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Review #1, by Traveler94 ~*~ Chapter 1 ~*~

20th June 2009:
This seems to be a great story so far and your summary is so well written I couldn't not take a look but this is not the story for me. But keep writing!!!

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Review #2, by xime ~*~ Chapter 3 ~*~

17th April 2008:
i like this story, but i'm kinda getting tired of the mystery here..
ps: I hate their mother

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Review #3, by hanoverpretz01 ~*~ Chapter 14 ~*~

30th September 2007:
update soon!

Author's Response: Luvvy...
there's still more to read.
However, I'm currently writing chapter 24!
It should be up in the next week or so!
Thanx for the review though hun! =)

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Review #4, by mydearestblackrose ~*~ Chapter 10 ~*~

16th August 2007:
Devln and April are cousins! Kenny and Devin are cousins! What are you doing?!? And Snape, he would never be kind to Harry or any of his children. You say don't kill you, but I just might have to get out my gun.

Author's Response: Oh well, I'm sorry you feel that way? But it is a story, not real life... so it would never happen anyway... and btw, cousins can like each other. But who said that Devlin would go with either Kenny or April, eh?
Snape has had a change of heart... I hope you've read HP7 becoz he actually turned out to be a gud guy did Snape, but yeah... I've been writing this for over a year... I can make him evil or good, Snape's a good character to work with, as is Lupin. I don't like Snape being evil... however, in my Kiss and Tell story, he is somewhat evil and sinister. That might be more to ur satisfaction.
Sorry to disappoint you or offend you, I don't mean to, but every story on here is fictional and yooh can mess about with characters... its not illegal!

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Review #5, by harrypotterfanatic9223 ~*~ Chapter 21 ~*~

31st July 2007:
Awesome story. I hope that you continue writing this story because it is AMAZING!

Author's Response: Awwwww... thank yooh v.much love! ^_^
I am indeed continuing with this story, I think its quite an amazing acheivement of mine really, but I don't like to brag... but I am proud of it so far.
However, I need to update my Kiss & Tell story as I've been keeping readers & my dedicatees there waiting for over 3 months. This story is not abandoned either, but will be up and running soon... my holiday has cleared my writing senses so I'm back on track every1!
Yippeeeeeeee! =D

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Review #6, by Forever_More ~*~ Chapter 1 ~*~

29th June 2007:
Before i would be looking threw the HPFF stories and i would come across this one. Usually i would think it wasn't my kind of story but today as i read the summary i figured it sounded quite interesting. I decided to read it and now i am telling you that i am so exited to keep on reading, this story seems to be one of those stories to grab you attention and im glad it grabbed mine. Re-reading this makes me think that this story must be awesome because im only on the first chapter. But i promise ill keep on reading.


Author's Response: *skips with joy & cries with happiness* ^_^
Thanx for beginning to read this story of mine, I love getting new readers, coz then I can talk about everything with them that has already happened if they review me... yooh will keep on reviewing as well, right? lolz!
I'm really glad my summary grabbed ur attention, I really thought it was a rubbish summary I had written, but seen as it has grabbed urs and many other's eyes I am glad I wrote it how it is, lolz!
I'm glad yooh think it's awesome, and I hope yooh keep on reading and reviewing as well, coz then yooh'll be awesome in my eyes for supporting me, whether ur comments say my writing is good or bad! So thanx for now, and hopefully thanx for future reading! =D


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Review #7, by allison10235 ~*~ Chapter 23 ~*~

26th June 2007:
Wonderful as usual! You've left me curious as to why Harry cried, so update soon! 10-10

Author's Response: *Takes a Bow* lolz! Thank yooh ever so much hun! Yeah, I like to leave peeps curious I dunno why, just one of my amazing skills as a writer I suppose, lolz! But yeah, I dunno if the reason why he let that tear escape will come forth, but I might put a clue in somewhere in upcoming time as to why maybes, dunno yet like! Hehe! Only two more chapters left to go in this year... then it's summer here on after! Yipeeeeee! =D

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Review #8, by Kyrra ~*~ Chapter 23 ~*~

24th June 2007:
YAY an update!! brilliant as always 10/10

Author's Response: Yay! Thank yooh so much hun! I hope to update soon, seen as this year of the story has nearly finished, but still trying to think up of how to write my next chapter of my other story I'm doing. So hopefully, I will get summat done, just stay tuned yeah! =)

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Review #9, by Miranda ~*~ Chapter 23 ~*~

20th June 2007:
ONLY TWO MORE CHAPTER UNTIL SECOND YEAR!! *insert crazy happy dance* I'm so excited! lol This chapter was a fun one. Not a lot of sadness! I didn't cry once! Which is quite a task for me...I really hope that April joins the team. As much as I LOVE Jay Wood, it'd make the story interesting...Well, I'm off to go swimming! Can't wait to read the next chapter!!


Author's Response: Yay! I can't wait until it actually happens ya now... I'm gunna take a bit of a break because Summer is in between really of ending an old skewl yeah, but starting a new one... so I might do that, but not for as long as the actual Summer holidays, lolz! =P
I'm glad it didn't have a lot of sadness in it, and I'm glad it was more on the fun side of things, hehe! Hmmm... I dunno how she would be able to join the team, becoz of Todd being an understudy for the already talented Jay, so it might not happen yet... *thinks* Interesting hey? hehe! I will hopefully be able to update soon... thnx for the reviews my dear! ^_^ xxx

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Review #10, by Miranda ~*~ Chapter 22 ~*~

20th June 2007:
Another amazing chapter! Gosh I envy your talent! This chapter had me in tears literally the whole time! Hate when you make me cry...You have a knack for it. Even though I figured out before this that Ginny was having miscarriages, it still was SO sad when Devlin was telling April! And now I can't decide if I want April with Devlin or Halden! Ahh decisions, decisions. lol I can't wait until their second year! Oh...and we need more Quidditch...^_^

Author's Response: *smiles gleefully* Don't ever envy me, coz I will tell you professionally and personally that ur a gurd writer and have a fab talent... I just started writing coz I got bored one day and was like: "Hey! I really like this!" lolz! ;)
Although I don't like to be seen as a person who makes readers cry, so I am again, sorry! =(
I am really going to hate making the decision in the end, because when she goes with one of them, I'll be like... erm... I should've put her with him! eeek!
Quidditch is mintarrr! And it'll be more predominant... hehe! =)

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Review #11, by Miranda ~*~ Chapter 21 ~*~

20th June 2007:
Another short But I LOVED this chapter! It really added even more mystery to the story, and now I must try and solve it! mwhaha! The part with Harry and Devlin made me cry :( It was SO sad! But I never thought Remus would be a cook...another mystery. lol
On to the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Thank yooh so much! ^_^
Hehe! I love to add mystery so thanx for pointing it out, lolz! It made me cry when I wrote the part with Devlin & Harry as well... oh yesh... Remus is a marvelous cook in my eyes! hehe! =P
On to the next review!! ^_^

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Review #12, by Miranda ~*~ Chapter 20 ~*~

20th June 2007:
Oh my gosh! It's been FOREVER since i've read this story! And I still have another 3 chapters left! lol
I really liked this chapter. It wasn't as hmm...exciting I guess you could say, as others, but still very good and really informative. Still more twists... Never thought it'd be Lavender that told the prophecy. Don't know who I thought it'd be, but not her. The talk between April and Fluer was really realistic. Obviously April can't just forgive her, and they can't just be all mother-daughterish. Sorry this review is so short, but I have to go read the next chapter! ^_^


p.s. I'm excited for the school lessons! lol

Author's Response: LoLz! It has been ages indeed, but no worries, I'm glad you've been busy with reading and reviewing now, so I won't be totally mad with ya! =P
Anyways... I didn't think it was that all exciting either when I read thru it... but yeah, I will agree wit ya on the amount of info there is, lolz! Lavender is the new Divination teacher, and I just thought it pathced a few knooks and crannies together! =)
If I was April... I would patch things up so quickly with my mother, who had just kept her whole life a secret from me for 11 years or so...
Ooooo... I will go and respond to those reviews now! ^_^ xx

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Review #13, by ILoveLost1888 ~*~ Chapter 22 ~*~

18th June 2007:

Author's Response: ...

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Review #14, by Mallie ~*~ Chapter 2 ~*~

2nd May 2007:
O,I know I think there father is Bill and I think there mother might hiding some sort of other powers that a normal witch/wizard may not hold like controlling the weather or something!

Author's Response: Yooh think so do yooh? Well... I hope yooh keep on reading and find out all about... well, everything really, lolz! There's lots of twists and turns in this never-ending story... I love this! Thanx for the review! =)

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Review #15, by Kyrra ~*~ Chapter 22 ~*~

16th April 2007:
Nice chapter very touching, but you keep calling Remus, Lupin and at the age he is now i doubt Harry would still call him that. Still godd all the same.

Author's Response: Thank yooh and fair enough... I guess old childish habits die hard, eh? I might put in a bit more of his normal name from now on, seen as he's going to teach the prophets in their second year! Happy Reading! ^_^

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Review #16, by xx_Michelle_xx ~*~ Chapter 22 ~*~

15th April 2007:
I'm on my proper account for once, lolz. Fab chappie! :) Ooo. Godricks Hollow! Can't wait to see what happens! :)
Cya xx

Author's Response: Wow! Ur not my hacker anymore! Yay! I'm so happy! ^_^
Anyways... a bit bout Godrics Hollow is in the next chapter which is nearly complete, so you won't have to wait long me reckons! So keep ur eyes peeled otherwise I'll just read out loud to ya again, and I know how much you hate that! Hahaha! ::
Thanx for ur reviewing! ^_^

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Review #17, by Lions_Rule8065 ~*~ Chapter 21 ~*~

14th April 2007:
Michelle again! :)

Ginny was pregnant wasn't she? And she's just lost it. It's sad, so sad, it's a sad, sad situation! (wtf am i singing elton john, jeez...).

SHEPARDS PIE! T'IS Foo* great as u would say in your irish accent. Fabby! lol! OMG! got u started now.
So when will M fall in love with S then?
Fab chappie! :)

Author's Response: You mean Todd, don't ya? I dunno when you'll get with him... only time will tell me reckons. Oh well, yooh are obv in love with all my fabby fictional characters, but I think Scott from Kiss and Tell is so much more... dangerous! ^_^
Oo yesh! Shepards Pie with a pint of Guiness, whooo hoo! Don't you just love the Irish, Michelle! :P I can't believe I'm part Irish like... damn my good accent! :P
Oh yesh, poor Ginny, I felt really sorry for her... but I must use this saying again, but only time will tell... to see if she can actually have a baby! And yesh, ur sad for singing in praise of Elton John! :P

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Review #18, by Lions_Rule8065 ~*~ Chapter 20 ~*~

14th April 2007:
This is Michelle on Kerry's account again, me hacker! lolz, joking.
Anyway... fab chapter again! And thanks for reading it out, lol, i think i'm a bit lazy. lolz.
Can't wait 'til next chappie! :)

Author's Response: *gets potatoe gun and shoots hacker in the eyeball!* hahaha! :P
I am so shy when I read my work out loud, although, I should make my stories be recorded on tape or CD so you can listen to them... wow! :)

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Review #19, by maude333 ~*~ Chapter 22 ~*~

11th April 2007:
your story is really good. keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank yooh so much! This along with my Kiss and Tell story is my number one priority... I need to finish off their first year and have a bit of a rest... writing 4000+ words for a chapter is hard work! lolz! Hope you keep on reviewing! ^_^

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Review #20, by allison10235 ~*~ Chapter 22 ~*~

9th April 2007:
That's so sad! I feel so bad for Ginny! They've been through so much and now something like that is happening. It's ironic since Ginny herself was one out of seven...But another wonderful chappie nonetheless. Can't wait for the next! 100-100

Author's Response: Yesh... it is, isn't it? I feel so sorry for her myself... but maybe, just maybe, there's a slight possible chance for them to have a baby... I might make it happen, I dunno yet! Oh yes, I never thought about Ginny having being belonged to a huge family tbh, but there's still hope I reckon! The next shouldn't be too lng hopefully... tar for reviewing! ^_^

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Review #21, by CutieBritty31 ~*~ Chapter 22 ~*~

9th April 2007:

Author's Response: Thank yooh! *bows* ^_^
Update shouldn't be too long, I promise!

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Review #22, by searching17 ~*~ Chapter 1 ~*~

9th April 2007:
very nice. wow. amazing. although i dont kno wht this has to do with harry potter. anyway, keep writing!

Author's Response: This story revolves around 4 OC characters... but it does have an air of Harry Potter to it once you read on! I just had to make a point of what their lives are like before any magic comes into my line of work! Thanx for the review and I hope to hear from ya again! ^_^

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Review #23, by Kyrra ~*~ Chapter 21 ~*~

25th March 2007:
That's funny because i want to go to England when i'm older too. lol. Not that I don't like it here. Anyway looking forward to the udate! :)

Author's Response: Cheers! I think England is pretty crap. I also want to go to America some day! Btw, just in case, don't talk about personal stuff over reviews, or we could both be kicked off here. Just stick to the story. :D

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Review #24, by Kyrra ~*~ Chapter 21 ~*~

24th March 2007:
I'm from Australia. I can't wait for the next chapter by the way.

Author's Response: Good day then! I've just woken up, lolz! My uncle lives in Australia, he moved there last year... miss him a lot like. Oh well... I wanna go to Aussie some day when I'm a tad older and when I can afford it lolz. I'm working on the update, shouldn't be too long! :D

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Review #25, by Brown Eyed Leo ~*~ Chapter 10 ~*~

23rd March 2007:
There is only ONE problum that I think you should concider, because Bill Weasley is April's father, and Bill is Todd's uncle, and Devin and Todd are cusins, then April would be related to Devin and then it would be WRONG for her and Devin to be together because they are family, and that is just sick! Other than that problum, the rest of the story is doing pretty good.

Author's Response: Cousins are able to go out with each other ya know.... however, I do see ur point and it would be wrong. But they don't know that they're related do they? What am I saying? Who's to say Bill's the father! Arghhhhhhhh! I'm not saying it is him or not... it'll spoil the story! But I'm glad you're still liking the story, it makes me happy! :D

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