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Review #1, by JamesLilyHarry Back to school...

25th April 2007:
pretty good! though I think a new paragraph should be made every time a new speaker starts talking. it juts makes things a little easier. annyway, good job!

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Review #2, by chelsie_potter338 The talking continues

18th February 2007:
oooh does voldie invade if you do anymore chapies

Author's Response: well, i'm not quite sure but the storyline currently doesn't involve Voldermort invading per say...but he does basically take over Hogwarts while their hiding out...thanks heaps for the review and the next chappie should be up soon!

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Review #3, by seeker4u The talking continues

16th January 2007:
Keep WEriting!;}

Author's Response: Yup, will do. I'm just about to start the 9th chappie...thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #4, by PRETTY IN PINK "Your joking right?!?!?!"

25th November 2006:

Author's Response: thanks, i'm currently drafting the eighth chappie
thanks so much for reviewing

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Review #5, by rubyblue Back to school...

24th November 2006:
It's the 1970's. Rachel Bilson wasn't even born yet. How could she be in one of their magazines.

Author's Response: yeah....true....that's why this is set in our time not like the 70's that's what the first bit said.....but maybe I stuffed it up
anyways thankyou HEAPS for reviewing

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Review #6, by draco_lova_4eva "Your joking right?!?!?!"

17th October 2006:
right on rosie heheh bet u cant guess hu this is iv changed my name and wrote in something random i realli love dis story (ur beloved is a biatch!!!)

Author's Response: THNX HEAPS 4 the review....and yes he is a little bit weird...oh n i do no its emily!!!!!

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Review #7, by OTHCharmedHPfreak A new Headmaster

7th September 2006:
I always feel bad for James...

Author's Response: i felt bad for James when i wrote that too...his attempt did seem a little pathetica and the girls were acting a bit mean.Apart from that i hope your enjoying this story and thanks heaps for reviewing!!!!!

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Review #8, by gabzi27 A new Headmaster

12th July 2006:
more please

Author's Response: thnx heaps...i'm currently working on the 5th chappie. Hopefully it'll be up really soon...thanks for the review

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Review #9, by Potter_Freak2 A new Headmaster

20th June 2006:
I liked the chappter. Yes i want u to make another one A.S.A.P!! =)

Author's Response: Thnx heaps 4 the encoragment & the review, but chappie 4 might take a little while as i'm acctually getting into the plot 'n' stuff but i'll try really hard 2 write it quickly!!!
thnx again

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Review #10, by Silver_Fang1313 "Something seems different"

14th June 2006:
hey keep trying! your doin' good so far, i can't really say anything because i don't have enough guts or imagination to write a story and let everyone see! so keep it up im sure it will turn out great.

Author's Response: Thnx heaps. I didn't think I had enough imagination either but I luv the characters that J.K made so ya. If u luv hp then i'm sure u could make a great fic.
Thnx heaps 4 chappie is validating or maybe its finished anyways thnx heaps

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Review #11, by JAY!!! Back to school...

14th May 2006:
nice one! *winks approvingly*
me like!
write on girlfriend!
P.S. i would give u more then 10, but thats all it gets up too....damn point thingies!!

Author's Response: Thnx..i'l post another chappie as soon as i can....wen i get thru my moumtian of homework that is
thnx 4 reviewing

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