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Review #1, by nikiyer The little things

8th March 2007:
hey candice,nice story so far.the thing i don't get is why do people who write a lily-james fanfic always put in things like christmas balls ,graduation or halloween balls.there are no balls happenings at hogwarts other than the yule ball which was discontinued.we know that as a fact because if it were so then there would be a ball at harry's time.also there are a lot of errors in a few lines.dumby's office is behind a griffin's statue not a phoenix's.can you also tell me where it is mentioned that the head boy and girl share a dormitory?

other than that the story is fine and please give us a lot of severus snape and write longer chapters

-nikhil (i am indian,so the name is odd to you)

Author's Response: Well in the story it never says that cause it doesn't go into detail about the head boy and girl since it doesn't pertain to harrys story. But in my own imagination they share a dorm.

As for the Ball I thought it would be nice to have a place where lily stops trying to hid her feelings plus it gets them working together. But thats from my imagination too. Ya sorry about the dumbledores office thing couldn't quite remember it.

But in the end thanks for reviewing to the story really means a lot to me.


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Review #2, by Suicidal Wolf Child the sometimes fluffy things

16th January 2007:
it is good keep it up. i actually like the angst better then the fluff. the fluff just doesnt fit right. but that is just me. i love it keep it up.

Author's Response: thanks but I'm still trying to put a chapter up. who knew junior year would be soo hard!

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Review #3, by Suicidal Wolf Child the sometimes fluffy things

16th January 2007:
it is good keep it up. i actually like the angst better then the fluff. the fluff just doesnt fit right. but that is just me. i love it keep it up.

Author's Response: thank you thank you its always good to see a new reviewer. And ya I'm not so good with fluff, not my thing in writing. But ya wanted to put a little in there more angst next chapter.Need tostart writing that won't be up for a few weeks have finals comming up.

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Review #4, by jamesfavmarauder A Connection is made

25th December 2006:
ok honey im reviewing for you... first i will give constructive critizium and then nice things... i think you need to proof read your story because there are a lot of little errors... i do really like your story... meke chapters longer coz it makes the whole story better and you need to play out scenes and stuff coz they stop a little abruptly... but i like the story and the fact its not too sweet and predictable... keep up with the writing coz even if im the only reviewer i bet this story is keeping heaps of people going like it is me... put in more action and romance and i think you could make this story a winner... neways merry christmas and update soon... thanks... and humor would be good included too maybe in some tricks pulled by lily and some pranks... im a fan!!!

Author's Response: I love your review!your so great. and I am trying to get more romance in there hope fully when I finish the next chapter it will show the romance and some humor init. I will try to make it longer and bring out the scenes longer and more detailed. But I hope you keep reviewing! THANKS A BUNCH

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Review #5, by nanny A Connection is made

18th December 2006:
it was really nice.not feel so depressed if we don't review. ok!

Author's Response: thank you!love reviews their so great they make me want to write more chapters.their like a ray of sunshine!

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Review #6, by mirabella A Connection is made

17th December 2006:
BAH!! that was short! longer please.sorry i didnt review before

Author's Response: I know it was short but ya thanks for the review. It makes me happy that people like my story an review to it. Im going to submit the next one monday or tuesday and ya don't know when that will be up. THANKS FOR THE REVIEW

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Review #7, by AlliePotter The little things

22nd August 2006:
Awwww i really like this plz hurry w/the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Third chapter is up now

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Review #8, by Seeker2000 The worst Ride

7th August 2006:
awful what about going from hating 2 loving

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Review #9, by Seeker2000 The little things

7th August 2006:
Awful!!!!!!!!!hello dark Forest??? Forbidden forest

Author's Response: you know what sorry about the little miss hap. IF YOU DON"T LIKE MY STORY DON"T READ IT!

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Review #10, by Harryluverforever The little things

6th August 2006:
I love it make sure to keep it up!

Author's Response: thank you,glad you like it working on third chapie

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Review #11, by HP_4_Lyf The little things

6th August 2006:
That was really good I can't wait for your next post!!!! =]

Author's Response: thanks working on third chapie

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Review #12, by innosnape The little things

6th August 2006:
Do you know when your'e going to update?
It's great!

Author's Response: No sorry i don't know when Im going to update. I still need to write the third chapter.But im hoping to get some work done this week.

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Review #13, by innosnape The worst Ride

6th August 2006:
It's soooooooooooo good, great story especially since it was you're 1st.

Author's Response: Thank you

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Review #14, by A Marauder The worst Ride

23rd July 2006:
A very nice start. The only problem is there are a lot of grammar mistakes and it makes it confusing, I think you should think of finding a beta. If you want one, I can do it for you, just contact me. (If you're interested, that is)
But a very promising start =D

Author's Response: well thank you for that but I think im going to stop the story for awhile

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Review #15, by sheila1990 The worst Ride

9th May 2006:
its great

Author's Response: thanks but I think I'm going to stop the story for awhile

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