22, by Scarlet Colloquium

10th November 2012:
PLEASE PLEASE update! I know life gets in the way sometimes, but I love this story; it's one of the few well-written fanfics around, and I love the depths of the characters. At least put it on hiatus if you're done updating: although that will break my heart, at least I can have closure... "sigh" Ignore my dramatics.

Author's Response: Next chapter is coming soon, I promise! It's not on hiatus, it's definitely still a WIP.

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Review #23, by Pamela Colloquium

26th September 2012:
Can you please, please, please, please, please, please update! I can only re-read the same chapter so many times!

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Review #24, by hpfan15 Colloquium

20th August 2012:
I would probably endure a lot less sadness if I just waited until this story was complete, instead of reading it bit by bit as it comes. But alas, that seems to be futile. I shall continue to read as you update, review, and then be sad because there's no more to read. I might just cry when this story is done. It can be so hard to find good D/G fiction, especially on this site, and this is probably my all time favorite story, so it's gonna really suck when it is done. Anyway, loved the chapter, as always. 10/10 And, as always, I urge you to update as soon as physically possible. I was in the mood for romance, and while I'm still thrilled for what I did get and that the story had been updated at all, there was a lot less smooching and making up than I'd been desiring. I shall try to sate myself elsewhere, I suppose, probably with one of my Vampire Academy books(though, so much more satisfying when I haven't already read it!). My biggest head scratcher is how this will conclude. I mean, usually their obstacles consist of defeating Voldemort, at worst, and dealing with the Weasley family, at best. But this is a bit more extreme, on both counts. Voldemort is already in power, people like Ginny are already oppressed, not fighting against the possibility of repression. Not to mention, his being a Malfoy will probably be a bigger deal, for the same reasons. Hard for me to imagine them getting out of this. Even if I could, I know you'll surprise me there, too. ;) Anywho...please update soon!

Author's Response: Indeed, that IS quite the head scratcher! There really isn't a good way for things to end for them - if they can get over Ginny's issues so that she can finally tell him that she loves him, there's still a giant Voldemort-shaped obstacle in the way. But... *evil laugh* you'll just have to wait and see what I have in store.

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Review #25, by hpfan15 Pawns and Fairy Tales

20th August 2012:
Sorry I didn't review on the last chapter. Normally I would have, but I was so surprised to see that the story had been updated, and then thrilled to realize I had more than chapter to read, that I had trouble slowing down enough to actually share my thoughts. I always try to figure out what's going to happen next, naturally, but with the really good stories I never can. People's imagination astounds me sometimes! I wish I could do what I've seen others(you included) do. All that to say, loving it more than ever, though all of this is so unexpected. I mean, I had no idea where you might go with it after the whole Blaise thing; I'm still not entirely sure what happened with him kissing her, though I do understand now why he continued to 'pursue' her. I figured when Hermione and Ginny were getting their Butterbeers and Malfoy was listening in that it was the perfect opportunity for Ginny to say something that would make him realize that it HAD all been a big misunderstanding and they'd both stop acting like dolts. But of course, you outsmarted me, and went three steps further. (I like the way you did it so much better than the simplistic crap I had in my head before I read what you'd written) The whole Blaise using her-Malfoy piecing it all together and going after him-thing was good. And now I'm dying to see what happens next, so I'm cutting off my rambling and moving on.

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for your comments! I love reading reviews like yours - gives me so much to think about! I'm so glad you enjoyed the twist with Blaise - I was so worried about that the exposition of Malfoy overhearing their conversation would be a bit lame, so your comments are quite a relief!

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