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Review #1, by ILuvRT Yielding to Temptation

4th November 2011:
this is so awesome, i loved it! :)

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Review #2, by wotcher_lupeadora Yielding to Temptation

4th September 2009: that made mi breathing go funny. it was x

Author's Response: Yay, thank you so much! I love getting feedback for this one, it's my favorite! :D

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Review #3, by bimah Yielding to Temptation

11th November 2007:


Author's Response: Thanks for that enthusiastic response! :) Alaways glad to get those.

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Review #4, by Carrot Stix Yielding to Temptation

1st July 2007:
Aw ='[ so sad... WA HOW COULD YOU ARGH! I love how it was written... The way you swapped points of view... So good.. aw... =[

Carrot Stix

Author's Response: Wow, such strong emotions, my work here is done. :)

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Review #5, by Lady Serendipity Yielding to Temptation

1st July 2007:
Aww extremely cute story. Damn you Lupin! Ahhh great story. At first I was going to get annoyed with constant swapping of POV but it worked out perfeclty. Bravo!

Author's Response: Lol, switching PoV is always tricky, but I did it for a purpose here, glad to hear it worked. :) Thanks for that review, I love your reviews, you know that?!

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Review #6, by ClosetxLovin Yielding to Temptation

1st July 2007:
brilliant. one of my favorites.

Author's Response: Cheers! :))

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Review #7, by dark_guardian Yielding to Temptation

15th May 2007:
Now, I'm usually not one for romantic stories, since they're basically all the same.but I did like this one (well, we talked about different before, did we? :D ). hard it can be, even though when both aim for the same...the eternal struggle...
Yep, I like this one...

Author's Response: Teehee, what, you think I'm all about romance?? :P Oh, trust me, some people make it unnecessarily hard. Go figure.. Thanks for reading and reviewing, Phil! *hugs*

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Review #8, by loony86 Yielding to Temptation

15th May 2007:
Wow, this is so great, so itense and genuine. I love the way you swap between the two PoVs, and how in essence they both feel the same... Just wonderful. I'd love to give concrit, but I can't find anything... =) *huggles*

Author's Response: Loony! It's so nice of you to comment.. even though I literally bumped the link in the cbox. :P Thank you! Zomg, I just re-read it myself, and I cannot believe that used to be how I wrote... and romance. Odd, really odd, lol.

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Review #9, by Emeria Springs Yielding to Temptation

8th February 2007:
COOL! Love it! Thanks!

Author's Response: Thank YOU for reading. ;)

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Review #10, by andharrywokeup Yielding to Temptation

6th February 2007: The flow of this story is incredible, the way the emotion is so intense and yet it is felt so strongly by both characters that you are able to switch between characters so fluently. I really loved the way that you managed to cover up such actual love with such primal lust and desire, and Mrs Weasly's inturruption was hilarious. The ending was lovely - so full of hope. Beautiful.

Author's Response: Thanks, Andy! :) It was a good exercise for transition-writing. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. *grin* *hugs*

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Review #11, by ElissandrAnne Yielding to Temptation

2nd January 2007:
I loved it! It flows so perfectly from one character to the other. Their emotions ring true. And your characterization of those two canon characters is faultless. The way one finishes the other's sentence, unknowingly - that's very good. And the parts being shorter and shorter, the pov's going faster from the one to the other... it really stressed the atmosphere, the "urgency" and the desperation.
Great job!


Author's Response: EEK! I knew you'd like it, I love that one. And I cannot even remember why i wrote it. Oh, yes, because I love that ship, lol. Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them all. :)))

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Review #12, by lupa_mannera Yielding to Temptation

8th December 2006:
This is awesome and incredible and passionate and so great! My favorite parts:

"Does he think about casual events, or does he fear the impending full moon?... I suppose he is used to keeping secrets and dealing with pain on his own." Very good observations there - you've captured Tonks' thoughts (and mine).

"...or to declare my feelings and burn in hell afterwards." I think you couldn't have said that better. That's like a 'whoa' statement. Alas, poor, tortured Remus.

10/10 for you!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much!! *huggles you* I haven't read this in so long, and now reading those parts makes me go back to that again. :P Thanks for that wonderful review, deary!!!

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Review #13, by Watch Out for Yellow Moon Yielding to Temptation

19th August 2006:
WOW! This story is AMAZING! I have seen very few fics that are written this well. It is simply beautiful. And you portrayed the characters PERFECTLY. The flow and the way it switches POVs it so wonderful that it is sinful. GREAT JOB!
Yellow Moon

Author's Response: THANKS! :) Reviews like this one make me happy! Especially when it's for my first romantic fic ever! I appreciate the time you took to comment, and it means a lot. Thanks again. :)

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Review #14, by Amanda Yielding to Temptation

7th August 2006:
Tonks victorious.

Author's Response: If you say so. ;)

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Review #15, by babybackribs Yielding to Temptation

6th August 2006:
This is by far the most beautiful fan fic I've ever read. It was subtle, and had real emotion. What's more, you managed to sustain the tone throughout the entire piece. In short I am really impressed.

Author's Response: Wow, that's quite a compliment! Thank you so much for that! I am even happier to have left this kind of impression. :)

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Review #16, by LookingThroughTheEyeGlass Yielding to Temptation

1st August 2006:
Your first attempt? Seriously?

Its really good, I love it ^_^

Wonder what Molly was thinking ^_~

Author's Response: Lol, it was. Thanks! :) Maybe that she has to knock first. :P Yay, thank you for that review!!!

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Review #17, by brokenheart Yielding to Temptation

28th July 2006:
wow this is really good, you should do more like this....two thumbs up!!!

Author's Response: Thank you, I will, lol. :)

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Review #18, by mila Yielding to Temptation

21st July 2006:
it's a very interesting idea,i like the flow ;)I can never figure out what is going on in his mind-girl,i completely understand what you are talking about ;)the beginning of the story reminds me of a friend of ours-guess who is she ;)

Author's Response: Yay! I am so glad you liked it, because I really loved writing it! It's Boriana, and I guessed because you told me. :P You know, I am going to write a story about you too. :)

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Review #19, by Nevillefan Yielding to Temptation

12th July 2006:
I LOVE this story! I love how it flows back and forth between their POVs (very smooth). You made Tonks/Remus believable, which is great! I don't like that ship because most of the time it's NOT believable. I love at the end that it doesn't happen. Good twist. Especially like the very last line.

Author's Response: Smooth? Wow, that's a great thing! I was a bit nervous about that. That's odd. What is more believable than canon? Lol, but still, thanks!

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Review #20, by Sabille Yielding to Temptation

5th July 2006:
I love it. Truely fantastic.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! *blushing*

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Review #21, by dreamcatcher Yielding to Temptation

28th June 2006:
Lovely, lovely, lovely.
The switching of POV works very well. And I can just imagine the look on Molly's face. Priceless! Write more pls.

Author's Response: Lol, I am writing about those two actually. How can I not? Thanks for the review! Appreciated and taken into account. :)

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Review #22, by argetlam shadeslayer Yielding to Temptation

26th May 2006:
Wow. *is absolutely gob-smacked* Wow, is all I have to say. This is pretty powerful stuff, Lyn. I mean, I'm shaking uncontrollably. (Well, that could be the fact that I've just come from basketball tryouts, but the fact remains, this is AWESOME.) Actually, I honestly cannot believe this is your first attempt at romance - seriously? Wow. That only impresses me even more. *shakes head in poorly concealed awe* This was beautifully written, and every step of the way you could just feel the tension and the passion between Tonks and Remus. I also loved the interruption by Molly - that's very Mrs. Weasley-ish, for her to barge in. *chuckles softly* Ah, they'll come around. Honestly, they have to realize they love each other. It's practicallly written in the stars!!! (Sorry, I get a little carried away. *grins sheepishly*) Anyway, I've been wanting to read one of your stories for quite some time, and now that I've read one, I think I'll just go on a little frenzy. Tee hee! *rubs hands together gleefully*

Author's Response: Haha, I am glad you liked it. Actually, this and Sealed Lips are my best works. Oh, wow, how can I respond to such a thrilled fangirl :P Well, yes, that was my first attempt, then came a couple of Lily/James, and now I am officially considering writing more romance *never thought I was going to say this* I have a confession to make. Though I am happy for those two *Remus really needs a girlfriend*, I am more willing to write Remus/OC from now on. Truth be told, as funny as Tonks is, she's not among my favourite characters. Maybe it's because she got Remus, but honestly, I don't reckon her so interesting. Sorry about that. Anyway, enjoy your reading. That's really what this is about. I am writing everything about all of those readers who need to get a new perspective of the HP universe /Sirius is OOC in most of the cases/. So, thank you so much for your positive feedback. You made my day, and now I am going to answer your other review :) :) :)

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Review #23, by nicalyse Yielding to Temptation

25th May 2006:
I genuinely think this is gorgeous. The emotion is very well written, and sex is hard to do without being gratuitous--you managed marvelously. This belongs on the list of "fabulous."

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah, that one is actually liked the most. Truth be told, I did not put my all in this one-shot, but am sure happy when people appreciate it!

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Review #24, by krumfan Yielding to Temptation

16th May 2006:
omg....I loves! But the angst just kills can they just walk away from each other?!!? that's crazy!!?

Great fic!

Author's Response: lol, yeah, I never got it either, but have to stay in canon :P Thanks for your review!

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Review #25, by iluvgreenday Yielding to Temptation

16th May 2006:
Aww, that was quite sweet. It's a shame that they keep breaking up. Good story, I really enjoyed it, plus I really like your banner.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yay, you liked it, huh? That makes me happy. Yeah, they are meant to be apart, then together, and apart again, till they realise that they can do much better stuff :P Oh, cache dea is brilliant when it comes to banners!

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