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Review #1, by www Secrets

9th August 2007:
your fic is great I think that there should be even more L/J.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying reading this fic. I'm seriously tempted to edit it a bit... just a bit... I don't know. lol.
Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by Silver Rain Secrets

12th July 2007:
Don't stop, KEEP WRITING! *ahem * thank you.


Author's Response: I will. I thought I had to abandon this story, but it seems there are still people wanting to read it.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #3, by ladyemma A Witch!

10th July 2007:
Hi, it's LadySophieKitty from the forums with your requested review! I will get to all the chapters, but for now I'm only doing this one until I get the other requests done. Just a note, I tend to write the review as I read, so that's why it may look a little odd.

First off, I like how you start off with saying some unintentionall magic things Lily has done. I also like how you have her call her sister "Pet" instead of Petunia, because as a three year old, that would be rather hard to say.

That was funny when I was reading about the cat, because when I was scrolling down to give above paragraph, I skimmed that line. I thought that Punpkin was Lily's nickname! But it is a good name for the cat, who I feel bad for by the way.

Though I found barely any spelling or grammatical mistakes, I do have two comments on this letter:
Term beggins on 1 September. first off, it's begins. Second of all 1 September doesn't sound right. I would reccomend doing one of two things: either put first of September, or September first. It also looks better when you write the number out.

I'm sorry I didn't give more CC, but, as you said it wasn't a very eventful, which is when I usually give CC

I really like this story, and should be adding it to my favorites soon!

8/10 (8 for the spelling error and lack of events)

Author's Response: Don't worry, I do the same (I write my reviews as I read), so they must be as odd as yours. ;)

I'm glad you liked the way I wrote this first chapter. Since it's mainly from Lily's point of view, I wanted it to sound a bit like a very young girl. And it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.

I do agree - poor Pumpkin! But he's going to be Lily's pet for some time. Now, Pumpkin could have been Lily's nickname - except I never thought about it. lol.

Concerning the letter... I know how to spell 'begin" - or at least I thought I knew. *blushes* Let's say that my head knows but my fingers don't. lol.

"On 1 September"... it's the way it is written in HP and the Philosopher Stone. I'm afraid I have read the UK version a bit too much. I can change that though, so it will be better for everyone.

I'm glad you like this story. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #4, by Tabi Prewett Secrets

28th June 2007:
OMG NO you have to keep writing this I love the idea of how the maurders came to be..Please don't stop. I mean its really getting good. Lily and Row have finally figured out about the names and now..omg their animagas forms..Well except Peter anyway, but does he really count. I think it is sweet how Lily shows she is interested but not really..Oh please keep it up yu are one of my favorte authors...I love reading your stories..

Keep up the great work...

Until next Chapter...Tabi

Author's Response: Haha. You knew I wanted to "abandon" this fic before I posted this chapter. I would never have thought that so many people still wanted to read it. There are so many L/J on this site...

Peter was there... but he's too small, so the girls didn't see him. hehe. Actually, he counts. He was a Marauder, even if later he betrayed James and Lily.

Thanks, Tabi. I know you like my stories, and I hope you know I like to read your comments on them. ;)

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Review #5, by onestop_hpfan18 Secrets

28th June 2007:
i love this story...i'm putting it in my favorite stories.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. :D

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Review #6, by not2b4got10 A Sense of Belonging

28th June 2007:
this chapter goes awfully fast...if you're going to put in all this stuff in your story about diagon alley, at least make sure you give enough time to properly describe everything. It seems like you're rushing to fit all the information into one chapter, rather than writing a couple of reallly good scenes.

Author's Response: Ah, yes... I'm sorry if you read it that way. I must admit I didn't want to re-write the chapter of SS/PS in which Harry sees Diagon Alley for the first time.

Anyway, thanks for the review and the cc - it's always appreciated! :)

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Review #7, by Pronunciation_Hermy_One Secrets

28th June 2007:

Are you crazy? I've been telling you since I started reading it that I loved this fic. You're going to stop writing it? pft, I think you must be mad, girly :P
Lily was certainly perceptive, but gracious, I'm impressed she was able to put all of the pieces together so well! Sirius knocking Rowan to the ground... totally adorable- wonderful!
As always, I'm really excited to see where you take this! I'm not usually a fan of Marauder era fics... I'm pretty particular. For some reason... *shrugs* I really like this :D


Author's Response: Yeah, I might be crazy. Too much writing can do that... maybe? Ok, I won't stop writing this fic. I never wanted to, but posting a fic to share it with zero reader wouldn't have been that fun. I'm glad this fic still has some.

I think Lily was very smart. In an Hermione-ish sort of way, but with some fiery side. And since I can see her being able to see the best in every person, I can't picture her yelling at the top of her lungs at James. Or James drooling when he sees her, as a matter of fact.

As for the scene with Sirius and Rowan - you're not going to ship those two, right?

To tell you the truth, I'm not a fan of most Marauders era fics either, that's why I'm writing this one.

Thanks a lot for reading and leaving a review. *huggle attackle*


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Review #8, by Action Evans Secrets

28th June 2007:
YOU AREN'T WASTING YOUR TIME ON THIS FIC! Please continue, please?! You portray Lily so uniquely... and I just LOVE it!! PLEASE CONTINUE!

Author's Response: I'm glad you think I'm portraying Lily uniquely. I do try to portray her the way I read her in the books, through what some characters told Harry. I started this fic because I couldn't find one who portrayed her like the character I like and find so intriguing.

Thanks for reading and leaving a review!

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Review #9, by srg902 Secrets

27th June 2007:
Nooo! You're not wasting your time!!! You're really good! Go on, go on!

Author's Response: Wow... thanks! I know some people might think I wrote this A/N to have more reviews. I didn't. I just wanted to let the readers know that I might abandon this story. But I won't. As long as theer will be readers, I won't.

Thanks for the review. :D

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Review #10, by srg902 Revenge, Marauders' Style

27th June 2007:
I'm like Hermione or Lily myself, so I wouldn't know. This was an awesome chapter, but I'm worried about James' um...infatuation with Lily.

Author's Response: I'm not a prankster myself... OMG, I would have liked Fred and George to be in the room - or even better, the Marauders themselves! - when I wrote this chapter.

I'm glad you liked this chapter. And don't worry too much about James' infatuation with Lily - I don't much like James drooling each time he sees Lily - far too clichéd!

Thanks again for leaving a review!

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Review #11, by srg902 Welcome To Hogwarts

27th June 2007:
Long stories are always the best.

Author's Response: Yes, I do have to agree. Or the only novel I'm writing wouldn't have started as a short story, that turned into a novella, and finally into a novel... I like long story - you can get to know the characters slowly.

Thanks for r/r! :)

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Review #12, by srg902 A Sense of Belonging

27th June 2007:
Woot! Sirius! Sorry, but you just have to love him.

Author's Response: I do, I do... He's a great character. Unfortunately, I don't like reading him in most fanfics.
Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #13, by srg902 A Witch!

27th June 2007:
Petunia needs to get a life...

Author's Response: Yes she does - but I'm afraid it's not with Vernon that she will ever have one... *sighs*

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Review #14, by me again Secrets

27th June 2007:
i'm praying that sirius and rowan get together. that scene were sirius is transformed and pushes rowan on the ground and licks her cheek and is just so cute. again thanks!!!

i messed up those lines up there and my everything has got to be perfect self forced me to fix it!) thanks!!!

Author's Response: haha. That's ok. I can read - and write ;) - typonese. And a lot more. But I know what you mean, being an "everything's got to be perfect" person too.

Again, glad you liked the chappy!

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Review #15, by don't have a penname Secrets

27th June 2007:
i really like this story. i wish you would continue it. pretty please!oh well, if you don't i totally understand (it has to be a lot of work writing a story,even one that already has all of the characters made).thanks!!!

I gave you a 8 as in so good its verging on one of the best storys i have read to date

i'm praying that sirius and rowan get together. that scene were sirius is transformed and pushes rowan on the ground and licks her cheek and just so cute. again thanks!!!

Author's Response: Yes, it's a lot of work to write a fic, but I'm enjoying every second I spend writing on any of my fics - and especially the novel, because my friend and I are writing OCs - or I wouldn't do it.

I never wanted to abandon this fic, but I had the feeling that I had to... obviously I was wrong. As long as there will be at least one reader, I'll keep on writing.

About the scene with Rowan and Sirius, it had to be him. It couldn't be Wormtail, and it couldn't be Moony either. So...

Thanks for reading and leaving a review!

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Review #16, by Tabi Prewett Revenge, Marauders' Style

4th June 2007:
OMG I am laughing so hard I can barely hold back the tears. That prank I believe takes the cake and then some. I would never in a million years thought of that (other than Miones idea in the book) this one was much better far better..JK better watch out..LOL But you know I can imagine Lily taking Snape out on the last weekend becasue that is the type of person she is. She is very kind and loving..

Keep up the great work..Once again a great chapter...

Until next Chapter...Tabi

Author's Response: Really? You're not saying that just because we're friends and you know I know I suck at writing humor? And, well, pranks have to make people laugh... I'm trying, I'm really trying.

Yes, Lily would have asked Snape out, but would he have said yes? I doubt it. She's kind and loving, but he's not. She's just a Mudblood to him, isn't she?

Thanks for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #17, by lolhee Welcome To Hogwarts

10th April 2007:
Aww this was cute when you got to Sirius, and James. Does James like her yet, I may have missed that? Lucius Malfoy, maybe he sould be turned into a ferret in this story, that would be cool. You did a great job with the characters, and I can't wait for the next chapter to come out, so post.

Author's Response: Yes, James likes Lily... like a friend. This is Lily's story, but it can't be told without James, and thus without the Marauders. Lucius Malfoy being turned into a ferret... that's an idea! I'm glad you like the way I'm developing the characters. I'll try to post the next chapter soon.
Thanks for the reviews. :D

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Review #18, by lolhee A Sense of Belonging

10th April 2007:
I for one loved the description, and thought that the way you addressed her parents behavior was perfect. I really love this story, but I think that the chapter was a little short, but again I hardly write. Good job, I'm onto the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you. I added the part about Mr and Mrs Evans when I updated/edited this chapter. Even with the things I added, it's still a bit short. I'm glad you liked it anyway.
Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #19, by lolhee A Witch!

9th April 2007:
I love how you began the story with a younger version of Lily that was magnificent. I see that Lily has a soft spot for her sister. I love all of Lily’s mishaps. Lily got her Hogwarts letter. I loved the way you wrote it. I loved, and I’m sorry about being so slow, I have to update about Carolyn in the Off topic forum which wasn’t good, and then I panicked at what happened. Anyway this has some wonderful potential, and I can’t wait to see where you go with it. Off to the next chapter.

Author's Response: I've always wanted to write about Lily's life with this fic. So I had to begin when she was a young child, not when she was about to start at Hogwarts. Later on in the fic, there will be more about the Marauders. But in this first chapter, it's just Lily. And how she was always different. I'm not sure JKR will write Lily's story - I'd love to, but I don't think she will. So I'm trying to fill in the blanks (I like doing that in all of my fanfics).
I'm glad you liked this first chapter. Thanks for reading and reviewing. :D

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Review #20, by Bravo_LadyGrace Welcome To Hogwarts

19th February 2007:
really good, i like how they (l&j) start out as friends first.
please update soon!

Author's Response: I don't believe in hate turning into love. So, sure, Lily disagreed sometimes with James and his friends, but I think they could have been friends.
I'll update as soon as possible.
Thanks for r&r.

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Review #21, by Pronunciation_Hermy_One Welcome To Hogwarts

13th February 2007:
Oh, Anne!

I hope you update this soon! It's. wonderful! I MEAN that, honestly!

You make me really love Mr. and Mrs. Evans... and feel for poor Petunia.

Have I told you lately that I love this? I do!
Keep up the excellent work, dearest... It's great :)


Author's Response: I should update soon. lol. I'm glad you love it. You see, the first two chapters were among the first four chapters I wrote in English. My English and my writing skills in English have improved since then. lol.
Thank you for reading and reviewing! *hugs*


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Review #22, by Pronunciation_Hermy_One A Sense of Belonging

13th February 2007:
Oh, Anne-

We've met Lily and Petunia and Tom and Sirius and his mum and Mr. and Mrs. Evans... This is incredible! Why didn't you recommend before, dearest? :P

I REALLY like this fic so far. It's so. magical- like the first HP book. Everything was innocent and exciting and new... I love it :)


Author's Response: Why would I recommend that fic? lol. I'm just having fun with the characters of the Marauders Era. Oh, ok, it won't always be fun.... But you know what I mean. And, really, it needed to be updated!
Thanks for reviewing, dear.


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Review #23, by Pronunciation_Hermy_One A Witch!

13th February 2007:

I love your Lily! She's adorable :P

I'm shocked I haven't read this yet. Hmmm, I can't wait to read on!


Author's Response: Hey Courtney!
Nah, why would you be shocked? It's not one of my best fics. It's sweet, but definitely a light read.
But yeah, Lily is adorable when she's a child. lol.
Thanks for reading and reviewing. *huggles*


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Review #24, by wildharrypotter01fan Welcome To Hogwarts

12th February 2007:
I love it!Are you writing more?

Author's Response: Yes, I'm writing more. Glad you love it. :D
Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #25, by GinnyWeasleyPotter A Sense of Belonging

21st December 2006:
Sorry I've taken so long to review!

Aw, this was a sweet chapter, I liked the way Lily was in such awe about Diagon Alley, and how Sirius stuck up for her.

I think that a little more detail would be good, which would really pull us into the story. I think that Lily would have more thoughts and emotions about Diagon Alley. I think that if you had her parents going, "Oh my, Lily, look at that!" and pointing somewhere, then Petunia sniffing throughout the story, it would add a bit.

I liked how you ended the chapter, it's a really good paragraph.

Good job! 9/10


Author's Response: Thank you. That's been my thought for some time now. I need to update that fic and add more to it. It was one of my first two fanfics, and I guess I didn't dare write too much at the time. Now I'm more confident in my writing skills in English though, so I'm going to re-write them.
Thanks for reading and reviewing,


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