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Review #1, by reviewer Brothers In Blood

26th March 2015:
Genius.. i really like your 'legacies' but what i really dislike is that in this story does this means that harry is no longer harry? Even though your 'legacies' plot line is quite original i really want a happy ending for harry and hermione. And what happen' to kenna?

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Review #2, by Vedder101 First Lesson In Magic

23rd November 2010:
you ever going to update?

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Review #3, by michael First Lesson In Magic

29th August 2010:
ok. somthing is wroung here dude. you go and skip 12 years? and why is harry called a dark lord? he is still trying to protect the innocent and kill evil.

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Review #4, by SlytherinDuchessMalfoy Lightning Strikes

30th June 2010:
AWESOME! I love the Legacy series...I want MORE!

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Review #5, by Sean First Lesson In Magic

29th March 2010:
I mean this with all due respect, and i believe i have the support of ur entire fan base when i say this. I HATE YOU. FINISH THE STORY

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Review #6, by Sasquatchjeff First Lesson In Magic

15th February 2010:
Ive reread all of the legacies stories on my iphone... Are they truly abandoned nedved? I sincerely hope not. You're better than rowling.

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Review #7, by FanOfYourFic First Lesson In Magic

28th November 2009:
Please give a reply to my questions.

1) Will Harry ever get back his Memories about Hermione?
2)Will Harry and Hermione ever get back Together?.

Please let Harry and Hermione get back together.Whenever Hermione sees or thinks about Harry, I feel as if my heart is being torn apart. I can feel her sorrow. I really despise the 'other' woman. I feel as if she has somehow stolen Harry away from Hermione.

Please please update this story...I really love this fic.I have been reading it for years.

Please Please give a reply to my questions.

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Review #8, by olivia First Lesson In Magic

3rd June 2009:
i love this book you should not abandon it. you could continue this one with harry's sons in hogwarts and continue crusader as his fall from power as lord Azarel. if it woud motivate you to continue work on these books i am more than willing to pay for it.

Author's Response: Wow lol thought i've seen it all but lol fist time for everything eh? I'm glad u appreciate my fiction that much but I do this for free..Rowling is the one earning the cheddar i guess, I'm still poor LOL :)

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Review #9, by Phoenix1081 First Lesson In Magic

23rd April 2009:
Hi, i've just finished going through all the Legacies stories so far and i'm loving them.

I was just wondering if you were going to continue with this fic or if it's been abandoned? To be honest, i've been waiting for over a year for the last three stories to be finished, and i'm now just waiting on this one!

Thankyou for finishing the rest of the stories, they were a pleasure to read!

Thanks again!


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Review #10, by OMG Brothers In Blood

19th April 2009:
WTF harry was sposed to be the good guy and so far he has gone from good to bad in a shit small of time WTF i mean come on is he at least gonna go back to being the good guy and is he gonna get back with hermione??? gr

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Review #11, by solidus First Lesson In Magic

9th April 2009:
i dont read alot but ever since i stumbled to your story i have been hooke d so do your best i believe you are better than rowling

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Review #12, by adiready First Lesson In Magic

28th March 2009:
thank god you are back on writing BIB!
Bring it on Ned! I am waiting for the next chapter.
(and is there anyway i can contact you? I need your assistance)

aditya [dot] doshi [at] ymail [dot] com

Author's Response: yeah u could contact me at masterbandit(at)hotmail

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Review #13, by canadianfan14 First Lesson In Magic

18th March 2009:
CMON CHAPTER 5!!! THANK YOU NEDVED!!! i though you fell off the face of the earth, and just to let you know, I have read, from the begining before you changed your name from nedved is no 1 ...i have read ALL the books 5 times and am on my sixth!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR BRILLIANT STORYTELLING!!!

Author's Response: hey i have a surprise in d works for u guys

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Review #14, by winterwhite First Lesson In Magic

18th March 2009:
Hi! I've just finished all of your Legacies today and you really did a great job in building up your stories! Hope you will keep your heart and mind in continuing BIB as I really think its really worth writing for! Do plot and plan well for the story to run smoothly and hopefully, the darkness will eventually meet its fate! Giving you 9/10 as you still need rooms for improvement and inspirations. ;)

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Review #15, by titlemaster First Lesson In Magic

18th March 2009:
hey ur story is perfect but i think its time for you to put your ass down and complete this fic

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Review #16, by tirquoise First Lesson In Magic

9th March 2009:
I am so happy that you are back! Your story is one of the best on HPFF!!! Can't wait for the 5th chapter! Make it good! ;) :)

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Review #17, by David Lightning Strikes

2nd March 2009:
Hey I just wanted to say I have enjoyed all of your stories and just want to tell you great work keep writing hurry up with those posts (

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Review #18, by skydragonace First Lesson In Magic

1st March 2009:
is this the end of this story?

Author's Response: lol no there is like 30% of chapter 5 in the works

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Review #19, by Mr.Asdf First Lesson In Magic

23rd February 2009:
sorry for this... but:

What the Fuck are you waiting to finish the story!!???

it has been like what.. 2 years since this last chapter??!!!

come on.. just finish this.. its too damn good lol

so yeah.. thats all

Author's Response: I'm not waiting on anyhting in particular, it kind of goes like this: what i would liek to do with the story conflicts with the time/scope of the hp settings. To write a few eyars of ficition is daunting..and thats what needs to eb done for the story to gel how i wanted it. Plus there are also going to be flashbacks. I wanted it to be smooth, but it's not going to be so some planning is required

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Review #20, by thegeneralofmusic First Lesson In Magic

9th February 2009:
Yeah, but I hope Fleur doesn't do anything foolish. And I hope you don't have Hermione killed.

Author's Response: Fleur isn't going to do anything foolish. more like sinister.

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Review #21, by thegeneralofmusic Brothers In Blood

9th February 2009:
I hope you do reveal more because it is almost hard to bear.

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Review #22, by thegeneralofmusic A Hogwarts Family Reunion

9th February 2009:
Now that Harry has made contact with his son. I wonder what will happen? I would hope that he gets his memory back about Hermione.

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Review #23, by thegeneralofmusic Lightning Strikes

9th February 2009:
I don't know where you are going with this. But I hope it is good. I still very disturbed with this story.

Author's Response: Yeah. Wizards are generally sort of occult beings. When they get strong, it doesnt bode well.

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Review #24, by thales First Lesson In Magic

20th January 2009:
quickly! i must have more!

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Review #25, by manish First Lesson In Magic

9th January 2009:
hey man.u can't just leave this story!
i read all the stories b4 just to find that u have ABANDONED this?
continue this dude

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