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Review #1, by Rachel Tractus Confuto

24th April 2007:
Good job inventing an actually interesting spell, most of the ones that people make up are really uncreative. Great Story too!


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Review #2, by wishingangel Hogsmeade

12th October 2006:
great story please update

Author's Response: Will do x

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Review #3, by unicorn_wolfl Potions, prefects, and propositions

23rd August 2006:
Hey, good story! I only had time to read this chapter but I'll read da others when I get home from school (or during business class, so i don't fall asleep) You're very good at descriptions too. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Will do and thanks for de review ! x

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Review #4, by cast.Wench Potions, prefects, and propositions

5th August 2006:
Sorry but a kid teaching Dumbledore Legilimency?

Author's Response: Dont like it dont read it ok !?!

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Review #5, by blue-rose Hogsmeade

4th August 2006:
these story's are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they are one of my faviorate series on this sight.
I can't wait for the next one,

Author's Response: Why thank you ! Next chapter for this story should be on soon :)
Love ya to :)

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Review #6, by Meg101 Hogsmeade

3rd August 2006:
Oh my gosh. If it's possible, I'm even more impressed. No, impressed is too little a word, and I can think of one better at the moment. But this was an AWESOME chapter!

In your words, 20/10

Author's Response: You really think it was a awesome chapter ? Really ? Thanks you so much !
20/10 !?! Thank you so much !

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Review #7, by Meg101 Sirius Regret

30th July 2006:
Really good, FirePearl. In your words, 10/10. Please update soon!!!!!

Author's Response: Long time no talk, a 10/10 thank you ! I will update soon as soon as you do lol
Thankz for reviewing x

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Review #8, by O Crazy One Sirius Regret

11th June 2006:
I really liked this. Sirius can be a git. What's Remus so mad about? Is it because Sirius asked her and she said yes or because she's been hanging out with Severus or both? I think Sevy is jealous. *giggles* update soon! Kiss Kiss ^_^ EMBRACE THE FREAKDOM!!!

Author's Response: Remus is angry because of both and yep Serverus is a wee bit jealous. I will update soon ! Kiss Kiss ^_^
Oh and thank you for the review !

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Review #9, by O Crazy One Two Invitations

29th May 2006:
OMG! I just found this and i completely love it! By all means, continue . . . quickly! I'm glad she got her invitation! The ending of this chappy was a little confusing though. Did he hear her accept Sirius's invitation or was it like that she told him it was hardly a loss that she wouldn't see him as often. I think he's got a little crush on her! Please update soon because I love it now! Kiss Kiss ^_^ EMBRACE THE FREAKDOM!!!

Author's Response: Lmao! Thank you, I'm on chapter 5 now so it won't be that long till the next update. Yes it was a little confusing, he went in a little stropy because she told him it was hardly a loss that she wouldn't see him as often. It was only a little joke though. LOL thank you for the review ! Won't be that long till the next update.

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Review #10, by k1ttycat Two Invitations

28th May 2006:
woop, an update. 10/10 love it :)

Author's Response: : D Yay 10/10 ! *does a funny dance* Thank you ! ! !

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Review #11, by pinaygrl3123 Tractus Confuto

27th May 2006:
*raises an eyebrow* Hanging around with Snape, eh? Cool. And she is really good at potions...I never knew anyone could be so good at it...*shakes head* I think I would fail Potions myself. Anyway, I can't believe she isn't in the Slug Club yet...

Author's Response: *raises yet another eyebrow* Yep brilliant at potions, i dont think hardly anyone is that good at potions i would fail too. Maybe soon she will get into it.

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Review #12, by pinaygrl3123 Meeting the Marauders

27th May 2006:
awww, she is the sister of a Marauder and yet she has no friends?? How can that be? Tsk tsk tsk....

Author's Response: Yer it is kinda sad, she did have a friend remember Kim ? But im sure later on in the story she will make a couple.

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Review #13, by pinaygrl3123 Potions, prefects, and propositions

27th May 2006:
*raises an eyebrow* Interesting, very interesting...she was able to have a civil conversation with Snape...the one person that Remus and his friends hate...yeah...that's shall be intersting to watch and such...

Author's Response: *raises an eyebrow* I thank you for the review and yep it is interesting.....

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Review #14, by Meg101 Two Invitations

24th May 2006:
"You're lucky that I’m so sympathetic towards intellectually disadvantaged people, such as yourself. If I didn’t feel sorry for you... Well, I wouldn’t be here to help you study,” he assured her.

"You're the git." Tahlia hit the boy in the shoulder again. They turned the corner and she curtly grazed his cheek with a kiss before he shoved her face away with both hands and scowled. "I should be tutoring you,” she scorned.

My goodness, FirePearl, you are a good writer. You mix romance and humor, something I'll never be able to do, in one installment! As you would say, 10/10!!!

Author's Response: lmao, i thank you for your kindness, but i really do find your stories amazing cant wait for the next chapters !!!
lol, thanks for the review !

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Review #15, by mudgirl123 Tractus Confuto

23rd May 2006:
ooooooooooooooo i'm sooo into it but why is renus such a jackass all or a sudden ya know he used to be nice lol ***********book mark*********

Author's Response: lmao, when ever you read about Remus he is always with his sister and i guess he gets a bit weary i mean he is around Sirius a lot and we all know what Sirius is like near a lady don't we...
Oh nad thanks for the review !

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Review #16, by k1ttycat Tractus Confuto

23rd May 2006:
wow, i really like this story plz continue!

Author's Response: Thank you ! The next chapter is out now. Oh and thanks for the review !

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Review #17, by thefunnynamedperson2134 Tractus Confuto

14th May 2006:
I liked it. It would be kinda weird if Tahlia went out with Snape. remus 'protective older brother'thing would come out. can't wait for the next update!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yer it would be kinda weird if she did go out with Snape.....
I have just started chapter 4 so it wont be that long! Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by Meg101 Tractus Confuto

14th May 2006:
Really good, FirePearl. I give it five out of five stars!!!!!!!!!

(Oh, I have another story, Collide, which I think is better than You Were Meant for Me. Please check it out.)

Author's Response: I thank you and i thank you again for the five out of five stars!
I'll just get on to reading your other story! Oh yes and thank you for your review!

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Review #19, by imperfectionist Tractus Confuto

14th May 2006:
interesting story...remus's sister getting along with severus...and hes not mad...dont see that in a story very often (atleast not the ones i read)...i like it^^

Author's Response: Thank you! I like my storys to be differant you see i find it better that way. You would think hes not anger wouldn't you...mwhahaha oOo im evil ^_^

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Review #20, by Nobuta Potions, prefects, and propositions

11th May 2006:
mmhhmm!! =) I

Author's Response: Haha glad you like it!

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Review #21, by Blondeweasel Meeting the Marauders

7th May 2006:
i really like this, its very entertaining. dunno why you dont have more reviews, you should.please update as soon as possible, i'll be waiting,lol.

Author's Response: Thank you! Im on chapter 3 now and i'll let you on a little secret its going to be called Tractus Confuto. If you read chapter 3 you will catch my drift.

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Review #22, by Meg101 Meeting the Marauders

7th May 2006:
Awesome second addition, FirePearl!

Author's Response: oooOooo i thank you! Im just on chapter 3 right now and its gunna be a shocker!

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Review #23, by Meg101 Potions, prefects, and propositions

4th May 2006:
Awesome story. I thought this was going to be some sort of obligation after you posted on mine, but I was definitely wrong. I give it a top number, FirePearl. *Adds this story to my favorites*

Author's Response: Aww i thank you not many people have looked at my story even review on it but you have made me day : D
*Head grows smidge bigger*

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Review #24, by Brierose182 Potions, prefects, and propositions

28th April 2006:
Loved your story and cant wait till the next chapter comes so please hurry up with that!

Author's Response: Thank you im glad you liked it! I will be updatin soon sp please stay with me!

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