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Review #1, by henryjones Wedding Day

8th February 2008:
hey! what a cute little one shot! it actually made me smile and giggle that little sort of half giggle that happens when somethings just too sweet to help it. i dont know if you know what im talking about. but it is saying something, given that ive been told i might secretly be a rock because of my apparent lack of emotions. anyway, that was just a long way of saying this one shot was super sweet and i loved it. i cant wait to read the sort of next part/explanation of this one which i saw on your authors page. the one thats about harry and ginny. which is a good thing, because the part with harry and ginny in this one seemed rather random. maybe its just because dh has already come out, so im not waiting "patiently" to find out how harry and ginny are going to get back together. because it was inevitable.
anyway, im going to shut up now. this was a brilliant one shot and i loved it. thank you for writing this! ;)

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. As you've probably guessed, I wrote this before DH came out. Nobody knew the details of the wedding, and everybody was guessing. I decided to buck the trend of having it at the Burrow (got that one wrong, didn't I?) and to write from the groom's perspective. Bill thinks and experiences a lot of the same things I did on my wedding day. And I thought the song was appropriate. Thanks for leaving a comment, and by all means keep reading.

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Review #2, by Aligiah Wedding Day

18th July 2007:
Great choice of song! This was a great wedding! This is actually the first wedding one-shot I have ever read. Great job on it to. :]


Author's Response: Yeah, I'm a sucker for the romance. Of course, I've probably got it all wrong, but we'll know Saturday, won't we? :-) Glad you liked it, though. By all means, read the other stuff! There's more wedding goodness in "Red Knight"!

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Review #3, by MysticalE Wedding Day

7th February 2007:
This is such a cute story! I love that it's from Bill's point of view.

I like how you mentioned that he looks much more like his father now, it's a nice little inclusion that makes him more of the family.

The ending is my favorite. I love how you had Harry/Ginny get together at the end. It just makes the wedding seem all the more magical, and the day all that much more happy.

Great job!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! Bill gets surprisingly little coverage in fanfic, and wedding stories are usually told from the bride's viewpoint. But the groom gets plenty of stress, believe me! If you want more wedding day goodness, check "Tale of the Red Knight". Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by Fish and Bird Wedding Day

8th December 2006:
I'm sorry I didn't find this little cracker earlier! Many of us have now taken a stab at 'The Wedding' in our various stories and we'll soon ba able to see how we all measured up when J.K. Rowling unleashes book seven upon the world. No matter how that pans out, this touching and realistic account of Bill's and Fleur's wedding will continue to stand as testament to an author who hasn't written enough stories yet!

Author's Response: Thanks! High praise indeed! And I am working on the next chapter, it's just that I've got two kids and a very demanding job right now. Plus I came down with a nasty case of writer's block a couple months back, and my computer decided to embark on a new career as a paperweight. The next chapter of "Blues for My Father" is proceeding apace, though I won't give any guarantees as to when it'll be up. Thanks again, though.

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Review #5, by Golden Trio Wedding Day

15th October 2006:
I love it it's awesome

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! Now go read the rest!

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Review #6, by magicflute Wedding Day

22nd August 2006:
Ha, cool, love how you have tied it together with the Tale of the Red Knight :)

Author's Response: Actually, Red Knight grew out of this one. I couldn't help wondering what happened between Harry and Ginny, and so I sat down and wrote. I'm keeping an internally consistent timeline; there will be references in Blues for My Father to events in this story. Glad you're enjoying things so far.

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Review #7, by hermiones_patronus Wedding Day

1st August 2006:
aaaw! that was cute. you use such wonderful details and i felt like i was at a real wedding. keep up the good work. 9/10

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. Read the others, by all means!

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Review #8, by JolieFille252 Wedding Day

20th July 2006:
Aww! just aww!! it was fluffy, but not cheesy, and I love a good non-cheesy romance. excellent job!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. Read the other stuff too! I live for reviews!

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Review #9, by StepUpTimneh Wedding Day

21st May 2006:
I saw this recommended, and I had some free time, so I decided to read it. It was great! Your style is mature and flows very nicely, and your descriptions were spectacular. All I can say is write more!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! That's the first time my writing's been called mature, though. It's been called many other things, but not mature. I've got another fic that's almost ready for beta review, so stick tight! There's more coming!

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Review #10, by PropMaster Wedding Day

15th May 2006:
Oh my! What a lovely little gem I've stumbled onto! Your descriptions are wonderful and the emotionality you impart to this tale is a treat to read! Yet you don't fall into the trap of sickly-sweet emoting, a real feat in and of itself given the subject of weddings. You write so beautifully; I hope you will continue on and add more stories.

Author's Response: I relied heavily on my own wedding day memories for this, especially Bill's reaction to seeing Fleur for the first time. And never fear, there's another, related fic in the hopper! It'd get done sooner if I didn't have this pesky job...

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Review #11, by Jessi_Rose Wedding Day

4th May 2006:
This was extremely well written! Your descriptions and emtions were right in queue. It was a little on the short side, but still, you pulled off the song-fic beautifully. I almost had tears at the beginning, just reading the song within the fic. Wonderful job!!! ~Jessi

Author's Response: Thanks! I wanted to take a break from this monstrous big thing I've been working on and get a little something out there. I had help from an excellent beta, Lady_Rhian, so she should get her proper credit. Of course, this little thing has spawned a plot-bunny of its own, so there will soon be another fic out here! Again, thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by Pure Muggle Wedding Day

1st May 2006:
this is so sweet! Well written, love it!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! Tell your friends! :-) There will be more, I promise!

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