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Review #1, by harrypotter417 Birth

10th July 2011:
ah, harry is just like gothic it would seem.

Author's Response: Well he is the model Gryffindor student. And very similar formative years.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #2, by GryffGoddess10 Race

21st June 2009:
interesting...i can't wait to read more, but you do tend to slip into slang when you are writing, please try to avoid that in the future, because it is really distracting. other than that i am excited to read more

Author's Response: Thank you for the honest review. I will have to read over this fic again to sort out where I am using the slang so that I can try to avoid it in the future.

This story will be accelerating soon and I have begun writing the summary for a later installment in this series. I may post a small snippet at the end of an upcoming chapter for you all.

Keep reading and reviewing so that I can figure out where I need to improve.

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Review #3, by Harrys_Patronum Origin

25th May 2009:
ah Binns! le gasp!!! I love it! But i'm exhauated so I'm leaving you with this craptastic review, a lolly pop *hands lolly pop* and te promise of a beter review next time


Author's Response: Ha hows that for a twist for ya. Who better to teach History of Magic then the man who was there for half of it, and lived through (forgive the pun) rest of it.

Thank you for the lollypop *gulps it down* and there is nothign at all wrong with your review. It's actually there. I need more so I know where to tweak and improve. But I'll certainly take the promise of new reviews. And I'll make sure I catch up on your awesome works tomoz after trade school.

Catch ya and thanks for the review.

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Review #4, by titlemaster Race

27th April 2009:
its fantastic
hope u update sooner than later

Author's Response: I have the outline for the next chapter ready to go, but Eternal Conflict is making me write it at the moment. I can't focus on anything else until it let's me go. Hopefully it won't be too long and I will settle into a one two posting schedule.
Thank you for taking the time to review though. I'm really glad you're enjoying this story. It's my baby.

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Review #5, by titlemaster War

18th February 2009:
post the next story soon

Author's Response: just polishing the next chapter now and am working on three new stories to boot all of which should be posted shortly.
thanks for the review.

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Review #6, by drownzer War

19th December 2008:
it took a long time but it has payed it self with the best chp
i rly liked it
the best
plz post the next chp soon

Author's Response: the new chapter is 4/5 complete and will be posted straight away once finished.
i'm glad you are enjoying the story.
thank you for reviewing.

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Review #7, by Ellie Dreams

23rd October 2008:
Very nice (: Well written, excellent plot. Please keep up the good work, I am looking forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Just posted chapter 18.
Hope you enjoy it as much as you have so far.
Thank you very much for the review.

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Review #8, by Dagaz Dreams

18th October 2008:
Excellent story. I am very glad to see a story that goes into the lives of the founders. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review.
I am approximately 1/4 of the way through the next chapter and then it shall be posted so there shouldn't be much longer to wait.

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Review #9, by sorceress Dreams

7th October 2008:
this is for all chapters.

This was a great story, I hope thee is more

Author's Response: thank you very much for reading. there will be a new chapter coming as soon as i can get past this damn writers block. keep reading and reviewing.

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Review #10, by TallyTonksSweet Flight

6th February 2008:
Great story! Hope to read more stories by you!

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad you enjoy it. Currently writing some new chapters for a few of my stories and have a few others stewing around upstairs.

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Review #11, by freddy Origin

7th October 2007:
i LOVE this story it is really really goood.
please keep writing it

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to read and review it. The next chapter is currently being beta-ed and shall be up as soon as the queue allows. I hope you continue reading.

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Review #12, by emeraldkeeper Origin

19th April 2007:
I loved it! when are they going to meet salazar? please update soon!

Author's Response: oh i have a feeling that they shall cross paths very soon. very soon indeed

*evil cackling**coughs badly**more evil cackling*

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Review #13, by Mr sloane Origin

12th April 2007:
really interesting chapter:) i just l-o-v-e the trio too cute:D i cant wiat for the next chapter

Author's Response: been rather busy of late but the new chapter shall be ready soon. glad you all like the story so much

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Review #14, by Accio Brain Birth

12th April 2007:
Brilliant story!

Just a couple mistakes, wizards/witches call doctors healers, newborn babys of an hour old are too tired to giggle, my niece only just started to smile at 3/2 weeks old

But other than that its an amzing story and wonderful story-line

Author's Response: thanks. i shall fix some of those. but it is fictional so it things like the giggling are acceptable as poetic license. keep reading.

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Review #15, by Polly Flight

2nd April 2007:
its good but please spell hufflpuff right its an L not an N lol!

Author's Response: Um ok. But can you please point out exactly where this error is? I can't find it anywhere in the chapter. I hate spelling mistakes. Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #16, by drako demaskas Origin

24th March 2007:
I've read the whole thing, Loved every bit of it.

please for godsake write more! im at a loss for anything to do!

Author's Response: Oh trust me, there is a LOT more coming. And then there is the rest of the Timeline series, so keep reading.

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Review #17, by Celtic_Dragon_89 Origin

22nd March 2007:
NICE story so far.

Author's Response: thanx for the review. glad you are enjoying the story. next chapter is nearly ready and will be up soon.

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Review #18, by Lil Miss Monkey Wands

4th February 2007:
One word, WOW, I really love this story, definately going on my favourites, this is the second of your stories I like and this is, by far, the best I have read so far, please do continue soon, I will definately be looking out for updates,


From, Megz

Author's Response: Thank you. This is my baby, my main story and it is part of a series that will cover everything from the Founders all the way to what happens after the second war. I shall update very soon so keep your eyes open for it.

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Review #19, by stranger_than_fiction Wands

22nd January 2007:
I love it! No, that's okay.

Anyways, I was slightly suprised to see that Gringotts and Olivanders are already there, but when I think about it, it totally makes sense.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter! *brandishes sword* You better get it up there soon, buster! :)

I loved it!


Author's Response: well in the movie the sign on Ollivanders says est. 380 BC or something so i figured that Diagon Alley would be there.

next chappie is coming so please don't hurt me. remember to keep reviewing

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Review #20, by stranger_than_fiction Fire

22nd January 2007:
Oooh...this is really getting interesting!

I can't wait to read the next chapter!


Author's Response: woot. i cant believe how much people like this story. the next chappie will be up as soon as LWY is out of it.

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Review #21, by stranger_than_fiction Night

22nd January 2007:
I like this one, yet again!

I didn't mean to offend you, but for some reason, my style is to have people in the rain, screaming to the sky. That's me, but what you said totally makes sense.

The love triangle? I think it's the part that you say that Helga must like Godric, because whenever he's there she kicks or something like that. Anyways, great chapter, I'm going to the next!


Author's Response: offend me? you never offended me.

oh that was just a prelude to the whole Helga Godric best friends thing. but it could become something later on you will have to wait and see.

keep readign

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Review #22, by stranger_than_fiction Triumph

21st January 2007:
I really like this so far...I'll review the rest later. :)

Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: goody. make sure you remember to review the others. Chapter 11 is just about ready and should be in waiting by next week.

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Review #23, by stranger_than_fiction Nature

21st January 2007:
The's okay, but I don't exactly like the way it turned out in the ending, and I'm just wondering why his emotions for finding out who was responsible for his parent's deaths wasn't stronger, but that's just me.

Keep it up! :)

Author's Response: how do you mean you dont like the way that it turned out?
he reacts as he does due to the way he was raised by the Hufflepuffs. they taught him to respond to adversity with humility and patience. thats why he takes the news so calmly. he realises that getting all teary over it wont help, he just resolves to do everything in his power from that day forth to avenge them.
hope that helps a little.

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Review #24, by stranger_than_fiction Revelations

21st January 2007:
Yet again, I am definetely enjoying this so far. :)

I just realized that you haven't reviewed my Founders story. Oh well.

On to the next chappie!

Author's Response: woot. im glad you like it. i am going off to read it as soon as im finished responding to the reviews here, scouts honor.

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Review #25, by stranger_than_fiction Friends

21st January 2007:
Okay, I just got a teensy bit confused. Did both of Godric's parents die? I'm too tired to reread it. :(

Do I see a love triangle forming? lol

Keep up the good work! (again)


Author's Response: yeah his father was killed by Charles and his mother died shortly after giving birth to him.

ok am i missing something in my own writing here? everyone keeps talking bout a love triangle, i must be the only one who cant see it. im gonna have to reread the story myself i think
so in that case. maybe, you will have to wait until later to find out.

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