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Review #1, by June Riddle P-p-potions

28th May 2007:
Hey real_life_sucks,
I really like your penname. Real life does suck it sucks hard. Anyway I haven't read this story yet but I was wondering if this was a Draco/hermione ship or not I mean I'm still going to read it because you're a great writer and your story the Prince and me is awesome. So I know this one will be just as great. Anyways I was going to ask you in a different way but they removed the contact authors thingy. So I decided to leave my first exteremly long review. So just idk review me back or something. THanks for writing such great stories!

Author's Response: hehe, yesh it does. Yes, this one is a Dramione, but I haven't written on it in absolute ages. If you want to read a Dramione story you'd have to check out The Point of No Return. Its the other Dramione one I am currently working on. And I'm glad you think I'm a great writer and like the prince and me :) and your welcome!

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Review #2, by padme_alejandra Along Those Lines...

15th May 2006:
Oh, I loved the end :D Excellent chapter Desi, I can't wait for more ^__^

Author's Response: hehe, I'm so mean. It really was a nothing happening chapter though, haha. But yeah, just wanted to set it up. I have the first paragraph written of the next one :)

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Review #3, by Mouse16 Along Those Lines...

15th May 2006:
NOOOOOOOO! You can't do this to me! *let's out a sob* I want to know what happens! Arrggrr you are so mean leaving me in suspence! Hurry and write more!

Author's Response: MUAHAHAHAHA. I just did :) hehe. Any guesses to her mysterious lover is? Or the stalker? *does funky eyebrow thing* I'm working on the next chapter! I hope to have it done, MAYBE, by monday. if not, I should have it by the next weekend.

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Review #4, by padme_alejandra Hermione's Author's Note

9th May 2006:
Brilliant Desi dearest, I loved it as you well know ^__^ Lovely idea for a fic and your writing right here is.. just.. wow. You blew me away. *watches Dani being blown away* ... okay yes i need some sleep. ANYWAY this really rocks, I want to read the next chapter really bad. Like bad, bad. *coughhintcough*

Author's Response: haha, its posted now :) and I'm working on the third one, and school comes to an end soon, so its all good chica. teehee. And I'd hope you'd like it since you know, you beta'd this chapter. haha. and yes, I can tell you need sleep, lol *waves to Dani being blown away*

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