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Review #1, by opalrachel55 Chapter 8: Broomsticks, Jewels, Wands, Robes and Books

11th March 2007:
plz update faster plz

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Review #2, by HPdiva Chapter 8: Broomsticks, Jewels, Wands, Robes and Books

29th November 2006:
When I first stumbled upon your story I really really wanted to read it but didn't want to set myself up for dissapointment when I saw that it was 'abandoned'!! But I couldn't help it, it was calling my name, I swear. So I came up with this plan to leave you a long review in hopes it will convince you to start up again and if all else fails track you down and haul your butt to the computer, sound good? I know it does! But what would make you abandon a story, especially when it was getting so good, and I mean, one of the best I've read and belive me I have an adiction to this site so I've read quite alot. I am also not very happy because I want to know more behind her parents murders, her family, and her mysterious 'grandparents'.who are they??hm?? couldn't you of atleast stopped after you told us?Jk, I would rather you to have NOT stopped and KEPT GOING!! grrr. it angers me to see such a great story lost especially when your such a great writer. I'm dieing to know more about James and Sirius too, I find myself laying awake at night coming up with all the possible solutions, so if its writers block you have I'd be gald to help or offer support.(ponigall110@yahoo.com) I'll do anything if you get this going again. I know you may never read this or it is wishfull thinking that one day you'll find yourself bored and check your story reviews and be inspired to restart it! Is this getting too long? I sure hope not...but then again. hehe. well anyways, back to my point. Or better yet to sum it up, PLEASE TAKE IT OFF ABANDONMENT AND UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE. CAUSE YOUR TRULY AMAZING..hehe i may sound like a dork by spending time writing to you but I asure you I do have friends and am mentally stable.haha.;) but just do us all a favor and update :):):):)

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Review #3, by le_le weasley Chapter 8: Broomsticks, Jewels, Wands, Robes and Books

1st July 2006:
this is a very good story write more soon please

Author's Response: but of course =) thanks for the review -- Carley

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Review #4, by junk Chapter 8: Broomsticks, Jewels, Wands, Robes and Books

30th June 2006:
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND HILARIOUS!!! Especially e part with paul n susanna potter..its e best!!! Can't wait 4 more...

Author's Response: oh thankyou... you came back to read more... that means so much to me... thanks for the review... and I will be updating asap -- carley

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Review #5, by lo_zz_a Chapter 8: Broomsticks, Jewels, Wands, Robes and Books

30th June 2006:
loved the chapter. and don't worry about it being long, the longer the better.
cant wait to see how james and the broomstick pans out, i would hope that paul would be proud of james to some extent for getting into the study and his fasination with brooms? but we will see i suppose.
the wand intrigues me....is it leading to something?
love the story, update real soon.

Author's Response: yes... you shall find out... possibly in the next chapter... but then again you will find out alot of other things in the next chapter... if you like long chapters, you are going to love this one =)...
I am going to make something of Lily's wand core... but it's just the fact that in book 1 when Mr. Ollivander is telling harry of Lily and James's wands... he doesn't mention the core... I have no idea why, but yeh, if I have missed something please tell me... but I have a funny feeling that I haven't missed anything =) lol...

well thankyou for the review... I appreciate it alot and you coming back to read the story that is even better! hope to hear from you again! -- carley

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Review #6, by I love fred and George Chapter 7

26th June 2006:
keep writng i'm interested in this story

Author's Response: well... that's a start =) thanks for reviewing! - Carley

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Review #7, by potterchic4eva Chapter 7

23rd June 2006:
luved it, post more

Author's Response: thanks for the review... next chapter in a few days =) -- Carley

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Review #8, by lo_zz_a Chapter 7

22nd June 2006:
Im really liking this story.
Not much may have happened in the chapter, but it is still good to set the scene and build the story, rather than jump straight in, and I love the idea of the story - giving a background to Lily.
The story is also well written, so its easy to read, and you don't notice/mind that not much is happening.
Looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work

Author's Response: thank you so much for your review... I apologise for this chapter not been jam packed full of action, but as you said you do need those filling chapters to set the scene and build up suspense... I must say I immensely enjoyed writing this chapter =) call me odd if you like but it was thoroughly enjoying... hope to hear from you again when I post the next chapter... sincerely - Carley

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Review #9, by JessMiddy Chapter 7

21st June 2006:
cool! keep updating!

Author's Response: thank you so much for the review... my story is cool? Wow... yes I agree with you... I love it also *smiles* next chapter next week look out for it... strange stranger love is now projected to you... regards - Carley a.k.a hpOracle

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Review #10, by potterchic4eva Chapter 6

8th June 2006:
please please please post more

Author's Response: I will soon enough... thankyou for your review and your obvious excitment. =) -- Carley

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Review #11, by Darkstar Chapter 6

8th June 2006:
Hurry up and update!!!!!! I want to see what happens next. Already it is starting to read like a real book and for a while I forgot that this was fan fiction. I love the way you portray a damaged soul and I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: wow... you really thought that? Thank you so much! I hope to hear from you again... next chapter should be next week sometime... thanks again =) -- Carley

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Review #12, by momo2140 Chapter 4

7th June 2006:
very interesting so far! keep up the good work, it's great!

Author's Response: thankyou so much for the review... i hope you have read alittle further... it gets better *winks*... hope to hear from you again...

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Review #13, by junky Chapter 5

3rd June 2006:
Ahhhh!!!! Its BRILLIANT!!! So excitin and emotional at the same time!!! Really can't wait 4 more!!! One word 2 describe it....MAGNIFIQUE!!! PLs post more soon!!!

Author's Response: thankyou so much for the review and the compliments I really appreciate it. If you get this, I will be updating in a week or so... if I can =)... so look out for it... thanks again for the review bub bi - Carley a.k.a hpOracle

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Review #14, by chocs Chapter 4

14th May 2006:
AWESOME POSTS!! Can't get enough of the drama. This story is fantastic!!! Different from all the other stories. I jus luv the way Lily is reacting, there's spirit and fire in her. And James is a loner...not the normal 'james' in other stories where he gets all the attention. Hope to see more posts soon...

Author's Response: hey thanks alot for the review... I am very happy that you have enjoyed the story so far... hope to hear from you again -- Carley

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Review #15, by Sweden Chapter 4

9th May 2006:
I really liked this part of James, not being on top of things and not used to attention. His concern for his parents is a usuall tihng for James so that's not so new, but I liked the caracthers and the way they think and feel, so you get a pluss in my book! :) SKriv mer

Author's Response: hey thanks for the review and sticking with this story... yeh my James is alittle bit different from the usual he has alittle bit of me I think lol... meh... yeh I know James's parents are usually big shots... but hey it has to be like that... and I have a few twists and turns up my sleeve so it's not going to be the usual l/j fic... so stick with it =) thanks again for the review and keep reading -- Carley

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Review #16, by Fleur Delacleur Chapter 3

3rd May 2006:
Bravo! I really enjoy this story. Keep it coming!

Author's Response: thankyou for reading... I really appreciate it! I will update this story in a few days... so look out for it =) thanks again for the review! -- Carley

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Review #17, by Phoenix_Flames Chapter 1

27th April 2006:
This is a great story! Please update soon
Love from Drue
P.S: thanks for reviewing my pathetic story. It was my first, but I have another coming that will hopefully be better
Thaks alot and grrrrreat story

Author's Response: hey thanks for the review... ironically I just realised I had reviews for this story just then lol... I was counting on an email been sent to me.. but that didn't happen so i had the pleasant surprise finding I had 4 reviews... so thanks for been the most recent... hope to hear from you again and that you enjoyed the first chapter *smiles and waves*

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Review #18, by Cheeky Monkey Chapter 1

26th April 2006:
Awwww, this is sad but gd

Author's Response: aww... yeh I know but it has to be that way... I guess the character that I want Lily to be in this story has to go through alittle bit to be the person in later chapters... so thanks for reading I really appreciate it... and I hope you read the next chapter some time... bub bi *waves*

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Review #19, by Sweden Chapter 1

26th April 2006:
this is unbelievable exciting! I loved the way you started this story, not many stories have as good start as this, really nice. There was a couple of sentence mistakes here, but it was good that there was no comments throuout the story! I love your idea, and can't wait to read whos nocking on that door... Skriv mer!

Author's Response: thank you for all the compliments... I'm so happy you enjoyed the chapter... i write this story for myself, and then for people like you who enjoy reading it... so thanks alot for taking the time to review my story and I hope to hear from you again *waves*

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Review #20, by Padfoots Girl 32 Chapter 1

26th April 2006:
amazing story i love it. can't wait for more

Author's Response: thankyou for been the first person to review my story... I am happy you took the chance at reading a story without a review to it's name... you are the one that started the other reviews I received so thanks alot for that.... hope to hear from you again *waves*

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