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Review #1, by hiddenhorcrux An End of An Era

30th November 2006:
Among all the sotries that I've read about the last moments of Lily and Harry, I have to say this was the best among all of them.
Nice work, and I love your writing

Author's Response: Thanks so much...I"m very glad you like it...

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Review #2, by potterfreak_07 An End of An Era

9th August 2006:
omg!*CRY*that was*CRY*sooo *CRY*sad.
but it was still so awesome.
so i'll give u a 10

Author's Response: oh sorry...i'm glad that is was awesome tho! Thats a definite plus! thanks! -Ashley

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Review #3, by Hollyxberry An End of An Era

4th August 2006:
;-; Aw, how sad. Everytime I read one of these I'm close to tears. Doesn't help I'm listening to a song about heart break by some chance everytime I read one of these though, does it? xP

Author's Response: sorry, I dont like to make people sad, but its the power of the writer to be able to do that, isnt it? And yes, the song doesnt help at all...wut is it by the way? lol. -Ashley

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Review #4, by Cheeky Monkey An End of An Era

12th July 2006:
Nice one-shot

Author's Response: my two series! ~ashley

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Review #5, by smile2006 An End of An Era

7th July 2006:
that was a definte tear jerker and a certain 10/10!! =) but there was a few spelling mistakes other than that i though it was very well written!!!

Author's Response: thanks lots! i'm glad you like it...and rated it a 10! sorry for the mistakes...~ashley

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Review #6, by mrs_heather_grint An End of An Era

7th July 2006:
ah. i have tears in my eyes... that was wonderful. so sad. beautifully written.

Author's Response: aww thanks soo much! i'm glad you liked it...feel free to read my other stories! ~ashley

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Review #7, by Redheads_4ever An End of An Era

7th July 2006:
Wow...that's all I can! -Allison

Author's Response: well thank you for your 'wow's! they are much appreciated allison! thanks! ~ashley

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Review #8, by Marauder Mcgonagall An End of An Era

7th July 2006:
That was so beautifully sad. I'm feeling some pressure behind my eyes... The last line was brilliant! Definitely a 10/10

Author's Response: aww thanks! i love the part of this story with the song... it just seems to fit. i dont remember wut the last line of the story is... lol, oops. thanks again! ~ashley

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Review #9, by Jodie An End of An Era

5th July 2006:
This was so sweet. I always love stories about before all the books. About James and Lily, Voldermort. Gr8 story.

Author's Response: Aww thanks Jodie! I know, same here, i love reading L/J...thanks for reading and reviewing, feel free to take a peek at my other stories, please and thanks! ~ashley

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Review #10, by ilovelemondrops22 An End of An Era

5th July 2006:
that was sad *sniff* I thought you did a good job on it!

Author's Response: aww thanks! Another sweet reviewer, i'm glad you thought it was good! ~ashley

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Review #11, by LovelyMioneWeasley An End of An Era

2nd July 2006:
very poetic in the sense of their last hours and days together...a mother's only want to protect her child. Jame's love for his family stronger than anything....Voldemort, selfish and heartless......brilliant, dear, simply marvelously awesomely brilliant. love it, goes to favorites. 11/10!

Author's Response: yay! another review, like i said before, i was starting to begin to think this story was no good with the lack of reviews, i'm glad that you liked it and that it is in your faves... thanks much, and go read more of my stories and dont forget to review...


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Review #12, by HeyDude An End of An Era

2nd July 2006:
i have tears in my eyes!! if i can get this to work you are deffinatley on my top stories list!!!!!! please write more and i will read!!!!

Author's Response: omg thank you! this means so much to me! i feel touched! i have tons of other stories that are awaiting for you to read and review! *hint, hint* lol... so go have a look and maybe you will find something you will like! (i hope) oh and by the way, the sunshine used to always put tears in my eyes...without a story! lol, k thanks again ~ashley

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Review #13, by cricketsong An End of An Era

30th June 2006:
For a short story to require two tissues to mop up....well done.

Author's Response: oh thank you! i was starting to worry that this story was horrible cause of the lack of reviews! and now i finally got one! yes, i'm happy now! but i feel good and bad in two ways, i feel bad that you cried because cried. Yet, it makes an author happy to know that his or her work can make a person show that kidn of emotion. So thank a bunch. ~ashley

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