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Review #1, by Brinker Chapter Nine: Bonded

22nd July 2010:
Finally, a mature, intelligently written story about James and Lily. I encourage you to keep going.
You are very descriptive and have been keeping me on the edge of my seat. I look forward to more chapters.

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Review #2, by Amy Prologue

12th June 2010:
that was one of the most amazing pieces of writing i have ever read :D

I can't wait to read on

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Review #3, by mugglesmith220 Chapter Nine: Bonded

8th March 2010:
Finally getting around to reviewing your story. This was such a lovely chapter. Probably the most realistic love scene between the innocent I have ever read in fan fiction. Can't wait to read what Dumbledore wants to discuss with Lily. I know there will be an interlude first. Hope you are close to finished with that. I know that you originally intended to get that out last year. Anyways, this story continues to captivate me even though the chapters come so slowly. I know that you are very busy with school and wedding plans and such. I wish you well in both your life and your writing. Blessings, Gen

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Review #4, by Leila of the Fairies Chapter Nine: Bonded

26th October 2009:
In a word : Incredible! You have given these characters dimension and realistic relationships that I have never seen in fanfiction. I was sooo excited to see an update and I can't wait to see where this goes! Keep it up!

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Review #5, by thatonekid The Eigth Interlude

30th July 2009:
kinda sad thats its been so long. is this abandoned?

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Review #6, by psychedelic fish The Eigth Interlude

11th March 2009:
wicked! come on, you've got me on the edge of my seat!
tis great how you write and make it all plausible, how hard stuff would actually be for them instead of underexaggerating.

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Review #7, by anonymous The Eigth Interlude

16th February 2009:
Wow- I love this story! The writing is really good.
Update soon please!

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Review #8, by neverxsayxnever Chapter Eight: Sacrifice, Part II

4th December 2008:
this chapter was amazing
i can't wait for the next chapter
keep it up

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Review #9, by SiriuslyLovesPadfoot Chapter Eight: Sacrifice, Part II

9th November 2008:
One of the best written, and most enjoyable fics I have read in a long while! This is a wonderfully intense chapter; a nice change from the usual bit of fluff I encounter :) Please update soon!

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Review #10, by the__5th__marauder Chapter Eight: Sacrifice, Part II

5th November 2008:
That was wonderful. =]

I was so excited to see an update. I really love this story, I've been reading it for a long time and I'm always excited to see more. I also find the interlude's interesting I haven't come across a story set out look yours before.

The writing is great, and you really have charcterised Lily and James well, this chapter was so enjoyable.

Can't wait for more. 10/10

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Review #11, by essie Chapter Eight: Sacrifice, Part II

28th October 2008:
beautiful!! it just keeps getting better and better!

your characterization is so deep and the whole story is just amazing!

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Review #12, by annab Chapter Seven: Polarize

21st March 2008:
oh i love your story! please update soon, either here or on the other website that you use! :)

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Review #13, by angel of Potter ..x. Chapter Seven: Polarize

20th March 2008:
woow. this fanfic is really really good. its so ... different. their relationship is so much different to usual - james isnt all lovesick and chasing after her, lilys not all "omg i like him what to do?" and the way you've described how the war's affecting them is so effective. i've never botherd to stop n actually think about that. update soon!


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Review #14, by the__5th__marauder Chapter Seven: Polarize

20th March 2008:
fantastic chapter.

i love the way you write and the description you use.

can't wait to see whats going to happen.

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Review #15, by ardnaxela Chapter Seven: Polarize

19th March 2008:
Wow!! perfect! I love the way you got them together:) Please, please UPDATE this brilliant story AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! can´t wait!

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Review #16, by Gemma Chapter Seven: Polarize

19th March 2008:
I absolutely, positively love this story! The cliff-hanger is brilliant, i can't wait to find out what is going on (odds are a death eater attack, but hey, you never know)! keep up the amazing writing!

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Review #17, by crookshanks and padfoot Chapter Seven: Polarize

18th March 2008:
Wow, I think this is the best chapter so far. :D You write amazingly - this has always been one of my fave stories! I really hope you'll update soon. :) 10/10

Oh, yeah, btw, it was really cool how you worked the Snape/Lily stuff from DH into your story so naturally. It really added another layer of realism to the plot.

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Review #18, by DAC Chapter Seven: Polarize

18th March 2008:
I've been waiting for this chapter for ages. Lily and James finally being Lily and James.


This was wonderful. I really liked Lily's examination of the Ministry. Very well done.

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Review #19, by hanoverpretz01 Chapter Seven: Polarize

18th March 2008:
oh no!!
go james!!
update super soon!!

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Review #20, by ArabellaPotter Prologue

28th December 2007:
Wonderfully well written. I can't wait to read the rest.

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Review #21, by Divine_Till_Night The Sixth Interlude

25th December 2007:
Yeah! Go Frank! Lol. I've been waiting for more! This story so far has been terrific. And this chapter was no disapoitment. You could totally write a book! I hope you put the next chapter in as soon as possible! 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000/10
Your Very Hapy Reader,

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Review #22, by hanoverpretz01 The Sixth Interlude

25th December 2007:
great story so far
update soon!

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Review #23, by glacialangel The Sixth Interlude

24th December 2007:
Loved it as usual! Thrilled for an update; it's about time. Please update soon! Cannot wait to see what happens next!

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Review #24, by Annika_Skog Prologue

8th October 2007:
you are an amazing writer. I am so impressed and to be honest, this is a rare thing when reading stories posted on this site. Your mature tone & original voice makes this piece worth reading, I hope you have more up soon, until then- I will continue to read!

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Review #25, by Amie Chapter Six: Intrigue

18th August 2007:
That has got to be one of the best L/J stories I've read. I mean you even sound smarter than JKR sometimes in there! lol I am a blithering idiot...

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