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Review #1, by immortalprincess13 Carried Away

5th August 2010:
I have never acually read a Luna/Draco fanfic before stumbling upon this one last night. And I have to say they may now be one of my favorite pairings. Poor Luna, how she has to endure those cruel taunts.I believe Draco really has changed throughout the story, he really is a changed man especially when he invites Dobby to dine with them. Please update soon.

- immortalprincess13

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Review #2, by noona Carried Away

3rd March 2010:
I am enjoying the story

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Review #3, by ChyloeReece Carried Away

5th August 2009:
ah, what a cliff hanger, please carry on!

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Review #4, by Mage_Of_Beginning Carried Away

29th May 2009:
this is probably one of the best draco/luna story i have ever read.
please update soon

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Review #5, by misslozer Carried Away

22nd March 2009:
please update soon!

keep up the good work.

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Review #6, by quibblerfan135 Carried Away

15th March 2009:
yay you finally updated! great chapter with another annoying slightly cliffie ending!please dont leave it so long to update this time!pretty please!=)xx

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Review #7, by Accio Malfoy Carried Away

8th March 2009:
I really love this chapter please update soon !!!

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Review #8, by Nicole Carried Away

1st March 2009:
I absolutely love this story. It's honestly the best i've read so far... I love Luna, and you really have made Draco such a different, amazing person. You tell the story beautifully. Absolute fave. :)

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Review #9, by liz Carried Away

26th February 2009:
good writing! i like the plot:)

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Review #10, by Cthulhufhtagn Carried Away

23rd February 2009:
Man...I've been waiting so long for this I scarcely know how to begin. I'm not surprised that Draco has a thick skin when it comes to enduring random acts of cruelty. Luna's response is a little more unexpected. She usually comes across as so detached from everything that watching her deal with the unrelenting pressure from her former friends is heartbreaking. The most surprising thing about this chapter is that the usual suspects (Harry, Ron, et al) aren't even mentioned. Draco and Luna's final scene in the classroom is particularly interesting. For Draco to invite Dobby to dine with them is mindblowing...for him to put the brakes on himself at the critical moment with Luna is almost unfathomable. The Draco Malfoy as envisioned by JKR probably would not have given two damns about whether Luna was ready. You've made him a truly changed man and I love it!

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Review #11, by PansyPotter Carried Away

11th February 2009:
WOW! This has been great so far, please update soon! Definately the highlight of my day, as I have now had something to do hile being stuck at home due to illness instead of being at school.

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Review #12, by Tom_DracosGirl Carried Away

5th February 2009:
I'm glad you finally manged to update. Great new chapter, keep em coming!

Author's Response: got the next chapter in the works. Look for it today or tomorrow.

SO SORRY it's been so long. :(

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Review #13, by sinwillys822 Carried Away

1st February 2009:
i am glad that they are able to get through the torments together but i hope they end soon for luna's sake because i think she is very fragile and could break at any moment. can't wait till you add again.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
You'll soon find out how things are going to fare for Draco and Luna! Update coming soon.

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Review #14, by bbycafy Reassurance Was All I Needed

9th February 2008:
hey since ive already left reviews for ur other chapters, i was wondering if ur gonna update soon ? xx

Author's Response: I'm going to do my best to finish this fic. Look for updates.

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Review #15, by quibblerfan135 Don't Fight Back.

11th December 2007:
ooh interesting and now i have to wait like everyone else for an update!=[but i'm looking forward to reading the next chapter!=] i'm also liking the interesting idea of making Malfoy kind of Gandhi like-new and different approach but then i guess that's what Luna gives to every situation!=]xx

Author's Response: comparing draco to ghandi. amazing!!

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Review #16, by quibblerfan135 Stopping Me

11th December 2007:
aaw sweet and i'm now guessing-and i hope i'm correct!-that no-one knows why luna got hurt or even that she did up the tower that time! kind of confusing i've got to admit!=] another good chapter and i can't wait to see this develope!=]

Author's Response: thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #17, by quibblerfan135 Could Ruin Everything

11th December 2007:
oh damn no punch up!=] but overall a good chapter although the lack of a good old confrontation between Malfoy and the golden trio was a slight disappointment-as is the fact that that awful Pansy now has control over Draco-kind of=]!xx

Author's Response: I'll do my best to fix that.

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Review #18, by quibblerfan135 All Fall Down

10th December 2007:
woah-amazin endin-v. dramatic! can't wait to see what happens to pansy in this little 'chat' draco has with her! and also what happens when ron and hermione and harry find out that luna was hurt in draco's presence-that won't be tense at all!xx

Author's Response: oh no. not at all!! :)

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Review #19, by quibblerfan135 Grubble Worms

10th December 2007:
hmm interesting idea to think of Draco Malfoy sitting in a library reading about worms!=] good chapter-i'm still working through them! oh and one last thing did you think up that whole speal about the weird killer grubble worms yourself-if so well done and if not well well done anyway for choosing something really perfect for Malfoy to look up in order to try and impress Luna!xx

Author's Response: yes, I did come up with that on my own. And thank you.

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Review #20, by quibblerfan135 The Mark

10th December 2007:
aaw sweet to think draco might actually feel remorse-but not so sweet about how he treated poor luna! i've never actually read a story about luna/draco before so it's a new experience for me but what i've seen so far seems so good i'll just have to go on and read the other chapters that are up!xx

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Review #21, by thestrallover Don't Fight Back.

25th November 2007:
This chapter was great! Continue writing!

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Review #22, by thestrallover Urinating Cactus

14th November 2007:
Loved it.

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Review #23, by thestrallover Don't Fight Back.

14th November 2007:
I think that chapter was an excellent chapter and you should continue with the story.

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Review #24, by Cthulhufhtagn Don't Fight Back.

26th October 2007:
Stumbled across this story yesterday and all I can say is...WOW! Draco and Luna are just about the least likely couple I could have imagined, but you've done an admirable--and quite believable--job of establishing their relationship. Making the usual heroes (Harry, Hermione, Ginny, etc.)the "bad" guys adds a rather facinating dynamic to the storyline. I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment.

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Review #25, by goddess selene Don't Fight Back.

26th September 2007:
I love this story. Keep up the amazing work. Luna is so incredible in this story. I love her!

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