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Review #1, by Lovely_Slytheriness Decay

24th October 2007:
Hey hun - I´ll read this soon, but I´m too tired at the moment and I just wanted to tell you that I think it´s kinda cool that we have chosen the exact same title to our stories! (I´m not looking at the reviews for this one, I don´t want to spoil anything, lol!)

Oh, just ignore silly little me, just wanted to let you know that I (obvioulsy) am easiley amused xD


Author's Response: Oh, haha, I wrote this one a LONG time's pretty bad...seriously, not EXACTLY worth your reading...just saying. Haha

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Review #2, by holly bergman Wardrobe

27th December 2006:
hehe...bellatrix buy a fellytision...not likely yet funny.

Everyone in this fic is slightly OOC but I kinda enjoyed it. I think I've read a bit of this before...

Author's Response: Yeah haha I did get a bit OOC I admit.

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Review #3, by tulpylak Wardrobe

7th December 2006:
I liked this chapter,the emotions that Voldemort felt seeing his old self.I hope you add some more capthers to the story!!!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'll try to get more chapters up!

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Review #4, by DirtyLittleSecret Cure

6th June 2006:
AH! The cliffhanger is killing me. What an original and engrossing story! Keep writing, please!

Author's Response: The next one is already written. I'm just up to my ears in work right now! Much thanks!

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Review #5, by tulpylak Cure

29th May 2006:
this is a great story!I hope you update it soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! Chapter 3 is coming very soon, I promise!

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Review #6, by FirePearl Cure

21st May 2006:
Me like, me like 10/10

Author's Response: I'm glad! I'm gonna give your review a 10/10 ;-)

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Review #7, by julezwolf11 Decay

20th May 2006:
Veeery beautifully written :-D Totally amazing

Author's Response: Thanks Julie!! Haha

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Review #8, by holly bergman Cure

18th May 2006:
Am very, very disturbed...Great story.

Author's Response: Disturbed? Thanks...? Haha

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Review #9, by tulpylak Decay

13th May 2006:
This story is great!Please update it!!!

Author's Response: Okay, Chap three is coming soon. I haven't done 4 yet though

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