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Review #1, by alexis Cold Beauty

16th February 2014:
You are an amazing writer I stayed up till ungodly hours of the morning reading. I love how you wrote with raw emotions and used heart-wrenching adjectives PLEASE WRITE ANOTHER

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Review #2, by moondragonlover Says Who?

18th September 2013:
Where is chapter two? I can't read it without knowing the whole thing.

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Review #3, by Wolfie Blood Lust

26th June 2012:
First of all, I'm a Draco/Luna shipper so no grief there. And, for the most part, your story was well written. I have only two nitpicks: one on your writing which I hope you will take as constructive criticism and one on the story because this was really bothering me.

My first complaint is the way you have the characters talk. Not all of the time, but sometimes you used dialogue in uncomfortable ways. They say everything that's on their mind or give all of the information they have, and it sounds really forced. This is easy to fix by some condensation and cutting. For example, Draco's line "Grotesque? Disgusting? Cruel and coldhearted?" This could be completely discarded and the paragraph would still work. As it is, it doesn't sound like something a person would say. If you liked the angst of this line, try tacking it onto his next line to make, say, "I know it's disgusting" or "I know it's horrible." Try reading your dialogue out loud. If it sounds silly, it probably needs to be tweaked.

Secondly, you made it about vampires! Dude! This is Harry Potter fanfic. They're wizards! Isn't that awesome enough for you? I give you props that they're not Twilight-ified vampires but come on. There was hardly any magic involved. I'm a little disappointed in the direction you took, as you could have had much the same story without the vampires if you had put a little work into it. I was just a little sorry the wizard aspect seemed to be pushed off to the side.

Any other characterization "mistakes" I could mention are probably changes you were aware of and made consciously, like making Pansy nice. I'm not complaining about those at all. (And I really liked Draco's "I'm really nice now" thing with the trio. Reminded me of AVPM.)

I think you could be a really good writer, given some work. I can tell you worked hard on this story and that shows in the quality. Good job.

One last question, though. Why do you forgo good spelling and grammar when writing in your own voice, at the bottom of each chapter?

Anyway, thank you for writing this story. I liked reading it.

Author's Response: What can I say, I was 14 or 15 when I wrote this. (23 now) Excuse the really bad plot and lack of magic. We all have our horrid moments of crash landing before we pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and learn to embrace our real 'inner voices'. Thanks for sticking around, and all of your input :)
Reading some of these old responses makes me realize how terrible of a kid I was..haha!

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Review #4, by Carol78y Blood Lust

20th December 2010:
hey i loved this story from start to finish you had me reading thins thing for anout 45 minutes!

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Review #5, by Luna Lovegood Herself xxooxx Blood Lust

19th December 2010:
heyah! i love the story!! i thought Draco was going to kill Luna at the last bit when he bit her in his bedroom lol still i love it to bits!! i want more :)

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Review #6, by luna_lovegood101 Blood Lust

9th January 2009:
are u going to mske more

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Review #7, by H.S. Peaches

6th December 2008:
so sad. too sad in my opinion!

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Review #8, by Slytherinfan666(2 lazy to log in) Tears of Blood

6th April 2008:


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Review #9, by Slytherinfan666(2 lazy to log in) Secret

6th April 2008:
O_o but their is no rivalry between ravenclaw and Slytherin.they CAN be friends.but going off topic for a minute--Do you realize some of the most stupid things Hogwarts does.Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff always work and fight against each other-and they are friends.and for some stupid reason Gryffindor and Slytherin are forced to work/fight against each other when it's obvious they hate each other,they always have.and who was the idit to shut up a thousand hormonally driven teenagers in a castle,teach then rivalry and how to curse and hex each other,while expecting then to 'not fight'?

these questions keep me up at night


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Review #10, by ... Blood Lust

2nd February 2008:
This is really a great story. I like how you show Luna and Draco's relationship; Luna is not a pathetic hopefull and Draco actually cares about her. I also love how you portray Luna; I am very similar to her, we both are considered crazy but truly I just use it to cover my faults. I'm having trouble with the gaps in your story however, and how does a vampire mark their mate(?) ? Overall good!

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Review #11, by Queen Starla_wierd93 Murderer

26th January 2008:
I really liked this chapther but ummm...wat happened to chapter 2?

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Review #12, by kristeen_jeanne123 Blood Lust

28th September 2007:
love it.

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Review #13, by Tom_DracosGirl Blood Lust

16th September 2007:
Forgive me for not reviewing all the chapters but I've just read this fic the whole way through & I didnt want to stop lol.

I thought the plot was great! Just when you thought Blaise was dead he's back with a vengence!!!

But I'm glad D/L finally got together! Cant wait to find out what happens next. Fab story, really well written.

Keep up the good work!

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Review #14, by jbluvr17 Blood Lust

13th July 2007:
i never thought i would like a Luna/Draco pairing, but in this case i love it.

Author's Response: wow thank you very much, and updates coming soon; thanks for sticking with the story

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Review #15, by earth_elemental Secret

29th June 2007:
I'm sorry but I have to stop reading your story. It just sounds too much like a sappy love story.

Author's Response: when leaving a review of any kind, especially if it contains criticism, make it HELPFUL and not INSULTING. at least be respectful to someone and don't insult their work when you haven't even read the rest. don't waste your time writing deflating reviews such as this because they don't affect me. when you criticize someone you should first and foremost give them advice on how they can improve their work, not be an uneducated squab. nobody needs to be insulted on this website, what we're all trying to do is express our feelings and emotions and try to become better writers...not to accomodate others. so sorry if you didn't like the story, but instead of being insulting, next time try being helpful. ... [god why do i even waste time on helpless minds anymore?] X_X

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Review #16, by earth_elemental Murderer

29th June 2007:
The killing was really over doing it. When scenes like that happens it makes the story seem unbelieveable.

Author's Response: yes, everything is pretty much unbelieveable i guess if you don't have any imagination whatsoever.

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Review #17, by earth_elemental Says Who?

29th June 2007:
I was so excited to see a Luna/Draco fan fiction!!! and I was not disappointed!

Author's Response: uhmmm ok.

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Review #18, by Luna_Hamoc_5 Blood Lust

4th June 2007:
when r u gonna finish this story ive bin waitin lyk 4eva and it still ay dun!
But it still a v. kwl story!

Author's Response: wow uhm well i'm going to upload the next chapter tomorrow, so cheers! and thanks for reviewing, i'm glad you like it!

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Review #19, by Anniepop Blood Lust

29th May 2007:
this story is amazing, i kinda wish draco and luna weren't vampires, but i think that its still cool even if they are :) keep it up

Author's Response: hahaha you're the first person to not want them to be vamps lol =P thanks for reviewing; glad you like it so far!

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Review #20, by Anniepop Crying Angel

29th May 2007:
Wow, i really love this story. Its really great :)

Author's Response: awww lol thankiesss :*:* >.<

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Review #21, by Jc Secret

10th May 2007:
an interestin, unexpected turn in the story! i had a borrible feeling this was going to turn out to be predictable but you've proved me wrong!

this is the best chapter so far

Author's Response: wow thank you so much! it seems this chapter itself had more success than i first thought it would. i probably underestimated the surprise it held since it wasn't that surprising for me--i mean, i wrote it. cheers and thanks once again! =]

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Review #22, by Violet Lou Blood Lust

30th April 2007:
I find your story very interesting ! Every chapter is great ! Go on to write Draco-Luna story!But,( I was wondering), is it the end of the story with this chapter? I hope no

Author's Response: i'm extremely pleased that you like this story, violet, [such a lovely name by the way] as i put a lot of work, emotion and personal experience in it. this is NOT the last chapter, thank god. i hope i'll be able to update somehwere in the following 2 days. thanks 4 the awesome review =]

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Review #23, by Reading Fool Blood Lust

11th April 2007:
Most marvelous chapter. Can't wait to read what comes next. Until then.

Author's Response: yes, quite intense [evil smirk] i truly enjoyed writing this one. thank you very much for all your fabulous reviews! cheers!!

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Review #24, by Reading Fool Cold Beauty

11th April 2007:
Really great chapter. I must read on. More! More!

Author's Response: yes, yes thank you sooo much for all these great reviews! you flatter me! =]

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Review #25, by Reading Fool Falling

11th April 2007:

Author's Response: THANK YOU! :D

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