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Review #1, by Tantin The Secret

11th December 2012:
It was SO touching !
I loved it:)

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Review #2, by sworntofun_loyaltonone The Secret

2nd June 2009:
That was really good... you described everything well

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you thought so. :D

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Review #3, by woohoopolychromatic The Secret

15th March 2009:
:) sweet.bnjjghiroap;

Author's Response: :D bnjjghiroap?

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Review #4, by Flying Squirrel The Secret

30th January 2009:
Oh my god that was so sad but I loved it so much I added it to my favourites. I wonder was Lily really pregnant when she died? Has anyone asked that question before?

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! I know, I've always really wondered what happened that night that we didn't know about.

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Review #5, by PottersGirl The Secret

30th November 2008:
This is definitely creative and I really like this story. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #6, by bron The Secret

21st April 2008:
very sweet.
i cant imagine voldemort calling lily 'my dear' but apart from that, this was a beautiful one-shor. Very well done.

Author's Response: thanks. :D
and the my dear was more of a taunting thing than an endearing one.

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Review #7, by thediarywithin The Secret

2nd April 2008:
That made me cry, I always wondered if perhaps she was going to have another baby. Oh well.

Author's Response: i'm sorry that the story made you cry, but glad that it was good enough to make you cry. ha, thanks for taking the time to review

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Review #8, by Meeeeera The Secret

20th February 2008:
Aww, sweet
That's really sad =(

But well written =)

Author's Response: thank you very much

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Review #9, by TT The Secret

24th August 2007:
Interesting and well written. Good job!

Author's Response: thanks. :)

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Review #10, by _Martha_ The Secret

15th February 2007:
That was good please write more!


Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #11, by 3LLi3_MARi3 The Secret

6th August 2006:

Author's Response: Thank you

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Review #12, by scabbers_weasly (too lazy to log in) The Secret

9th July 2006:
Absolutely beautiful! I'm adding it to my faves!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!'m honoured. [/is happy]

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Review #13, by MsRaddishEarrings The Secret

17th June 2006:
Woah! That is really good, it is also kind of sad. I think you did it really well bu you could have made it better and more emotional.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, my original beta did tell me to make it more emotional. Then my two betas after that tried to help me with it. Little by little, I'm going make and editing it to make it more emotional. If I do it all at once, it doesn't work as well.

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Review #14, by Padfoots Girl 32 The Secret

16th June 2006:
i love this story.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #15, by Hermione Fan The Secret

24th May 2006:
I like it. It's very sad, but I like it.

Author's Response: Thank you. It's supposed to be sad. I'm working on revising so it's more emotional. (Therefore more sad.)

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Review #16, by glPiItTtAer The Secret

7th May 2006:
That was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad! It was really, really, really good, but really, really, really sad! Heartbreaking! Now I want to cry! And I'm listening ot a sad song too at the moment! How depressing! This really was a great story - and very touching!!! It's a good thing it was sad, I'm sure that was sort of the desired result, right? love, glPiItTtAer

Author's Response: Yes, sad was the desired result. I'm i made you want to cry. Just sing a happy song, it works. =)

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Review #17, by LadyNightmare The Secret

1st May 2006:

Author's Response: Thank you...I think? I'm not really sure if the 'awww' was disappointed or thinking it was sweet.

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Review #18, by Brenda16 The Secret

1st May 2006:
It was good, it was a little predictable but good all the same. I liked it, it was really good. Job well done!! you should have continued it, but nonetheless, it was good! :)

Author's Response: Thank you. I would have continued it, but I'm not really sure how. I suppose i could write about them after their death, but, how much could they really do? I think it was a little predictable because, as my beta said, it was pretty much just a plot, not much feeling expressed.

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Review #19, by Sweden The Secret

1st May 2006:
Cool idea, that with another baby!!!

Author's Response: Thank you. I mean, we don't really know anything about their death accept that Voldemort killed do we know she wasn't supposed to have another baby?

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