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Review #1, by gracea569 A New Plan

24th December 2009:
This is turning into a fab story
update soon

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm working on the next chapter but I seem to have gotten major writers block.

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Review #2, by gracea569 Writing on the Wall

24th December 2009:
No way! I am screaming :)
Must continue though ...
Merry Christmas

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Review #3, by gracea569 Home Sweet Home

15th December 2009:
You got a banner then ^_^
Ardawling's stuff is brill :)
This chapter is good also, keep it all up

Author's Response: Thank you. And thank you for your last review as well, I could not have gotten this wonderful banner without your help.

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Review #4, by gracea569 Welcome Back

10th December 2009:
I think a banner would do well with this story...
you have to request one, so I'll tell you how to
1. go to "thedarkarts", just type it in google or something, on hpff homepage there is a picture of the basic site near the bottom.
2. Of the three entry tabs, choose "request a banner", you need to register if you already aren't
3. Read the long list of instructions on that new page.
4. There is a box near the bottom, copy that writing.
5. Back at the top and on the right there is a button-like thing called "New Topic, click that
6. There are two small boxes, you can put your story name, the type of story, anything in there really, but get someones attention with it, e.g
"New Dramione story, Safety Precautions"
"Cookies, waffles, and credit to creator :)"
The artists always look for credit, they want it!
7. Paste what you copied into the larger box
8. Then fill out your information, here is an example

"story title: Safety Precautions
Link to story: (This is the link to the first page that comes up when you click your story in the "read story site" ie: the pick a chapter page)
Penname? Yes (probs best, so they know this is definitely your banner)
Requested before: No
Permissions to change: N/A

Movie characters: Hermione and Draco
Other characters: No
Other images: a rose, a mirror, a star, elegant objects

Quotes to use: They didn't know it would last forever
Colour prefernces: Gold, yellow, light pink
Mood: Romantic, mysterious
Animation: If needed
Extra: This about the love of Draco and Hermione "

Obviously, that is an example, you can use that if you wish ^_^
9. Post or preview the topic (this is so people know it is needed to be done)
10. Tadaa! Done, now, come back and check everyday to your member profile, just click Topics, then find what you did. Someone may say "snag" as a reply, or something, this means they will be completing it, so others don't waste time. It should take about three days.
11. When it is done, it should be reduced, see full size, then at the top of the popup is a URL. Copy that and go back to your "manage stories". Edit it, and in the above the summary box, is a small box with a landscape in it. Click on that, and paste your URL in.
12. Save your changes, and there is your banner! Ready to be seen. Makes sure around it you credit the maker, just put something like "Thanks to . @ TDA for this fab creation"If it is animated, it is a much longer story, you have to make an account on "photobucket", save it in your files, then use that URL on the info beneath the picture seen on "photobucket".

Voila. Now, a review ^_^
This is a great start, i don't see many gramatical errors, it is good. And this is a story where Malfoy obviously doesn't start as Headboy! There are so many out there it has become so cliche. But all good ones are different, who knows... this Pennant kid could die, with Malfoy next in line :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review and suggestions! I'll look into a banner. Thanks again.

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Review #5, by Sara Fighting Frustrations

14th August 2009:
THIS IS AMAZING !! hahaha Keep on going and don't be discouraged by the low number of reviews, just keep it coming. I can't wait until another updated comes up (:

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm working on the next chapter right now I'm just not sure how to end it.

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Review #6, by the_elder_wand Burning Books

14th July 2009:
sweet=)) i woder who and how and why got in=)) interesting this is like chamber of secrets and goblet of ofire and sirius all over again=)) gorjuz
i love it

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm almost done with the next chapter. It should be up in a week.

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Review #7, by the_elder_wand The Long List

14th July 2009:
ohhh i wonder what is going to happen=)) interesting=)))

Author's Response: Thanks. And thank you for your faithful reviewing!

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Review #8, by the_elder_wand Writing on the Wall

11th July 2009:
oh shit i wonder what this means:) interesting:)

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Review #9, by the_elder_wand An Average Day...

11th July 2009:
i wonder what the noise is:)

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Review #10, by the_elder_wand Home Sweet Home

11th July 2009:
ohh how nice:) very very good:)

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Review #11, by the_elder_wand Welcome Back

11th July 2009:
wonderful start:)
i like it already:)

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Review #12, by Jodiebaby Burning Books

4th June 2009:
I like your story so far! However, I think you might want to edit your grammar and sentence structure a bit.

For example, there a are a few verb tense issues sentence, “Hermione I thought you reading obsession is crazy but say that there is a silver lining is just plain insane.” If changed, it should read something like the following: “Hermione, I thought your reading obsession was crazy, but to now say that there is a silver lining for this is just plain insane.” I think you probably just forgot to add in some words in this case.

The next sentence should be split into two sentences. “You should be considering yourself lucky, at least you didn’t get stuck with a mudblood.” If is not, it is considered a run-on sentence. A period should be added after "lucky" and a comma should be used after "at least". You have the choice of using either "you should be considering" or "you should consider". Both of these are grammatically correct because they are in the present tense.

Last of all, sentences in quotations have punctuation.

I want to make it clear that in no way do I claim to be perfect at grammar and the like. Though, it doesn't hurt that I was an English major for a short time! You don't have to take this advice at all. My intention was to help you a bit so that your story would read more smoothly. I would really enjoy to read more from you! :)

I hope you have an awesome day,


P.S.: I think there might be some weird symbols where the quotations marks should be. I saw it when I previewed it, but I don't know how to get rid of it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your help. I can get a little bit sloppy sometimes and I'm glad when these things are pointed out to me.

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Review #13, by England Chick The Long List

16th December 2006:
I like it, but its a tad short, that's just from my personal perspective. I am interested in reading the next chapter. Please update soon and I hope this helps. ~England Chick

Author's Response: thanks i'll update soon ive been really besy

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Review #14, by dragonpen An Average Day...

30th August 2006:
ohh good job, you write well. It's just..what's the plot? Hopefully that scream has somethig to do with the plot? Well please hurry and update or whoever is screaming will be stuck screaming- ouch I feel bad for their throat. Anyways- yes update! and maybe change your summary- it's hard to figure out what this story is about from reading it.

Author's Response: thank you for your comments ive been thinking of changeing the summary. working on the next chapter. thanks

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Review #15, by HermioneG149 Welcome Back

2nd May 2006:
I love it!!! This Jason guys sounds like a jerk, which he is! Please update soon!

Author's Response: thanks your my first reveiw so now im happy! i curently have a chapter wating to be valadated so i hope its up soon.
p.s. i'm glad you think that about him thats what i was going for, that and dumb like alot of the guys i know

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