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Review #1, by snapeangel Answer of Redemption

29th May 2009:
god that's sad.very well written..nice imagry

yes of course Severus is good...DUH :D

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Review #2, by XxXCrookshanksXxXP3 Answer of Redemption

11th June 2007:
Wow... I'm crying... You are truly a fantastic author and you portrayed Snape so... So real. This is a fantastic piece of writing and you are truly a great writer. Thanks for this piece. Hope to read more of your fics soon, preferably when its not as late as it is now. ;)
Once again, thanks for sharing. :) 10/10



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Review #3, by Hermione713 Answer of Redemption

10th September 2006:
NOOOOOO!!! SNAPE IS GOOD AND I WON'T LET JKR KILL HIM!!! *finishes rant* Seriously, I'm crying right now, and I don't cry easily. Don't worry; that's a good thing. :) What can I say? You're a fantastic writer with a real gift for bringing out emotions in your readers. Keep up the incredible work with your other fics--this one definitely has a place in my "most memorable" list. :)


Hermione :)

Author's Response: wow thank you :) What amazing praise thank you so much and i am so glad that you enjoyed it :) And yes, snape IS good!! lol

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Review #4, by FairyPrincess Answer of Redemption

12th June 2006:
WHOOHOO go Snapeypoo!!!! I always knew he was good! Well done mon petit pois! *misses you but is happy to have your fics for company* seriously, excellent work.

Love and Huggles

Author's Response: awww thankies ettie - lol yes i agree - snape is good. One more converted to the snap is good club lol

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Review #5, by running_swift Answer of Redemption

23rd May 2006:
...... WOW. Although I still think Snape is bad-good. :D But seriously, wow. That actually brought tears to my eyes. You are incredible, Chief! As you can see I'm back into reading mode (not a good idea since I'm in the middle of exams) lmao... but wow, Chief, BIG wow! Hope you had fun in you-know-where ;) ...(oh, and you've spelt 'knew' wrong up there somewhere... :P)

Author's Response: wow!! what a lovely review, though I still havent managed to convince you fully that he is Good - oh well - it will come lol
thank you for the great review ** hands tissue**

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Review #6, by holly bergman Answer of Redemption

15th May 2006:
I agree...Snape IS good!!!

Author's Response: Thank you!! For both the review and being another person who believes Snape is good lol ;-)

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Review #7, by charmed ravenclaw Answer of Redemption

10th May 2006:
I have a funny feeling that Snape is also good - I mean, come on, JK Rowling puts a lot of work into making him look evil, then makes them wonder if he's really good, and to make it all wind back to that he's evil is just pointless! I think it's interesting how you portrayed this chapter (normally I don't read this kind of stuff but for you I'll make an exception) and the description was both for the story and against it. The language was beautiful but it was so long I forgot what all the actions were.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! First for the lovely review - it means a lot to me, and secondly for believing that Snape is good lol I feel like we are in the minority with that thought, but I stand my ground lol. Thank you again ;-)

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Review #8, by amy Answer of Redemption

25th April 2006:
Yay this is great! Although I already read it, it's just as good on second read. You're great with description, and the premise for this story is great...although I don't completely believe Snape is did a pretty good job of convinving me :-)

Author's Response: ooh - you are nearly convinced - then I am half way there lol

Thank you for your lovely review ;-)

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Review #9, by Gandelf The White Answer of Redemption

24th April 2006:
Knew why? What? It's a great piece of writing. You have a great skill for discription. But what did he find out?

Author's Response: lol - Mainly it is open for people own idea's, though I guess it is the question of why Snape has done all the things he did in the past when he ended up saving Harry - another question of why lol

Thank you for the lovely review ;-)

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Review #10, by MarieC Answer of Redemption

24th April 2006:
I had already read it, and now this is the second time and it's still as good!!! lol seriously, I really really loved it, and... there is something in your writing, you know... something that makes all your stories magical and so sweet, and so true too. Great story by a great person :) MarieC -xxx-

Author's Response: aww thank you marie - you are so sweet! Thank you so much ;-)

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